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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Legendary trinket. For mob type, see Elite Coalescence.

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Swirls around your finger, a constant reminder of the impact an individual can have.

This item allows selection of stats. See below for a list of available prefixes.
Infusion Slot Unused Infusion Slot
Infusion Slot Unused Infusion Slot
Infusion Slot Unused Infusion Slot

— In-game description

Coalescence is a legendary trinket crafted in the Mystic Forge. The three Path of Fire raids must be completed in order to craft this item.


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They walked through the Underworld, dove straight into the Mystic Forge. They crossed through the long-forgotten halls of Ahdashim—such feats would be cast in gold and told to awe-struck children.


Contained in[edit]


Mystic Forge
Output qty.

Visual effects[edit]

The exact visual effect depends on the total number of legendary trinkets equipped.

  • With weapons stowed, an ethereal aura will appear around the player.
  • With weapons drawn, four orbs or bubbles will orbit the player's head.
See also: Legendary trinket#Visual effects

Full material list[edit]

Required item Primary ingredients Component materials
Gift of Fortune.png Mystic Tribute Gift of Condensed Magic.png Gift of Condensed Magic x2
2  Gift of Blood.png Gift of Blood
2  Gift of Venom.png Gift of Venom
2  Gift of Totems.png Gift of Totems
2  Gift of Dust.png Gift of Dust
Gift of Condensed Might.png Gift of Condensed Might x2
2  Gift of Claws.png Gift of Claws
2  Gift of Scales.png Gift of Scales
2  Gift of Bones.png Gift of Bones
2  Gift of Fangs.png Gift of Fangs
Mystic Clover.png Mystic Clover x77
~231  Mystic Coin.png Mystic Coins
~231  Glob of Ectoplasm.png Globs of Ectoplasm
~231  Obsidian Shard.png Obsidian Shards
     (485,100 Karma.png or 3,465 Fractal Relic.png Fractal Relics or 231  Laurel.png Laurels or 11,550  Bandit Crest.png Bandit Crests)
~231  Mystic Crystal.png Crystals or ~1386  Philosopher's Stone.png Philosopher's Stones
    (cost of either: 139 Spirit Shard.png Spirit Shards)
Mystic Coin.png Mystic Coin x250
Gift of Sentience.png Gift of Compassion Gift of Desert Mastery.png Gift of Desert Mastery
Gift of the Desert.png Gift of the Desert
Gift of the Rider.png Gift of the Rider
Bloodstone Shard.png Bloodstone Shard
Funerary Incense.png Funerary Incense x250
Ball of Dark Energy.png Balls of Dark Energy x6
Salvaged from Ascended weapons, armor, amulets, accessories, back items and breathing apparatus
Gift of Complex Emotions.png Gift of Complex Emotions
Legendary Trinkets.png Legendary Trinkets: Coalescence II: The GiftIts bloodlust somewhat lessened, your energy friend now desires to learn more about being. Also it wants a name. (10Achievement pointsGift of Complex Emotions)
Legendary Divination.png Legendary Divination x150
Obtained from various encounters in Hall of Chains, Mythwright Gambit and The Key of Ahdashim
Gift of Patience.png Gift of Patience
Legendary Trinkets.png Legendary Trinkets: Coalescence III: CulminationYour energy friend is keenly interested in your decisions. (10Achievement pointsGift of Patience)
Hateful Sworl.png Hateful Sworl
Legendary Trinkets.png Legendary Trinkets: Coalescence I: UnbridledYour predilection for violence has attracted the attention of malevolent energy. Perhaps you can sooth its bloodlust somehow. (9Achievement pointsHateful Sworl)

Available prefixes[edit]


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