Bastion of the Penitent

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Bastion of the Penitent

Bastion of the Penitent map.jpg
Map of Bastion of the Penitent

Woodland Cascades

Bastion of the Penitent loading screen.jpg
Loading screen

Bastion of the Penitent is the second raid, consisting of one stand-alone wing. Scholar Glenna found a portal in the wake of the explosion of Bloodstone Fen. Finding themselves in a mysterious area far north of central Tyria, players will discover the mysteries in this unexplored fort and encounter Cairn the Indomitable, Mursaat Overseer, Samarog, and Deimos.

It was released alongside the Living World chapter The Head of the Snake on February 8, 2017.

Getting there[edit]

  • The portal for entering the raid "Bastion of the Penitent" is located just west of "Depths of the Maw" waypoint in Bloodstone Fen. The in-game map shows an icon for the portal. Players must be in a raid squad of up to 10 players prior to entering the portal.


Scholar Glenna

I found something!

<Character Name>,

I've been poking around that smoking crater (formerly known as the Maguuma Bloodstone) and gathering data. Strange creatures and pockets of unbound magic have transformed the landscape into a destructive mess. But I've made an interesting discovery among the rubble that I want to discuss with you.

Meet me at the designated location at your earliest inconvenience. (No, that's not a typo.) Don't be long!



Area Area objectives
The Yard
Point of interest.png
Mystic Waters
Point of interest.png
Cairn's Perch
The Holding
Point of interest.png
Death Row
Point of interest.png
Escape Tunnel
Point of interest.png
Recreation Sector
Point of interest.png
The Warden's Office
The Lockdown
Point of interest.png
Solitary Confinement
Point of interest.png
Tree of Solitude
Point of interest.png
Point of interest.png
Chamber of the Guilty

Interactive map[edit]


  • Speak With Glenna.
  • Follow Glenna.
  • Defeat Cairn the Indomitable
    • Cairn the Indomitable
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (map icon).png
    • Time remaining: 8:00
  • Defeat Mursaat Overseer
    • Mursaat Overseer
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (map icon).png
    • Time remaining: 6:00
  • Defeat Samarog
    • Samarog
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (map icon).png
    • Time remaining: 11:00
  • Free the prisoner from his bonds
    • Shackled Prisoner
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event shield (map icon).png
    • Saul D'Alessio
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event shield (map icon).png
    • Deimos
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (map icon).png
    • Time remaining: 12:00


Cairn the Indomitable[edit]

At the start of the raid, players will pass through a waterfall and be granted the special action skill
Celestial Dash.png
 Celestial Dash. This mobility skill has a very similar speed and animation to the Druid's
Ancestral Grace.png
 Ancestral Grace. Shortly afterwards, glide over to a circular platform where Cairn the Indomitable awaits.


A massive jade construct, Cairn is a rather durable foe and requires good DPS to defeat within a reasonable time.

While fighting Cairn, players will be afflicted with Unseen Burden.png Unseen Burden, an effect that gains a stack every second. Unseen Burden slows player movement by 1% for each stack, and briefly petrifies them if they reach 99 stacks. As the fight progresses, normal movement will become almost completely ineffective. However dodges, mobility skills and the
Celestial Dash.png
 Celestial Dash special skill are unhindered; use these to keep out of danger during the fight.

Players may also get debuffed with Shared Agony.png Shared Agony, taking damage over time and creating a red AOE effect around themselves which deals damage to nearby allies. Afflicted players should try to stay close to healers, while keeping a small distance.

Mursaat Overseer[edit]

After defeating Cairn, the miasma below the arena will clear and players are free to walk into the bastion proper. In Death Row, there is a pile of rubble next to the wall with a broken shovel nearby. Heading west will allow you to find a shovel on the ground, and using that on the rubble will open the way into a courtyard , the "Recreation Sector" that the next encounter takes place in.

The fight takes place on a 'game board', with half the space as brown 'friendly' tiles and the other half as orange 'enemy' tiles, which damage and poison players stepping on them. There are three bundles on the friendly side of the arena; once all three have been picked up by a player, the fight begins.


The Mursaat Overseer itself is a statue game piece, which simply fixates on the player who took Claim and follows them around. Players will have to deal with the room's various hazards while destroying it.

The most dangerous mechanic is the spike floor. Patches of the floor will glow slightly with small green spikes. After a delay huge spears will come out, instantly defeating anyone inside (with no downed state). The patterns of these traps become more difficult as the boss loses health, with every 25% health threshold changing the pattern.

On the enemy side of the board, four Jade Scouts (smaller game pieces, or 'pawns') will appear and start moving down across the arena. They are initially covered in an orange shield that makes them invulnerable, until it is removed by Dispel. Tiles that they move over become orange, damaging and poisoning players that stay on them. Bringing their health to 0 will briefly stun them, but once it expires they will start moving to the other side of the board again.

In addition, the Jade Scouts will transform upon reaching the other side of the board. Jade Soldiers will follow and attack the party, deal constant AOE damage around themselves, and will explode on death for high damage. If a Soldier is defeated, a Scout will replace it on the far side of the room and begin moving across.

To help survive the encounter, the players who picked up the bundles at the start will gain a special action skill.

  • Mursaat Overseer's Shield.png
     Dispel removes the shield surrounding a Jade Scout, and also briefly stuns them.
  • Claim.png
     Claim can retake an orange enemy tile, turning them brown and safe to stand in again.
  • Protect.png
     Protect creates a circular zone which negates the damage from lethal spikes. This skill must be timed well, and also has the longest cooldown.


A door will prevent entry into Samarog's arena. A thief can interact with the door to pick the lock. After the cutscene, approaching Samarog will begin the fight.

Combat Phases[edit]

Samarog's arena is lined with spikes, which instantly defeat any players who touch them. Many of his attacks will knockback players hit, making it very important to dodge attacks and also take note of positioning.

Whenever Samarog reaches a 10% health interval, he uses Brutalize, teleporting to and disabling a random player. The remaining players must break his defiance bar to stop the attack. If the pinned player loses all of their health, they are defeated without a downed state.

Guldhelm and Rigom Phases[edit]

Upon reaching 66% and 33% health intervals, Samarog will become invulnerable and charge just outside the spike walls. To make it return, the squad will have to fight both the jotun Guldhelm and the human Rigom. Guldhelm redirects all damage he takes to Rigom, and once Rigom dies Guldhelm will become vulnerable to damage. However, Rigom will be revived shortly afterwards. Players will have to keep Rigom down as much as possible, defeating Guldhelm first and then finishing off Rigom.

The difficulty of this phase comes with the two mini-bosses being too close to one another; Guldhelm deals more damage, and Rigom gains more health. Crowd control such as immobilises can be applied to Rigom and help keep him away.


Passing through the collapsed walls after Samarog, players will find an isolated floating platform with a Shackled Prisoner on it and deadly miasma below. There is a short staircase on the closest side that players can glide to while waiting to start the encounter, which begins when any player approaches the prisoner. The encounter fails if the prisoner is defeated at any point.

Initial Phase[edit]

Images of Greed and Pride will begin walking toward the Shackled Prisoner; if they reach him they will deal damage to him. The images of Greed deal a small amount and the images of Pride deal a large amount of damage. They are vulnerable to soft crowd control which can slow them down as players attack them. After a short delay one player will randomly be marked by an emptying green circle; when it is empty all players standing on it will be teleported to a demonic realm. From there players can break the chains to the north, east, south, and west while Deimos tries to knock them off the platform with a slow hammer swing telegraphed by an orange triangle. While in the demonic realm, players will constantly gain stacks of Unseen Burden (Deimos).png ?? which decreases player movement speed with each stack similarly to Unseen Burden. As soon as a chain breaks the players will be teleported back. The phase continues until all four chains are broken, freeing the prisoner.

Second Phase[edit]

After the chains are broken, Deimos will teleport to the mortal realm to stop the players from assisting Saul. Saul throws a banner that lasts 20 seconds to the squad member with the lowest HP every 26-28 seconds. The banner heals everyone within its range for 5% of their maximum HP every second. Saul will also cast Unnatural Signet.png Unnatural Signet (lasts 10 seconds) on Deimos 4 to 5 seconds after he appears, every minute. Deimos periodically uses his Annihilate skill - a powerful knockback that cascades from the front over the sides to the back of himself. Deimos will also periodically cast Soul Feast - grasping hands underneath the player that is farthest from the boss. If Deimos walks over these grasping hands, he will gain Devour.png Devour stacks.

At 90% health, Deimos begins to use Mind Crush, a powerful attack that is channeled for 5 seconds before dealing lethal damage to everyone, placing Unseen Burden (Deimos).png Weak Minded for 10 seconds on everyone that is hit. This skill can be completely mitigated with the protective bubble from Saul and the lethal damage portion can be blocked or prevent going into downed state with "Rebound!". Saul casts Form Up and Advance!.png Form Up and Advance! on every squad member within his 1,200 unit range for the duration of the Mind Crush channel. Deimos casts Mind Crush every 35-40 seconds.

Third Phase[edit]

Starting at 75% health, Deimos starts placing Demonic Tears on the platform every 15 seconds. These tears shoot bloodstone projectiles every few seconds and a squad member can walk over its white effect circle to close it, gaining Tear Instability.png Tear Instability for 1 minute that prevents closing another demonic tear for the duration. At 75%, one player (except the tank) will randomly be marked by an emptying green circle that teleports everyone standing in it to the demonic realm. This time, a copy of Saul with the ability Thief will appear in the middle of the platform and channels a skill that steals all boons from the squad if not broken by the players. When the copy of Saul reaches 50% health, everyone within the demonic realm, including the copy of Saul, will be teleported back to the main platform. With that, the grasping hands now start moving towards Deimos, however they are cleared after 5 seconds.

At 60% health, Deimos starts using Rapid Decay - an AoE field that is telegraphed 3 seconds as an orange effect field. Rapid Decay deals damage and expands its radius every time someone is hit by its effect until ~80% of the platform is covered. Deimos uses Rapid Decay every 15 seconds and the fields disappear after 30 seconds. Deimos targets the squad member closest to the boss (except for the tank).

Fourth Phase[edit]

When Deimos reaches 50% health, one player (except the tank) will randomly be marked by an emptying green circle that teleports everyone standing in it to the demonic realm. This time, a copy of Saul with the ability Gambler will appear in the middle of the platform and will periodically summon 3 clones, placed in direction of the previously destroyed chains. The squad members need to defeat the non-clone copy of Saul, which can be identified by what weapon he is wielding: clones wield Prisoner's Treasured Bough, while the non-clone wields Staff of Matthias. When the copy of Saul reaches 50% health, everyone within the demonic realm, including the copy of Saul, will be teleported back to the main platform. With that, the grasping hands now start moving towards Deimos, however they are cleared after 5 seconds.

At 40% health, the Images of Greed and Pride from the initial phase start appearing again and walk towards Saul.

Fifth Phase[edit]

When Deimos reaches 25% health, one player (except the tank) will randomly be marked by an emptying green circle that teleports everyone standing in it to the demonic realm. This time, a copy of Saul with the ability Drunkard will appear in the middle of the platform and will periodically teleport players on the platform around if not broken. The time frame to break him in this phase is considerably smaller compared to his Thief phase. When the copy of Saul reaches 50% health, everyone within the demonic realm, including the copy of Saul, will be teleported back to the main platform. With that, the grasping hands now start moving towards Deimos, however they are cleared after 5 seconds.

Final Phase[edit]

At 10% health, Deimos becomes Invulnerable, and soon afterwards teleports everyone to the demonic realm. Deimos now appears as a world boss at the side of the platform. He no longer uses Annihilate and Mind Crush, but he will continue creating hands and Rapid Decay circles as before, and begins using an auto-attack chain of slamming the ground with his right fist, his left fist, and then both fists. Each of the single slams will launch nearby players away, and the attack with both fists will create an invisible cascading shockwave that launches multiple times unless dodged. Once Deimos is defeated, players and Saul will be teleported back to the Solitary Confinement platform and the prison will be cleared of miasma, allowing further exploration and investigation of the area.






Upon approaching Glenna:

Scholar Glenna: There you are! Now that you're here, we can explore this place.
<Character name>: I see someone's a bit impatient. You think there's something important here?
Scholar Glenna: Isn't it obvious? I make a discovery, I'm going to investigate the heck out of it.
Scholar Glenna: And wait 'til you see what I found.
<Character name>: Where exactly are we?
Scholar Glenna: Good question! I don't know. But the answer is most certainly around us somewhere.

Speaking with Glenna

About time you got here. Ready to begin?
Talk ready option.png
Let's go.
Talk more option tango.png
Tell me about the portal.
<Character name>: Who built that portal?
Scholar Glenna: You mean the one that brought us here? Think about where it was located in Bloodstone Fen. Before it blew up, I mean.
Scholar Glenna: Maybe the mursaat or White Mantle used it to travel here. I'm not sure why, though.
Scholar Glenna: I don't know exactly where "here" is just yet.
<Character name>: All the more reason to press onward.
Scholar Glenna: Good attitude!
Talk Merchant.png
Show me what you have for sale.
Talk end option tango.png
Hold up. I'm still waiting for the others.

After deciding to move onward

<Character name>: All right. Lead the way.
Scholar Glenna: Follow me.

Upon receiving Celestial Dash

Scholar Glenna: Huh. Do you feel that?


Scholar Glenna: Whoa. That feels different.
<Character name>: What the...


<Character name>: I feel...strange.
Scholar Glenna: Wooooo!


Scholar Glenna: Yeah!

Upon approaching Cairn

Scholar Glenna: Do you see that?

Speaking with Glenna

About time you got here. Ready to begin?
Talk more option tango.png
What's that pyramid thing over there?
<Character name>: So what is this "great discovery" of yours?
Scholar Glenna: Something very powerful. And ancient. We need to get closer before I can confirm my hypothesis.
Scholar Glenna: Let's deal with the monstrosity in our way, and then we can get up close and personal to our pyramidal friend.
Scholar Glenna: You go first.
Talk more option tango.png
That water gave us powers!
<Character name>: There's something special about the water here. I feel energized.
Scholar Glenna: Agreed. I believe it has magical properties, hence our newfound ability.
<Character name>: I'll be sure to put it to good use.
Scholar Glenna: Enjoy it while it lasts.
Talk more option tango.png
Tell me about the portal.
Talk more option tango.png
How's your research going?
<Character name>: How's your research going?
Scholar Glenna: Great! And terrible. I think I've learned all I can about ley lines and ley rifts for the moment.
Scholar Glenna: I suppose the timing was right for a new discovery. I want to learn all we can about this place.
Scholar Glenna: Where are we? What's that Jade Construct doing over there? Why would someone build a portal here in the first place?
Scholar Glenna: At first glance, it seems that we're in a cave. But what's so special about it that you'd place a sentry inside it?
Scholar Glenna: You don't just randomly drop a construct somewhere because you "feel like it."
Scholar Glenna: What lies beyond that creature? Treasure? Artifacts? I have many, many questions. And I need your help to answer them.
Talk Merchant.png
Show me what you have for sale.
Talk end option tango.png
Hold up. I'm still waiting for the others.

When hit by Shared Agony:

<Character name (Sylvari)>: It got me! Stay away!

After gliding west off the platform

Scholar Glenna: I'm over here!
<Squad member>: On the way!
Scholar Glenna: We need to talk.
<Squad member>: Be right there.

Entering the prison

If asura:
<Character name>: This appears to be a multiracial incarceration facility. Humans, jotun... who else is being kept here?
If human with Commoner background:
<Squad member>: I swore to myself I'd never go back to jail, and yet... here we are. This one's for you, Serentine.
If male sylvari:
<Character name>: Is... is this a prison?
If ? race:
<Character name>: This is a place of incarceration. Who is It meant to contain?
<Squad member>: Of course we'd have to find a dead body.
Scholar Glenna: Not my fault!
<Character name>: Is that what I think it is?
<Character name>: I see we were late to the party.
Scholar Glenna: Totally not my fault.
<Character name>: Would you stop that already?
Scholar Glenna: No.
<Squad member>: Judging from the trajectory of these spears, the attacker struck from a precise location.
<Squad member>: (sniff) There's something in the next room.
<Squad member>: But where was he situated?
<Character name>: This poor fellow met an unpleasant end.
<Character name>: Was there a riot here?
<Squad member>: What was that?

While stepping over a dirt pile

<Squad member>: Why Is the dirt uneven?


<Squad member>: This dirt's been disturbed.

After interacting with the Dagger

<Character name>: This isn't a shiv. A prisoner didn't forge this.

After interacting with Corpse

If not human:
<Character name>: This corpse is anything but fresh, yet it gives off very little odor. Like it's been preserved.
If human:
<Character name>: The body is strangely preserved. Under normal conditions, he'd be a pile of bones by now.
If sylvari:
<Character name>: Curious. The elements haven't reclaimed his body. It's as if he's been preserved somehow.

After interacting with the Jotun Corpse

If human:
<Character name>: Whoever ran this prison made some enemies. If humans and jotun were locked up, who else did they jail?
If sylvari:
<Character name>: So many lives cut short. I wonder... if they imprisoned humans and jotun here, who else did they incarcerate?

After interacting with the first Speared Corpse in Death Row

If human:
<Character name>: I hope he died quickly.
<Character name>: From the looks of it, these prisoners were rebelling against their captors.
If sylvari:
<Character name>: I hope he was killed quickly.
<Character name>: Judging from his surroundings, it looks like he was part of a failed uprising.

After interacting with the second Speared Corpse in Death Row

<Character name>: Judging from the trajectory of these spears, the attacker struck from a precise location.
<Character name>: But where was he situated?

After interacting with the Clothes Pile

If asura:
<Character name>: These clothes wouldn't fit a bipedal individual. And whoever wore the garments left scales behind on the fabric.
If not asura:
<Character name>: Whoever wore the garment left scales behind on the fabric.
<Character name>: It's almost as if...they fit a serpentine creature. Did a krait wear this? Or some other being?

When approaching the Locket

<Character name>: Uh...

When approaching the rockfall

<Character name>: There's an air current streaming through the debris.

When passing through an archway

<Character name>: The rubble here seems deliberately placed.

When grabbing a shovel

<Character name>: Let's go dig up something interesting.


<Character name>: Time to unearth some artifacts.

When digging up a dirt patch

<Squad member>: Let's see what we just found.

When digging up a chest

<Character name>: What mysteries have we uncovered today...

Upon arriving at the Mursaat Overseer arena

If asura:
<Squad member>: This almost looks like prison polymock.
<Squad member>: I could get used to this.
If human:
<Squad member>: I feel like we stepped into someone's board game.
If sylvari:
<Squad member>: Oh, this doesn't look ominous?

Upon activating the Mursaat Overseer

If asura:
<Squad member>: I suppose we should have expected that to happen.
<Squad member>: Watch your surroundings!
If sylvari:
<Squad member>: Watch your feet!

When a Jade Soldier powers up

If asura:
<Squad member>: One of them just powered up!
If sylvari:
<Squad member>: Our problems just got worse!

When approaching the locked gate

<Character name>: That doesn't sound good.
<Character name>: What's this?

Approach the Shackled Prisoner

Shackled Prisoner: What are you doing? You'll let him out!
Deimos: The Eye has chosen its sacrifice!

Upon freeing Saul D'Alessio

Saul D'Alessio: I'd rather die than remain here any longer. I'll fight 'til my last breath!
Deimos: You will never leave this place, D'Alessio. Not until you obey!

If Deimos activates ? Skill

Saul D'Alessio: Stand in the ward! Quickly!

While fighting Deimos

Deimos: We are not finished with you yet.
Deimos: Your guilty conscience betrays you!

After killing Saul D'Alessio's drunken vice

Saul D'Alessio: I was a slave to the bottle.
Saul D'Alessio: I lost everyone I'd held dear.

After killing Saul D'Alessio's gambling vice

Saul D'Alession: I gambled away everything I had, and then some.
Saul D'Alession: But they came to collect on my debts.

After killing Saul D'Alessio's thieving vice

Saul D'Alession: I was desperate, and turned to thievery to pay my creditors.
Saul D'Alession: But I could not outrun my guilt. I was caught for my crimes and exiled.
Saul D'Alession: I was left for dead. Until the mursaat found me.

When Deimos has 10% health left

Deimos: You will die where and when I decide!
Deimos: Your soul will never rest! Your name will forever be poison on the lips of your people!
Saul D'Alessio: You have no power over me!
Deimos: (demonic laughter)

Cinematic upon defeating Deimos

Saul D'Alessio: It's all my fault.
Saul D'Alessio: The mursaat betrayed us and murdered my men, and then dragged me to this terrible place.
Saul D'Alessio: I've been trapped here, tormented by my own demons—paralyzed by the shame of selling out my people.
Saul D'Alessio: The Eye kept me alive and used my guilt to try to break me down, force me to be the mursaat's puppet.
Saul D'Alessio: Now I'm free.

Speaking with Glenna

That...that was Saul D'Alessio.
Talk more option tango.png
I wasn't expecting to see Saul here.
<Character name>: I'd always considered the founder of the White Mantle as some kind of monster. Now I know he was just a flawed person.
<Character name>: Tortured by his guilt and haunted by his mistakes. That man suffered for more than 200 years in this cesspit.
<Character name>: Nobody deserves that.
Scholar Glenna: We have a saying in the Priory: History is like a pair of dice—many-sided and loaded with chance.
Scholar Glenna: Every story has multiple angles. Most of us just accept what we're taught, but that can be dangerous.
Scholar Glenna: But let's be honest. Saul was no paragon.
Scholar Glenna: Let's just say the man had "issues" before his mursaat betrayal.
Scholar Glenna: But to your point, it seems clear that he tried to reform himself and help his people drive out the charr invasion.
If charr:
<Character name>: Hey, all is fair in war. The humans invaded our lands, so we were just returning the favor. (snort)
<Character name>: The Mantle started off as a protective militia, but once the mursaat took over, they became oppressors.
Scholar Glenna: Ahem. Regardless, if Saul is to be believed, the White Mantle he founded was very different from what it became.
Scholar Glenna: At least now Mr. D'Alessio is free. May he find comfort in the afterlife.
Talk more option tango.png
Saul deserves a proper burial.
<Character name>: See to it that Saul's body is interred on Krytan soil. Don't bother notifying the Seraph. That would complicate matters.
<Character name>: I'd imagine the queen's people would rather see his corpse destroyed, or have it displayed as a trophy.
<Character name>: I sincerely doubt they'd be interested in learning about the man. That would just complicate their narrative.
Scholar Glenna: I see you've taken up politics! Nasty business, isn't it?
<Character name>: And considering the current dysfunction of the White Mantle, we shouldn't talk to them, either.
Scholar Glenna: I'll treat this as a Priory matter of the highest secrecy, then. Glad to know we're on the same wavelength.
Scholar Glenna: I'll see to it that his remains are handled respectfully, though it may take some time.
Talk more option tango.png
So, about the Eye of Janthir...
<Character name>: So, about the Eye of Janthir...
Scholar Glenna: A truly awful and cruel discovery, but an important one nonetheless.
Scholar Glenna: We still don't know its origins, only that it's somehow involved with the mursaat. Do they come from the same place?
Scholar Glenna: But at least we know a bit about its role here. It sustained Saul's life, and those of the other prisoners.
Scholar Glenna: It peered into their minds, used their weaknesses and regrets to break them down.
Scholar Glenna: In short, it's nasty. But by killing its guards, you forced it to retreat...somewhere.
Scholar Glenna: But without the aid of its life-sustaining powers, Saul's body quickly deteriorated.
Scholar Glenna: I would like to know more about the Eye, but I fear it's gone for good.
Scholar Glenna: A shame, really.
Talk more option tango.png
We should explore the rest of the prison.
<Character name>: Now that the miasma has lifted, we should be able to explore the floor below.
Scholar Glenna: Considering what we've already experienced, I'm hesitant to venture much further.
Scholar Glenna: Before he passed, Saul spoke of the mental and physical tortures he endured. They wanted to break him down.
Scholar Glenna: Makes sense, since the mursaat would have had an easier time steering the Mantle with its founder at the helm.
Scholar Glenna: Ironic that they left him here while they went off to meddle with human affairs, only to be largely killed off.
Scholar Glenna: Even if he'd broken down and become their slave, the mursaat would've never returned to retrieve him.
Scholar Glenna: So he waited here, unaware that he'd never be freed. I wonder if he even knew how much time had passed.
Scholar Glenna: But, I would imagine that there are still secrets to uncover, facts to find, etc.
Talk quest choice tango.png
I want to hear Saul's story. [replay cinematic]
Talk quest choice tango.png
I want to see Samarog again. [replay cinematic]
Talk quest choice tango.png
I want to see Deimos's arrival. [replay cinematic]
Talk Merchant.png
Show me what you have for sale.
Talk end option tango.png

After interacting with the Urn

<Character name>: I guess not all of the prisoners were intended for release.

After interacting with the Fire Pit

<Character name>: I don't want to know what those hooks are for.

After interacting with the Torture Chair

If human:
<Character name>: The mursaat's cruelty knows no bounds.
If sylvari:
<Character name>: I wonder how many prisoners broke under duress.

After interacting with the Speared Corpse in The Warden's Office [verification requested]

<Character name>: Curious. The elements haven't reclaimed his body. It's as if he's been preserved somehow.

Upon approaching the bag of coins in the Chamber of the Guilty

Saul D'Alessio: I'll see your two silver and raise you three gold.
"Helpful Friend": Hold on. Hold on. What have you got up those sleeves.
Saul D'Alessio: Show me your cards.
"Helpful Friend": Balthazar's backside. I won again!
Saul D'Alessio: Pleasure doing business with you.
"Helpful Friend": What? How could you—
Saul D'Alessio: Don't make bets you can't pay off.
"Helpful Friend": You're a liar and a cheater!
Saul D'Alessio: Come on. You can trust me. Does this look like the face of a liar?
"Helpful Friend": Damn, Saul. You keep losing like this and your grandkids will be paying off your debts.
Saul D'Alessio: What? That's impossible. Three in a row? No way I'm quitting now.
"Helpful Friend": Pay up, D'Alessio. You lost fairly.
Saul D'Alessio: Come on! At least leave me with a little something to get home.
"Helpful Friend": Your word's not good around here anymore.
Saul D'Alessio: Roll the dice!
"Helpful Friend": You're all tapped out, friend.
Saul D'Alessio: Gods! OK, OK. One more round. Come on.
"Helpful Friend": We don't allow paupers in this game, D'Alessio. Get your ass out of here!
Saul D'Alessio: You lying cheater! I saw what you did!
"Helpful Friend": Hand over the gold unless you want a beating.
Saul D'Alessio: You want the shirt off my back, too?
"Helpful Friend": Every day you're late with payment, I'll break a finger. Run out of fingers? I'll snap your neck.

Upon approaching the dagger in the Chamber of the Guilty

Saul D'Alessio: Empty your pockets into the bag. That's right, everything.
Bystander: What's going on here?
Saul D'Alessio: the sob story and hand over the gold, all right?
Bystander: You're making a big mistake!
Saul D'Alessio: Keep a silver so you don't go hungry. Now get me out of here. Go on. Go!
Bystander: Why are you doing this?
Saul D'Alessio: Take off all your jewelry. Give it here.
Bystander: This is all I have. Someone, help!
Saul D'Alessio: Nobody's gonna get hurt. Just give me your coin and you can go.
Bystander: Leave the children alone! Here, take everything we have.
Saul D'Alessio: Forget you've ever seen this face.
Bystander: Help us! Anyone! We're being robbed!
Saul D'Alessio: I'm sorry. I'm...look. Look, I need to pay them or they'll kill me. Understand?
Bystander: Don't hurt us!

Upon approaching the bottle in the Chamber of the Guilty

Bartender: When are you going to pay that tab? I've got a family to feed.
Saul D'Alessio: Whoever buys me another drink gets a new best friend.
Bartender: Hey, pal. I think you've had enough.
Saul D'Alessio: Ha ha. Being sober is for quitters.
Bartender: You OK, buddy? Here, have some water.
Saul D'Alessio: My head feels like an ettin sat on it.
Bartender: Hold on, everyone. I think we've got a camel in disguise over here.
Saul D'Alessio: My definition of a drinking problem: last call.
Bartender: You keep putting that liver of yours on trial, it'll jump on the bar and ask for leniency.
Saul D'Alessio: Bartender, uncork that bottle and keep it flowing.
Bartender: As long as you've got coin, I'll keep that cup full.
Saul D'Alessio: What do you say you, me, and this bottle get a room for the night.
Bartender: (laughing) Man down! We've got a man down over here.
Saul D'Alessio: Don't get up. I'm fine.

In the Chamber of the Guilty

Saul D'Alessio: Deceitful murderers. They used me.
Saul D'Alessio: My men died for a lie. What have I done?
Saul D'Alessio: I never meant for any of this. All I wanted was Kryta to be free.
Saul D'Alessio: They'll think me a traitor. My name will be reviled for generations.
Saul D'Alessio: I have to escape. I have to find Hablion.
Saul D'Alessio: They're not to be trusted. I need to warn the others of the mursaat.
Saul D'Alessio: We must rally against them. They're even worse than the charr.


  • The raid wing was first announced by an article on massivelyOP.[1]
  • This raid is a single wing, and will not be expanded in the future. [2]


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