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Kill proof (often abbreviated as KP) is an unofficial term used among players to prove they have killed a raid or Fractals of the Mists boss and are experienced with it. Linking the kill proof in chat is done via pinging the items upon joining a party.

Pinging kill proofs is mostly done to avoid inexperienced players, or players that are new to a certain boss. As most experienced groups want to kill the bosses as fast as possible, kill proof requirements are very common in raid parties.

Examples of kill proofs[edit]


  • Kill proofs are not a definite proof of experience or excellence; they only show that the person defeated a certain boss multiple times. Most of them can also be obtained by paying other players to complete the content yielding the item.
  • Certain items are not used as a kill proof because they can easily be "faked", such as the Hateful Sworl, a reward from the Hall of Chains raid. Since it can be pinged from the Achievement window, it's mostly avoided as a kill proof.
  • Donating raid decorations should be carefully done as they cannot be retrieved once donated.
  • All items that can be linked in the chat can be "faked" by using a chat code generator found online.
  • Some parties may check kill proofs via external sites such as