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Strike Mission: Harvest Temple

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Strike Mission: Harvest Temple

Strike Mission
Dragon's End

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Strike Mission: Harvest Temple is the fourth Canthan strike mission, taking place atop the Harvest Temple. It contains story details from The Only One story step.

Getting there[edit]


  • Enter the circle to begin the Strike Mission.
  • Destroy the Dragonvoid.
  • Heart of Jormag
    • Event bar.jpgRed Boss.png
  • Heart of Primordus
    • Event bar.jpgRed Boss.png
  • Heart of Kralkatorrik
    • Event bar.jpgRed Boss.png
  • Heart of Mordremoth
    • Event bar.jpgRed Boss.png
  • Heart of Zhaitan
    • Event bar.jpgRed Boss.png
  • Dragonvoid
    • Event bar.jpgRed Boss.png
  • Heart of Soo-Won
    • Event bar.jpgRed Boss.png
  • Dragonvoid
    • Event bar.jpgRed Boss.png
  • Strike Mission complete!


Challenge Mode


This multi-phase fight is the next progression after the Kaineng Overlook strike mission and is significantly more difficult. Players must use the full extent of the game combat system to neutralize the Dragonvoid. Several mechanics carry personal responsibility and can result in massive damage if handled incorrectly. Players who complete this fight are more than ready to tackle raids, especially the first four from Heart of Thorns.

Players must stand in the center circle (or interact with the Energy Orb) to begin the fight.

Recurring Mechanics[edit]

Enrage Timer: None (unchanged if the Challenge Mote is active)

The following table lists the mechanics that occur throughout most of the encounter:

Mechanic Notes
Influence of the Void
(Void AoE)
Void AoEs will spawn and slowly expand until it almost fully covers the platform. These spawn at either the four cardinal directions for orb purification phases and the center for Dragonvoid phases. This mechanic acts as a soft enrage timer and slowly reduces the space for players to move around for mechanics.
The AoE pulses heavy damage and a stack of Torment.png Torment and Throw Cursed Artifact.png Influence of the Void. These are all unavoidable unless the player is invulnerable. Downed players will not take damage, but will continue to gain stacks of this effect.
Upon reaching ten stacks, affected players become targetable as an enemy and will periodically be afflicted with Taunt.png Taunt. They will also bypass the downstate and be immediately revived only if downed by the Void AoE.
Void Pool
Two players will be marked with a large, red AoE that spawns a void pool below them after a delay. The spawned pool persists until the next set spawns and pulses heavy damage. Players should drop these away from the group, preferably stacking both pools on top of each other. The closest players to the Void AoE will be targeted for this attack.
Targeted Expulsion
Timed orange circles will spawn each player, dealing low damage on their own but massive damage if hit by overlapping explosions. This damage is unavoidable but can be mitigated through invulnerability.

Players who fall off the platform will take lethal damage. In addition, Dragonvoid minions spawn at the start of each phase and persist until defeated. They increase the overall damage taken, disable players with crowd control, and also explode upon death. However, downed players can focus on them to rally if needed. They will eventually run to the players, but Mesmer icon small.png Mesmers can apply group Stealth.png Stealth using the  Mass Invisibility.png Mass Invisibility elite skill to force where they move to. If players are stacked on top of the Dragonvoid prior to them spawning and stealth is not broken, this can force the minions to run towards the group and allow both them and the boss to be cleaved together.

Purification Phase 1[edit]

Players must first cleanse the Dragonvoid before fighting the respective Elder Dragon manifestation. A large orb spawns in the center and is immune to all damage due to Activate... (purple).png Void Immunity and unaffected by crowd control due to the locked defiance bar. Players must direct it into prismatic rifts (white circles) to remove a stack of Detonate Static Conduit.png Void Shell. The orb's defiance bar unlocks once all stacks have been removed. Players standing underneath the orb will take pulsing damage.

Orb mechanics

The movement and direction of the orb is influenced only by direct player hits and position at the time of each hit. Pets, minions, and other player summons do not affect the orb unless they have a direct player hit component that connects with the orb upon use, such as the initial impact from some Legendary Renegade skills and Mesmer shatters, or Conjure Fiery Greatsword (and its  Fiery Eruption.png Lesser Fiery Eruption passive attack). Passive and active skills used by pets and minions are not considered player hits.

The orb also has inertia and will continue at the same speed and direction until acted upon by another force. Quick-hitting skills accelerate the orb much faster. Furthermore, players must take care when placing AoE attacks on the orb. The orb will always move in the direction opposite to the player who hits it. Placing an AoE behind the orb while the player is standing on the opposite side will not slow the orb and push it towards them, but rather it will accelerate the orb further in the same direction. The orb will also lose all momentum when reaching a purification rift.

If the orb falls off the platform, a shockwave emerges upon impact and the orb returns to the center and loses all momentum. If the orb reaches a Veteran Void Melter, a shockwave also emerges (due to Frozen Barrier.png Void Repulsion) and the orb moves opposite to the impact and maintains its previous momentum. These shockwaves deal heavy unavoidable damage and apply 5 stacks of Confusion.png Confusion and a stack of Crippled.png Crippled, Throw Cursed Artifact.png Influence of the Void, and Exposed.png Exposed. However, players can avoid this attack by either teleporting into the epicenter or standing on the opposite side if the shockwave occurs right near the platform edge.

Purifying the first three orbs

As players attempt to purify each Dragonvoid Heart, they encounter attacks themed after each respective Elder Dragon. The attacks for this purification phase are listed below:

Dragonvoid Heart Notes
Heart of Jormag A set of five bolts periodically strike the platform, dealing heavy damage and Daze.png Dazing enemies.
Heart of Primordus The Heart lobs several fireballs that deal heavy damage and daze enemies.
Heart of Kralkatorrik Fissures of Branded energy spread across the ground, dealing low damage and inflicting Vulnerability.png Vulnerability after activating.

After directing the orb into the first circle, the Heart of Jormag transforms into the Heart of Primordus. Simultaneously, four Veteran Void Melters emerge from each void AoE and move towards the orb. This will always occur each time the orb reaches a purification rift and if no Melter is still alive from that void AoE. They gain Swiftness.png Swiftness when attacked for the first time. Because the spawn locations for the Melters are fixed, each void AoE should have players nearby to control and defeat any that emerge. The remaining players can focus primarily on moving the orb. Players must continue directing the orb until it transforms into the Heart of Kralkatorrik and then into the final rift.

All stacks of Void Shell have been removed at this point and the breakbar is now unlocked, indicated by the Heart's prismatic coloring. Players must break this bar to cleanse the Heart and advance to the next phase. Take care not to direct the orb into a Melter or off platform while breaking the bar. All Melters will despawn once the bar is broken.

  • For all phases following the first orb phase, players can get out-of-combat when not engaged in combat for a period of time.
  • The damage from standing under the Heart and its attacks are massively increased when the Heart is untargetable. Players should stay clear of any lingering attacks after breaking its defiance bar.
  • For all phases, some mechanics do not immediately despawn upon phasing and can still inflict damage. Some of these are only visual bugs and do not actually inflict damage. However for future fight attempts, there may either be no telegraph or the mechanic will be activated much earlier before returning to normal.

Dragonvoid Phase 1[edit]


Health: 6,723,000 (16,807,500 if the Challenge Mote is active)

The Dragonvoid has a set of three attacks that mostly apply Chilled.png Chilled. Additionally, Veteran Void Stormseers spawn every 9 seconds (up to 8 total minions at a time) and periodically cast telegraphed icicles that deal low damage but apply chilled.

Dragonvoid Skill Notes
Breath of Jormag The Dragonvoid streaks the platform with rays of ice, rapidly chilling and hitting players for low damage. This attack follows two patterns:
1. Three rays moving southwest to northwest → Four rays circling the center
2. Three rays moving southeast to northwest → Three rays slowly arcing north to southeast
Grasp of Jormag The furthest player is targeted (indicated by an yellow screen border and target above their head) then followed by several rays of ice around their position, each dealing medium damage. This attack can target multiple players unless one player is the furthest away for the entirety of this attack.
Frost Meteor A meteor of ice smashes onto the platform, dealing very heavy damage and leaving a field of ice. Enemies standing on this field will be affected with slippery movement.

Including the recurring mechanics, this phase follows a fixed, repeating pattern after the initial attack (Breath of Jormag (Pattern 1) into Reds during center rays): Grasp of JormagBreath of Jormag (Pattern 2) into Spread during southeast raysFrost Meteor into [Reds with Breath of Jormag (Pattern 1)]. All mechanics, except for the Spread AoEs, either despawn or do no damage upon phasing.


Health: 6,723,000 (16,807,500 if the Challenge Mote is active)

Eight Elite Void Warforged spawn near the center and can each summon two Void Bursters that explode for minor damage. Players can either run towards the minions to defeat them or stay near the boss and cleave everything together. The Dragonvoid emerges soon after and attacks with Jaws of Destruction:

Dragonvoid Skill Notes
Jaws of Destruction The Dragonvoid prepares to devour a massive area, dealing lethal damage and leaving a heavily-damaging field that applies Burning.png Burning. Players have enough time to run from the boss to the safe zone, but can also apply swiftness and Superspeed.png Superspeed or use dodges and teleport skills to move out faster.
The Spread mechanic will spawn at the same time, requiring players to stagger themselves when running out to avoid exploding each other.
Lava Slam The Dragonvoid bashes its chin onto the platform, dealing lethal damage. This attack can be blocked and will not damage downed players.

This phase follows a fixed, repeating pattern after the initial Jaws of Destruction attack: 3x Lava SlamJaws of Destruction with Spread. All mechanics, except for the Spread AoEs, either despawn or do no damage upon phasing.


Health: 6,723,000 (16,807,500 if the Challenge Mote is active)

Six Elite Void Brandbombers spawn at the start of the phase and hurl Branded crystals that Knockback.png knockback players. These projectiles are indestructible, so players must either block, evade, or apply Stability.png Stability or invulnerability to avoid getting knocked into dangerous AoEs. The Dragonvoid will also emerge and alternate between two attacks:

Dragonvoid Skill Notes
Branded Beam The Dragonvoid shoots wide beams of void energy that pulse heavy damage. These alternate between two patterns:
1. Single laser down the center
2. Two lasers total down the sides
Crystal Barrage A barrage of four crystals are launched, dealing heavy damage and knocking back enemies.

This phase follows a fixed, repeating pattern : 2x Branded Beams (Sides)Crystal Barrage1x Branded Beam (Center) with RedsCrystal Barrage. All mechanics, except for the Crystal Barrage AoEs, either despawn or do no damage upon phasing.

Purification Phase 2[edit]

This phase is functionally similar to the previous purification phase. As before, players must direct the Heart into the prismatic rifts to purify it. However, a mini-boss will now additionally spawn at the start with the Void Repulsion effect. It will be in front of a rift and thus must be defeated to properly maneuver the orb. Otherwise, the orb will bounce off the boss and move in the opposite direction with the same momentum (but without a shockwave). Players should first deal with the mini-boss before pushing the orb. This then allows the group to reposition for the Melters that spawn after the first orb purification. Successfully breaking the orb's defiance bar will daze and damage the mini-boss by 80% of its health if it is still alive.

Purifying the next two orbs
Dragonvoid Heart Notes
Heart of Mordremoth Insect swarms are fired from the Heart in random directions, dealing rapid damage and applying Poisoned.png Poisoned to enemies.
Heart of Zhaitan The Heart leaves a trail of damaging, green pools that pulse heavy damage to enemies. Players must take care when near these fields because they persist longer than telegraphed.

A Champion Void Time Caster spawns on the northwest part of the platform and periodically gains Protection.png Protection every ten seconds. The boss summons several portals around itself. Players can either stand behind the boss or use projectile destruction or reflect skills to avoid the portal projectiles, which also apply Slow.png Slow. He also launches an expanding portal that periodically Pull.png Pulls players and deals continuous damage. The mini-boss will blast the five furthest targets (including minions) and deal medium damage and apply slow.

A Void Skullpiercer also spawns about every 15 seconds. They can deal high damage with their flaming trails as well as knockback nearby enemies with their kick.

The Dragonvoid returns after purifying the Heart of Zhaitan and breaking its defiance bar.

The green pools left behind by the Heart of Zhaitan persist longer than telegraphed. Players should move around its path to avoid taking damage from an invisible pool.

Dragonvoid Phase 2[edit]


Health: 6,723,000 (16,807,500 if the Challenge Mote is active)

This phase is significantly more dangerous and claustrophobic, requiring precise movement and timing to survive. A Void Skullpiercer also spawns every 12 seconds and can kick nearby players into dangerous AoEs.

Dragonvoid Skill Notes
Poison Roar Several poison AoEs are flung out, each pulsing heavy damage and poison. Take care to avoid this attack as it can quickly down and defeat players.
Shock Wave The Dragonvoid bashes its head onto the platform, creating a set of three shockwaves that each deal very heavy damage and knocks back players. Stability prevents the knockback, but this attack should still be blocked, evaded, jumped, or mitigated with invulnerability to avoid taking damage.

The Dragonvoid alternates between Poison Roar with Reds and Shock Wave with Spread. The Reds should ideally placed near the center and to the sides to provide players more room for the Spread mechanic and avoiding the three shockwaves. Take care to avoid the poisonous AoEs when dropping the pools.

Players who fail to avoid the first shock wave will most likely down then be defeated. Furthermore, they can get knocked back into a player and deal massive damage to both of them from the Spread explosion. It is thus imperative for all players to avoid the shockwaves and apply either Aegis.png Aegis, stability, or Vigor.png Vigor (for dodges). All mechanics, except for the Shock Wave AoEs, either despawn or do no damage upon phasing, so players must keep an eye out for shockwaves if the boss phases during the middle of the attack animation.


Health: 6,723,000 (16,807,500 if the Challenge Mote is active)

This phase is similarly dangerous: stability and stun breaks will prevent players from getting feared, knocked back, or pulled into mechanics or off the platform.

Three Champion Void Giants spawn at the start of the phase. They deal massive damage and knockdown nearby players with a telegraphed stomp, indicated by its raised foot. They will also vomit and leave a green pool that pulses heavy damage and poison. The giants occasionally perform a scream attack, indicated by a large orange AoE that pulses twice. This deals no damage, but summons three Void Rotswarmers and pulses Fear.png Fear and Weakness.png Weakness. Players should apply condition cleanse, Resistance.png Resistance, and stability to negate the fear. The giants can quickly defeat the entire group if not handled properly. To deal with them, players can either run to the northern side to lure and kill them there to ignore all Dragonvoid attacks, or stack together near the Dragonvoid, apply group stability, then burst down the giants and heal through the damage.

Zhaitan's Reaches will also spawn around the platform for a total of three at a time, each respawning after 12 seconds if not present. Players caught in their attacks will either get pulled in (donut-shaped AoE) or launched (full AoE). They also despawn after completing the following attack pattern (~20 seconds): LaunchPullPullLaunch

Dragonvoid Skill Notes
Putrid Deluge Several lobs of poison explode onto the ground, leaving a poison cloud that pulses heavy damage and applies poison. Players standing in these AoEs will quickly be downed and subsequently defeated.
Slam The Dragonvoid slams its left wing near the western edge of the platform. This attack deals massive damage but can be ignored by avoiding that area.
Scream of Zhaitan The Dragonvoid channels a massive scream that deals heavy damage and fears enemies. Although the fear can be mitigated with stability, players should still block, evaded, or use invulnerability to avoid taking heavy damage.

This phase follows a fixed, repeating pattern: Putrid DelugeSlamScream of Zhaitan into Spread. All mechanics, except for Putrid Deluge and Scream of Zhaitan, either despawn or do no damage upon phasing.

The Putrid Deluge attack will sometimes not trigger during a fight attempt.

Purification Phase 3[edit]

The final purification phase is similar to the previous one. However, both the orb and mini-boss are much more dangerous if players are not positioned correctly.

Purifying the final orb
Dragonvoid Heart Notes
Heart of Soo-Won Five watery projectiles are shot out in fixed directions, each dealing heavy damage. Projectile destruction and reflect skills can negate these attacks.

A Champion Void Saltspray Dragon spawns on the southeast part of the arena, standing between the orb and the first purification rift. Players must defeat this mini-boss before pushing the orb into the rift. The dragon alternates between elemental attacks, each dealing medium damage and applying conditions respective to their element. Take care to avoid standing in the whirlpool attack as it can quickly down and defeat players by knocking them back into another one. Its defiance bar will unlock around 70% health and breaking it will remove its Vinetender Shield.png Aerial Defense effect. Failure to break the bar will unleash a shockwave.

Amalgamates of Elder Dragon energy will also roll around the platform, pulsing low damage and slow to players they pass through.

The orb must be pushed through two rifts before its defiance bar unlocks. Because each projectile is fired from fixed and equidistant positions, players should stand in the safe zone between each projectile to avoid taking heavy damage.

Dragonvoid Phase 3[edit]

Soo-Won Part 1 (100% – 50%)[edit]

Health: 9,711,000 (31,075,200 if the Challenge Mote is active)

A Veteran Void Abomination, Veteran Void Coldsteel, Veteran Void Tangler, or Veteran Void Warforged will spawn every six seconds. Notably, Void Abominations can knockback players with its slam and Void Coldsteels can apply the chilled debuff to players.

Dragonvoid Skill Notes
Tsunami Slam
The Dragonvoid slams a large orb of void energy, unleashing a watery shockwave and subsequent smaller orbs of void energy that bounce away. Both parts of the attack deal heavy damage and apply 3 stacks of torment. These can be blocked, evaded, or mitigated with stability.
Torment of the Void Void energy bounces out until reaching the platform edge, dealing medium damage, knocking down players, and applying 10 stacks of torment. This attack occurs whenever the Dragonvoid strikes balls of void energy during Claw Slap.
Magic Hail Excess void energy coalesce and target the closest enemy to them, dealing rapid damage and applying chill. This attack occurs whenever the Dragonvoid slams a large ball of void energy during Tsunami (and technically Tail Slam).
Claw Slap
The Dragonvoid swipes towards orbs of void energy, dealing heavy unavoidable damage, knocking down enemies and applying 3 stacks of vulnerability. A safe zone exists on the small southwestern sliver of the attack telegraph, allowing two players to stand there without overlapping the Spread AoE. Orbs of void energy will also bounce out in pattern, dealing heavy damage and disabling enemies.
Tail Slam The Dragonvoid slams a large orb of void energy with its tail, dealing massive damage and leading into a Tsunami that applies 3 stacks of vulnerability instead of torment. Both attacks can be blocked, evaded, or mitigated with stability.
Void Beam and
Void Purge
The Dragonvoid shoots beams of void energy that deal heavy damage and leave smaller, weaker Reds. Excess void energy also escape from the beams and onto the ground, pulsing low damage and torment.

This phase follows a fixed, repeating pattern: Tsunami into Magic Hail → [Swipe with Spread] into Torment of the Void → [Tail Slam with Reds] into Tsunami then Magic Hail → [Void Beam with Void Purge]

After bringing it to 50% health, the Dragonvoid retreats then encircles the platform as players enter the next phase. All mechanics persist and still do damage even after phasing.

The Swipe attack is larger than telegraphed. Players standing near the bottom half of each arrow will stay clear of the attack.

Void Amalgamate[edit]

Health: 1,261,920 (2,523,840 if the Challenge Mote is active)

Players no longer need to direct an orb into purifying rifts. They must instead defeat the Void Amalgamate, which also follows the mechanics governing orb movement. The orb must not fall off the platform, else it will unleash a more powerful shockwave then regenerate 10% of its health. This attack now covers the entire platform and will down all players and defeat all downed players. Furthermore, players will now take heavy damage if standing underneath the orb.

Additionally, the Amalgamate shoots splitting projectiles that deal heavy damage. Players should use projectile destruction and reflects to shield the group (reflected orbs do not damage or push the heart). Dragonvoid minions continue to respawn every six seconds, allowing defeated players to rally if needed.

Once the Void Amalgamate is defeated, the Dragonvoid reappears for a final time.

Soo-Won Part 2 (33% – 0%)[edit]

Health: 50% – 0% if the Challenge Mote is active.

This phase remains largely unchanged from before: the Dragonvoid (now returning with 33% health) performs the same attacks as before, void minions continue to spawn every six seconds, and orbs of Elder Dragon energy return to roll around the platform. Additionally, a Champion Void Obliterator spawns in the southwest part of the platform and targets the player nearest to it. Although its attacks are not dangerous damage-wise, they do apply heavy crowd control with its charge, swipe, and shockwave attacks. However, most groups can ignore the Obliterator if they have enough damage to defeat the Dragonvoid before it becomes an issue.

The Dragonvoid is defeated once its health has been completely depleted.

Challenge Mode[edit]

There are several differences between the normal and challenge mode versions of the fight:

Monster Buffs
  • All bosses have increased health, additional and altered mechanics, and spawn with Protection.png Protection, Resistance.png Resistance, and Regeneration.png Regeneration.
  • Most Dragonvoid minions spawn with Protection, Resistance, and Regeneration.
  • All Void Champions additionally spawn with Might.png25 Might.
  • Veteran Void Melters (aside from the first six at the beginning of the fight) spawn with Protection and Swiftness.
  • Some Dragonvoid attacks can no longer be mitigated through invulnerability and stability.
Mechanical Changes
  • Players that fall off the platform are instantly defeated.
  • The Void AoEs expand much faster and can now cover the entire platform. They will also now corrupt one boon per tick.
  • Six Veteran Void Melters now spawn at the start of each purification phase.
  • The Heart now gains a stack of Ignite Arrows (Dominion).png Void Empowerment every ten seconds, causing it to unleash Void Discharge each time. Additionally, the AoE under the Heart pulses medium damage and its attacks deal very heavy damage.
  • The shockwave generated by the Heart now instantly defeats players and covers the entire platform.
  • The Heart now maintains some momentum when reaching a purification rift.
  • The Spread AoEs now target the seven players closest to the Void AoE (instead of all players).
  • Reds last until the next phase, except during Soo-Won where they are permanent starting from Part 1.
  • Three green circles (Greens) periodically spawn during Dragonvoid phases and require at least two non-downed players to stand within each (indicated by either inward arrows if criteria not met, or swirling green projectiles if met). The location of these circles depend on how far the Void AoE has expanded. Failing any Greens downs and applies a stack of Debilitated.png Debilitated (30s) to the entire group. This cannot be mitigated with invulnerability.

General Notes and Tips[edit]

Maximizing damage output and uptime is important to complete each phase before the void AoE overtakes the platform. Each phase becomes progressively more difficult the further the void AoE expands due to Greens spawning further out, forcing players to travel larger distances away from the group. Mobility skills and Mesmer portals can be used to quickly teleport players to the two furthest Greens then back to the boss. Use of these skills should be timed such that they will be available for the next set of Greens if possible. Otherwise, players should make sure they leave for the Greens at the proper time.

Almost all enemies are now more powerful and durable. Reliable sources of boon strip will not only maximize the damage dealt to all enemies, but also minimize the damage taken from enemies such as Dragonvoid Champions, which now spawn with full stacks of might. Group stealth and pulls also allow enemies to be quickly cleaved together, however players should be mindful of their after-death explosions.

Understanding what and how mechanics can be baited can further maximize damage uptime. Two players (ideally support roles) should be designated to bait and stack the Reds. These can be baited by being the two players closest to the void AoE. Reds should generally be dropped close to the center given the area will eventually be overtaken by the void AoE. The Spread AoEs also now target the seven players closest to the void AoE. Players dedicated to dealing damage should therefore position themselves to be the furthest away from the void AoE.

The orb purification phases are also more punishing and on a tighter timer. All players should ideally feel comfortable moving the orb and knowing which skills for their build best accelerate the orb and damage its defiance bar.

The Dragonvoid can be flanked by standing on the western-side (right-side of the boss when facing it). This strike mission also occurs at night, so sigils such as Superior Sigil of the Night will have increased effect.

Purification Phase 1[edit]

Players should quickly direct the orb into purifying rifts due to Void Empowerment. Five Veteran Void Melters will initially spawn near the first rift, whereas one will spawn behind the orb. The orb now maintains its momentum when reaching a rift, so players must quickly reposition themselves in advance to direct the orb into the next rift. Attacks from the orbs deal very heavy damage and should be avoided.

Dragonvoid Phase 1[edit]


This phase remains largely unchanged aside from the addition of Greens. The boss attack pattern is slightly adjusted to accommodate for this, with the initial pattern being: Breath of Jormag (Pattern 1) [no center rays] with RedsGreens into Grasp of JormagBreath of Jormag (Pattern 2) with SpreadFrost Meteor

Afterwards, the following attack pattern is repeated: [Reds with Breath of Jormag (Pattern 1)] into GreensGrasp of JormagBreath of Jormag (Pattern 2) with SpreadFrost Meteor


This phase follows a fixed, repeating pattern: [Jaws of Destruction with Spread] into Reds into Greens3x Lava Slam. Players can no longer block the Lava Slam and will instead be instantly defeated. Jaws of Destruction now also instantly defeats players instead of downing them. Players can reliably bait the Reds by moving closely around the void AoE and opposite of each other when running to the safe zone. Take care not to drop the Reds on top of Greens.


This phase is mechanically identical to the normal mode version: 2x Branded Beams (Sides)Crystal Barrage1x Branded Beam (Center) with RedsCrystal Barrage.

Purification Phase 2[edit]

Four Veteran Void Melters will initially spawn near the first rift, whereas one will spawn northwest and northeast of the orb. The Melters near the rift should be defeated as quick as possible to avoid delaying the orb push. The mini-boss should ideally be defeated by the time the orb reaches the final rift.

Dragonvoid Phase 2[edit]


Void Skullpiercers are noticeably dangerous because they can knock players into mechanics or off the platform when in melee range. Ranged damage dealers should prioritize and defeat them before they get too close to the group. Otherwise, crowd control skills can be used to delay the kick attack. Placement of Reds is important for this phase to provide players more room to avoid the shockwaves, especially since Reds persist until the phase ends.

As with before, the Dragonvoid alternates between Poison Roar with Reds and Shock Wave with Spread.


The Champion Void Giants should be quickly dealt with to prevent them from damaging and disabling the group. Effective use of stealth can lure all three giants to the group and allow for them to be cleaved together, preferably on top of the boss.

This phase follows a fixed, repeating pattern: Greens into Putrid DelugeReds with SlamScream of Zhaitan into Spread.

The Scream of Zhaitan attack has been reworked: it is now an unavoidable arena-wide attack that applies a stack of Debilitating Void.png Infirmity. The fear applied afterwards also bypasses stability, so players must either immediately cleanse the fear, use stun breaks, or apply resistance beforehand then cleanse. Applying barrier and protection before this attack will significantly reduce the damage taken by all players. This attack is especially dangerous for players baiting Reds who must immediately return to the group to stun break, cleanse the fear, and heal from the damage. If the Scream of Zhaitan attack will occur before the boss can be defeated, players should delay damage then defeat the boss once the attack completes and everyone has recovered from the damage.

Purification Phase 3[edit]

In addition to the two Melters spawning at the first rift, two will spawn southwest of the orb and one will spawn northeast. Because the Champion Void Saltspray Dragon is blocking the first rift, it is important for groups to defeat mini-boss as soon as possible to avoid delaying the orb push.

The attacks from the orb deal very heavy damage. Projectile destruction and reflect skills can prevent players from downing to the projectiles. Otherwise, players must actively position themselves relative to where the projectiles emerge from.

Dragonvoid Phase 3[edit]

Soo-Won Part 1 (100% – 50%)

A group of mechanics will overlap with each other at the start and throughout the fight. This phase follows a fixed, repeating pattern: [Reds with Greens with Tsunami] into Magic Hail → [Swipe with Spread] into Torment of the VoidTail Slam into Tsunami then Magic Hail → [Void Beam with Void Purge]

Reds will now persist until Soo-Won reaches 0% health, making their drop placement very important. These should ideally be placed in near the northern edge of the arena. Failure to do so will make subsequent phases much more difficult. Additionally, both Reds and Greens occur during the same time as the Dragonvoid's Tsunami attack. Players performing these mechanics must also avoid getting downed or knocked back by this attack. Players in each set of Greens must time their movement differently depending on their location:

  • Close and Mid Green: The main attack to avoid is the tsunami wave. Players can either jump or dodge into the green to avoid this.
  • Far Green: Players must not only avoid the tsunami wave but also a void orb that covers the entire circle. They must therefore dodge late enough into the green to avoid both attacks, but early enough to make it in before the Greens explode.

The Magic Hail attack will occur shortly afterwards and target players closest to their origin. This attack applies the chilled debuff and can easily down players at low health. The Swipe attack will also now instantly defeat players. Standing either in the small safezone near Soo-Won or between and near the bottom end of the arrows will avoid both this and the void ball attacks.

Void Amalgamate

This phase remains unchanged aside from the lingering Reds from the previous phase. There is no time limit, so players can use this phase to refresh skill cooldowns. Players should start repositioning and applying boons for the next phase right before defeating the amalgamate.

Soo-Won Part 2 (50% – 0%)

This phase is virtually identical to the Part 1, however players must defeat Soo-Won starting from 50% health instead of 33% health. Furthermore, a Champion Void Goliath spawns alongside the Champion Void Obliterator. The Goliath will periodically channel a large AoE that knocks back and applies chilled to hit players. Its defiance bar should ideally be broken during this animation to interrupt and put this attack on cooldown. The Dragonvoid mechanics are slightly delayed at the start to accommodate for these additional champions.

Both mini-bosses should be defeated as soon as possible because they each can knock players into mechanics, out of Greens, or off the arena. Effective use of stealth allows for both mini-bosses to stack on top of each other at the start of the phase. Alternatively, the Champion Void Obliterator can be baited away from the group as it targets the closest player and can charge towards them.



Elder Dragons




Stats of encounter relevant enemies[edit]

Enemy Health Health (CM) Defiance Bar Defiance Bar (CM)
The Dragonvoid (Jormag) 6,723,000 16,807,500
The Dragonvoid (Primordus) 6,723,000 16,807,500
The Dragonvoid (Kralkatorrik) 6,723,000 16,807,500
The Dragonvoid (Mordremoth) 6,723,000 16,807,500
The Dragonvoid (Zhaitan) 6,723,000 16,807,500
The Dragonvoid (Soo-Won) 9,711,000 1 31,075,200
Veteran Void Melter 33,001 33,001 none none
Veteran Void Stormseer 82,502 103,127 none none
Elite Void Warforged 236,003 295,004 none none
Elite Void Brandbomber 236,003 295,004 500 500
Champion Void Time Caster 1,769,600 2,212,000 2,000 2,000
Champion Void Giant 946,440 1,183,050 1,000 1,000
Zhaitan's Reach 85,649 85,649 600 600
Champion Void Saltspray Dragon 2,123,520 2,654,400 1,500 1,500
Void Amalgamate 1,261,920 2,523,840
Champion Void Obliterator 1,769,600 2,212,000 1,000 2 1,000 2
Champion Void Goliath 2,212,000 1,000 2
1 After reaching 50% of its health and defeating Void Amalgamate, its health changes to 33%, making the effective health 8,060,130. This does not apply in Challenge Mode, where the health stays at 50%.
2 Refills 30 per second.


Starting the strke
Strike Initiator: The Dragonvoid awaits. Is your squad ready?
Talk ready option.png Let's do this.
Talk end option tango.png We're still waiting for more people to show up.
The Dragonvoid: The cycle ends... We are truly awake.
Aurene: We must cleanse that corrupted magic! Push it into the prismatic rift!
The Dragonvoid: We are time, we are space.
Purifying a heart
Aurene: There, it's been purified! Break it to send it back!
Jormag phase
The Dragonvoid: Aren't you tired?
The Dragonvoid: Join me.
The Dragonvoid: I will set you free.
Primordus phase
The Dragonvoid: (roars)
The Dragonvoid: (growls)
The Dragonvoid: (rumbles)
Kralkatorrik phase
The Dragonvoid: Anguish! Malignity!
The Dragonvoid: Blind! Lost!
The Dragonvoid: Your world ends!
Purifying another heart
Aurene: Another corrupted orb—you know what to do!
The Dragonvoid: You will not succeed. What began as void shall return to it.
Mordremoth phase
The Dragonvoid: You are a part of me, or you are nothing.
The Dragonvoid: You will all be consumed.
The Dragonvoid: Obey.
Purifying another heart
Aurene: Once more! It's working!
Aurene: That magic buildup is devastating... Don't let it escape the tower!
The Dragonvoid phase
The Dragonvoid: We speak with one voice.
Aurene: Now's our chance! Finish it!
The Dragonvoid: This reality will end. You cannot stop it.

Related achievements[edit]

Requires challenge mode


  • The themes for each Dragonvoid during their respective phases were added with the release of the Harvest Temple Challenge Mode. Previously, the remix of "The Cycle Ends" was played throughout the entire fight instead of during only the purification phases.