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Dragon minion incursions have thrown once-peaceful lands into chaos, and there's no predicting where the next attack will erupt.

Each chapter of The Icebrood Saga: Champions introduces new Dragon Response Missions, which can be tackled solo or in a group of up to five players. In these encounters, you'll head to invasion points to shore up defenses and protect the area from rampaging dragon minions. Work together with allied reinforcements to neutralize powerful dragon champions—the ultimate threat at the heart of the assaults.

Official description

A Dragon Response Mission.

Dragon Response Missions (DRM) are party-based instances that were released with the episode Champions of The Icebrood Saga. They are accessed via the asura gate in the Eye of the North. The latter serves as a lobby and has vendors accepting Tyrian Defense Seals, a currency earned in the Dragon Response Missions.

The missions contain story from Episode 5 of The Icebrood Saga, "Champions". Like Personal Story instances, Dragon Response Missions can be completed by a party of 1 to 5 and their difficulty scales to accommodate the number of players, but they are designed for level 80 characters.


Dragon Response Missions allow both private and public instances, and are structured to have a pre-event, middle progression part, and the end boss encounter.

Public instances employ automated matchmaking that lets players join during a pre-event. After its pre-event is done, the instance is locked and from that point functions similarly to a private instance (see below). A help from a random allied faction will be assigned at this point.

Private instances allow activating challenges for extra rewards by talking to the NPC Veadh, while support from a specific allied faction can be found at Meradh. Private instances require a pre-organized party and function similarly to story instances, which means:

  • Players can only use the LFG tool prior to starting the instance as party member slots are locked upon entering.
  • Before starting, it is important to have all party members to be in the same Eye of the North instance. Players that are in a different instance will not get any invitation from the instance initiator.
  • Only initiating player can cancel the mission start as he is technically considered to be the instance owner. This is useful to prevent starting the instance prior to all members accepting mission invitation.
  • Other party members, non-initiators, can only accept or reject the mission invitation. If non-initiators reject, they will be left behind in the Eye of the North, while any accepting member will be launched into the mission instance. Players who joined the party later similarly will be unable to enter the mission.
  • If a player was disconnected, they will be unable to rejoin the ongoing mission. The only way to let a such player in is for the entire group to leave the instance and restart it from the Eye of the North.
  • Recalling Vigil Strike Teams adds a timer of around 18 minutes after completing the initial tasks, with the mission failing if it reaches zero.
  • Recalling Order of Whispers Infiltrators gives all non-boss enemies the Challenging effect, which buffs their health and damage. They also gain Swiftness for 15 seconds upon spawning and are buffed them with Fury and 20 stacks of Might for 20 seconds every 10 seconds, and are granted Aegis and 3 stacks of Stability for 10 seconds upon entering combat with them.
  • Recalling Priory Enchanters gives Dragon Champions (boss enemies) the Challenging effect, which buffs their health and damage.

List of Dragon Response Missions[edit]

# Name Encounters Release Elder Dragon Unfinished weapons
1 Dragon Response Mission: Metrica Province Chapter 1: Truce Primordus Energy.png Primordus Crimson weapons
2 Dragon Response Mission: Brisban Wildlands Chapter 1: Truce Primordus Energy.png Primordus Crimson weapons
3 Dragon Response Mission: Gendarran Fields Chapter 1: Truce Primordus Energy.png Primordus Crimson weapons
4 Dragon Response Mission: Fields of Ruin Chapter 2: Power Primordus Energy.png Primordus Crimson weapons
5 Dragon Response Mission: Thunderhead Peaks Chapter 2: Power Primordus Energy.png Primordus Crimson weapons
6 Dragon Response Mission: Lake Doric Chapter 2: Power Jormag Energy.png Jormag Azure weapons
7 Dragon Response Mission: Snowden Drifts Chapter 2: Power Jormag Energy.png Jormag Azure weapons
8 Dragon Response Mission: Caledon Forest Chapter 3: Balance Jormag Energy.png Jormag Azure weapons
9 Dragon Response Mission: Bloodtide Coast Chapter 3: Balance Jormag Energy.png Jormag Azure weapons
10 Dragon Response Mission: Fireheart Rise Chapter 3: Balance Jormag Energy.png Jormag Azure weapons


Every four days, during the Champions part of the daily The Icebrood Saga rotation, three Dragon Response Missions, one from each of the first three chapters of the Champions episode, will have achievements counting towards daily progress.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Next time daily starting
1 Brisban Wildlands Snowden Drifts Bloodtide Coast 3 Jan 00:00 UTC+00:00
2 Metrica Province Fields of Ruin Fireheart Rise 7 Jan 00:00 UTC+00:00
3 Gendarran Fields Thunderhead Peaks Caledon Forest 11 Jan 00:00 UTC+00:00
4 Brisban Wildlands Lake Doric Fireheart Rise 15 Jan 00:00 UTC+00:00
5 Metrica Province Snowden Drifts Caledon Forest 14 Dec 00:00 UTC+00:00
6 Gendarran Fields Lake Doric Bloodtide Coast 18 Dec 00:00 UTC+00:00
7 Brisban Wildlands Fields of Ruin Caledon Forest 22 Dec 00:00 UTC+00:00
8 Metrica Province Thunderhead Peaks Bloodtide Coast 26 Dec 00:00 UTC+00:00
9 Gendarran Fields Lake Doric Fireheart Rise 30 Dec 00:00 UTC+00:00

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Completing a mission offers the following rewards:

  • Depending on the amount of challenges completed, one of these rank chests (only one rank chest is received for each completed mission):

Note: challenges can only be completed in private instances by talking to Event flag red.png Veadh. You cannot complete challenges in a public instance.

The rank chests above are one of the primary acquisition sources for the following rare rewards:

Unfinished weapons[edit]

  1. To craft an unfinished weapon, you need to purchase its recipe from Tactician Erlandson in Eye of the North.
  2. To create a Crimson Dragon Slayer or an Azure Dragon Slayer from the unfinished weapon, use the unfinished weapon during the final fight and then use the special skill  Slash (Mechanical Devourer Suit).png Dragon Forger on the champion while their Defiance bar is broken.

List of Ally Factions[edit]

Related achievements[edit]