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A summon is a friendly NPC ally or object created via skills, consumables, or other items such as runes or sigils. Many professions have skills and mechanics designed around summons.

Types of summon[edit]


Summoned allies are non-player characters allied to the player. These NPCs can be targeted by foes and allies alike, and as such have their own health bar. Summoned allies have their own set of attributes, typically based off the level of the player. Mesmer illusions will gain some attributes based on the player's attributes.


Like all objects, summoned objects can be interacted with and have a yellow health bar, if applicable. Most players will encounter summoned objects through conjure weapons, banners, and bundles from consumable items. Static objects include turrets and siege weapons, the latter of which can be interacted with.


Profession skills[edit]

All professions have access to a summon of some kind.

Profession Summon Type
Guardian Spirit Weapons
Revenant Legendary Renegades
Warrior Banners
Engineer Turrets and Gyros
Ranger Spirits and Lunar Wolf
Thief Fellow thieves
Elementalist Elementals and conjure weapons
Mesmer Illusions
Necromancer Minions

Racial skills[edit]

Summon Skill
7-Series Golem
Summon 7-Series Golem.png
 Summon 7-Series Golem
D-Series Golem
Summon D-Series Golem.png
 Summon D-Series Golem
Charr Warband
Warband Support.png
 Warband Support
Hounds of Balthazar
Hounds of Balthazar.png
 Hounds of Balthazar
Snow Wurm
Call Wurm.png
 Call Wurm
Druid Spirit
Summon Druid Spirit.png
 Summon Druid Spirit
Fern Mastiff
Summon Sylvan Hound.png
 Summon Sylvan Hound
Mistfire Wolf
Mistfire Wolf.png
 Mistfire Wolf

Runes and sigils[edit]

Summon Item
Golem Superior Rune of the Golemancer.png Superior Rune of the Golemancer
Minion Superior Rune of the Lich.png Superior Rune of the Lich
Parrot Superior Rune of the Privateer.png Superior Rune of the Privateer
Rock Dog Superior Rune of the Ogre.png Superior Rune of the Ogre
Ravens Superior Rune of the Mad King.png Superior Rune of the Mad King


Note that apart from the turret and mortar, the summoned allies listed here are active for a maximum of 5 minutes. They all have a 30 minute cooldown before they can be used again.
Summon Item
Deployable Mortar Silver Rabbit Chest.png Deployable Mortar Kit
Ember Fire Elemental Powder.png Fire Elemental Powder
Ogre Pet Ogre Pet Whistle.png Ogre Pet Whistle
Thumper Turret Silver Rabbit Chest.png Deployable Thumper Turret
Pocket Jade Armor Mini Jade Construct.png Pocket Jade Armor
Sunspear Paragon Sunspear Paragon Support.png Sunspear Paragon Support
Cannon Cannon in a Box.png Cannon in a Box