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Deimos is the fourth and final boss in the Bastion of the Penitent.


Woodland Cascades

Combat abilities[edit]

For walkthrough, see: Bastion of the Penitent#Deimos
  • Agent of the Unseen
  • Fixates onto the player with the highest toughness.

DefianceDefiance bar segmented.png

  • Devour.png Devour - Deimos has consumed sins, increasing the demon's strength. Deals 2% additional damage per stack.
  • Demonic Aura - Deimos pulses energy every 3 seconds, damaging all foes in range.
    • Deals periodic damage to foes.
  • Demonic Shockwave - Deimos slams its fists, creating a massive shockwave.
    • Deimos slams its hands downwards causing a large invisible shockwave that hits multiple times dealing Miscellaneous effect.png Knockback and moderate damage.
  • Demonic Tears - Periodic spawns shown as small white circles. After a short time, will begin firing bloodstone projectiles at party members. Demonic Tears can be removed by walking on top of them, which will apply a small DoT and debuff that prevents the player from disabling further demonic tears for a short duration. Debuff is represented as a green skull over the player's head.
  • Mace Smash - A basic attack with either his left or right weapon that deals moderate damage.
  • Annihilate - Deimos smashes the ground, knocking back players.
    • A powerful knockback that cascades from the front of Deimos to the back, launching players hit by it far away. If a player is close to the edge of the platform they may fall off and be instantly defeated.
  • Mind Crush - Deimos unleashes Saul's sins, creating devastating damage. Cannot be evaded or mitigated with invulnerability.
    • Channeled for 5 seconds, pulsing damage every second and killing everyone that is not standing inside Saul's protective bubble with the last pulse. Can be blocked but not evaded or absorbed with invulnerability.
  • Rapid Decay - Drops a black field that deals heavy damage and expands every time a player is hit by it up to 3 times. Rapid Decay targets the player closest to Deimos excluding the fixated tank.
  • Soul Feast - Deimos creates deadly zones around the room that can periodically be consumed.
    • Places multiple grasping hands underneath the player that the furthest from Deimos. If Deimos walks over these grasping hands, he gains Devour.png Devour.


Primary article: Saul's Chest



  • Deimos has ???? armor (???? toughness and ???? defense).
  • Deimos has a ??? range diameter hitbox, which is considered medium.
  • Deimos has 36 million hit points.


  • Deimos is the god of terror in Greek mythology.

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