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Earned through Guild Missions. Spent in Lion's Arch. Used to purchase various rewards.

— In-game description

Guild Commendation.png Guild Commendations are a currency earned by participating in guild missions while representing that guild. They are stored in the Account Wallet.


Primary article: Guild mission#Rewards

Up to two Guild Commendations are awarded at the successful completion of each Guild mission in a bounty chest that appears on the lower-right side of the screen. The chest will not appear if Guild Commendations have already been received for the current type of mission that week, if you are not representing a Guild that has activated the current mission, or if you did not participate in the mission.

A maximum of 12-15 Guild Commendations can be earned per week by completing all missions.


General Vendors[edit]

Guild Hall Vendors[edit]


  • Guild members earn Guild Commendations, while guilds earn Favor.


  • As of October 23rd, 2015 with the release of Heart of Thorns, Guilds can no longer gain Merits.
  • Prior to the Heart of Thorns expansion, guild commendations were capped at 7 per week and only PvE missions were available.