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Teleport to Friend.png

Teleport to Friend

Item type
Account Bound
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Double-click to consume.
Use to teleport to a party member's location.

— In-game description


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Black Lion Chest Merchant Black Lion Chest Merchant Dwayna High Road
Trade Commons
Trader's Forum
Memorial Quadrant
Interdisciplinary Accessium
Reckoner's Terrace
Divinity's Reach
Lion's Arch
Black Citadel
Rata Sum
The Grove
Black Lion Statuette.png
Black Lion Statuette Black Lion Statuette Black Lion Statuette.png

Contained in[edit]


This achievement rewards items. Anomalies of the World Anomalous Occurrences 5Achievement points
Disperse Ley-Line Anomalies in all of the areas they appear.
Reward:Teleport to Friend.png Teleport to Friend (3)

  • Gendarran Fields
  • Iron Marches
  • Timberline Falls
3 Anomalies Dispersed 5Achievement points


  • Is a single-use item, but will not be consumed if teleport was unsuccessful.
    • While it cannot be used to reach areas that the player would not be able to reach without purchasing Heart of Thorns or Path of Fire or areas that were released during Living World Season 3, Living World Season 4 or The Icebrood Saga that were not already unlocked, the Teleport to Friend will be consumed upon trying to do so. This also includes trying to teleport to areas such as the Mistlock Sanctuary or Royal Terrace without having a pass to these areas.
  • Directly teleports the player to a party or squad member anywhere in a non-instanced PvE environment.
    • Can teleport characters below level 80 to the areas heavily affected by the release of magic in Tyria, such as Lake Doric or Bloodstone Fen, if the areas have been unlocked on the account. These areas are otherwise inaccessible to players below level 80 because they require completion of the living story or the use of a portal scroll, e.g. Lake Doric Portal Scroll.
  • Attempting to teleport to a player from a region (NA/EU) different to that of the one using the consumable results in an error message that states that "you cannot teleport to a player in a different world".

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