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"Largos Hunter" render.gif

Animated render by HyunBo Park.

Don't try too hard. This will be embarrassing enough for you.


Nikare is one of the Twin Largos, along with his sister Kenut, found in the Mythwright Gambit fighting for Qadim.


Crystal Desert

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Largos Assassin

DefianceLocked defiance bar

  • Fractured (effect).png Aquatic Aura - An aura of aquatic magic surrounds you, dealing damage.
  • Waterlogged.png Waterlogged - As you become more waterlogged, you become more susceptible to the largos' water magic. If you become fully waterlogged at maximum stacks, you will be assassinated.
  • Vengeance (Mordrem).png Enraged - Seeing their kin fall in combat, the largos has become enraged, greatly increasing the damage they deal.
  • Fixates onto the player with the highest toughness on the platform.
  • Aquatic Aura - An aura of aquatic magic surrounds you, dealing damage.
  • Aquatic Barrage - The largos unleashes powerful water magic in an indescriminate[sic] flurry of water bolts.
    • Spins and barrages other platforms with water. Break defiance bar to stop attack.
  • Aquatic Detainment - A bubble of conjured water surrounds its foe and lifts them into the air. When the bubble reaches maximum height, it bursts and drops the foe to the ground.
    • Small AoE circles appear under the feet of all players on the platform. They fill up in 2 seconds, then anyone standing inside one of them will be floated in a bubble for 4 seconds. While players are floating, they take damage over time and they can't use any skills instead of the mobility ones; upon the bubble's explosion, they fall on the ground taking direct damage.
  • Aquatic Slash - A blade fashioned from magically conjured water that slashes foes and inflicts damage and vulnerability.
  • Geyser - A geyser bursts forth from under the foe's feet, sending them flying.
    • Two large timed AoE circles that last 2 seconds. They appear under the feet of two random players. When they fill up, anyone who does not evade/block/dodge will be knocked back taking damage.
  • Tidal Pool - A magically expanding pool of water is summoned at a player's location, allowing the largos to more easily hunt them. If the tracked player jumps off the platform, the pool will form at their last-known location.
    • Every 13 seconds, one player (excluding the tank) will be selected to drop a small timed AoE circle in 5 seconds. Once dropped, the Tidal Pool grows, deals damage over time to anyone standing inside it and applies Waterlogged.png Waterlogged. Tidal Pools disappear after 82 seconds.
  • Vapor Rush - A magical vapor surrounds the largos as it rushes around the battlefield.
    • Chain of 3 attacks where Nikare rushes towards the furthest player and then returns to the tank. Each rush deals a large amount of damage.
  • Vaporous Strike - Strikes foes with caustic vapor, causing damage and vulnerability.
Stolen skills


  • Nikare has 2474 armor (1374 toughness and 1100 defense).
  • Nikare has a 120 range diameter hitbox.


  • Nikare is voiced by Tommie Earl Jenkins.
  • Nikare is also the name of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh of the Eighth Dynasty, as well as one of the Sixteenth Dynasty.

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