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Slothasor is a giant sloth that was affected and mutated by the heavy concentration of magic released by Mordremoth's death and the White Mantle's experiments, turning into a sloth-slub hybrid.


Heart of Maguuma


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Combat abilities[edit]

  • Summons Slublings
  • Knockdown
  • Fire Breath
  • Sleeps
  • Fear
  • Fixates
  • Focuses on characters suffering from Fixated.

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png - Vulnerable to crowd control while asleep during Narcolepsy.

  • Jab - Swings arm in front hitting multiple foes.
  • Halitosis - Casts a frontal flame breath that applies Burning.png Burning, up to 8 stacks for a full unavoided channel.
  • Spore Release - Shakes and fires multiple arcing projectiles ('coconut shake') towards all foes. Applies conditions on hit.
  • Tantrum - Pounds ground multiple times and drops 3 consecutive AoEs on all foes. Knockdown.png Knockdown for 5 seconds and deals damage to foes on hit.
  • Volatile Aura - Deals periodic damage to foes.
  • Volatile Poison - Marks a foe with a Volatile Poison.png Volatile Poison that creates an expanding area of effect when it ends.
Stolen skills

Encounter related[edit]

Effects applied to players
Arena mechanics
  • Poisoned ground - The ground around most of the arena is poisoned (green floor) by the small, purple mushrooms quickly stacking highly damaging poison on anyone standing in it. Poisoned ground can be temporarily cleared by a player who becomes a Slubling from eating an Imbued Mushroom. The poisoned ground will slowly respawn in previously cleared areas as the fight progresses.
  • Imbued Mushrooms and Slubling transformation - Players can interact with an imbued mushroom to consume it and transform into a Slubling for up to 45 seconds. Doing so aligns them with the enemy mobs and makes them appear hostile to fellow players. Transforming grants the ability to eat purple mushrooms, clearing an area of poisoned ground. After this effect expires, the player becomes Nauseated and cannot eat another imbued mushroom for 4 minutes.


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When getting first transformed into a Slubling:

<Character name>: What's happening?


<Character name>: What the- Oh... great. Ok, nobody panic.


<Character name>: What the- Oh... gods. Ok, nobody panic.
<Character name>: Everything is... fine. I'll... slither... ahead and see if I can take advantage of this.
<Character name>: The rest of you take down that hairy beast.
<Character name>: And no wisecracks about my looks.


<Character name>: The rest of you take down that sloth.
<Character name>: And no jokes about my new look.

When starting the fight with Slothasor:

<Character name>: I think you angered it.


<Character name:> I think you made it mad. At us.
<Character name:> We'll deal with the big guy while you clear the room.


<Character name:> It's... displeased.

Or If Sylvari

<Character name:> Are you OK? You, uh, look... different.
<Character name:> We'll deal with the large one while you clear the room.

Upon exiting Slubling form:

<Character name>: My brain... What happened?
<Character name>: That'll teach me to eat untrustworthy toadstools.


<Character name>: Oh, my head...
<Character name>: That'll teach me to eat mystery mushrooms.


  • Slothasor has 2322 armor (1099 toughness and 1223 defense).
  • Slothasor has a 330 range diameter hitbox, which is considered large.
  • This boss was revealed on February 19, 2016 at the Chat livestream on Twitch.

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