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Strike Mission: Harvest Temple

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Strike Mission: Harvest Temple

Strike Mission
Dragon's End

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Strike Mission: Harvest Temple is the fourth Canthan strike mission, taking place atop the Harvest Temple. It contains story details from The Only One story step.

Getting there[edit]


  • Enter the circle to begin the Strike Mission.
  • Destroy the Dragonvoid.
  • Heart of Jormag
    • Event bar.jpgRed Boss.png
  • Heart of Primordus
    • Event bar.jpgRed Boss.png
  • Heart of Kralkatorrik
    • Event bar.jpgRed Boss.png
  • Heart of Mordremoth
    • Event bar.jpgRed Boss.png
  • Heart of Zhaitan
    • Event bar.jpgRed Boss.png
  • Dragonvoid
    • Event bar.jpgRed Boss.png
  • Heart of Soo-won
    • Event bar.jpgRed Boss.png
  • Dragonvoid
    • Event bar.jpgRed Boss.png
  • Strike Mission complete!


Challenge Mode


This strike is much harder than the previous three, as it has more phases and requires more coordination.

Recurring Mechanics[edit]

  • During the phases, void orbs create an AoE that slowly expands. Standing on it will give stacks of Throw Cursed Artifact.png Influence of the Void. When reaches ten stacks, you will attack nearby allies. Your allies can kill you in this state. Successfully completing a phase will reset the AoE.
  • Small tracking AOEs (bombs) - Every strike member gets tagged with an AOE. The AOE does little damage to its target but significant damage to other players within it as it expires
  • Double big AOE (poison)- The two furthest players will be targeted by an orange tracking AOE. Once it expires a red field will be dropped at their feet dealing significant damage. These red fields remain until the next set of fields are dropped. These two fields can be stacked to reduce playable space lost.
  • Between dragon phases, dragon minions will spawn and attack players. These enemies will remain on the platform until killed. Throughout the dragon fights, minor versions of these enemies will spawn as well.

Purification Phase 1[edit]

At the purification phases, the Heart needs to be pushed into an area indicated by a white circle. It is immune to damage, but attacking will push it. Pushing the Heart to the edge of the platform will summon a shock-wave, dealing heavy damage to all players and applying a stack of Throw Cursed Artifact.png Influence of the Void.

The momentum of the heart is governed by the amount of hits pushing it, and not the damage of said attacks.

Every time the Heart is moved to the designated area, it will change its type from Jormag, to Primordus, then to Kralkatorrik immediately. Additionally, 4 Veteran Void Melters will spawn, one within each void orb. These need to be killed or controlled via crowd-control skills before it reaches the Heart, otherwise it will also summon a shock-wave and apply Exposed.png Exposed.

During the entirety of the phase, AoEs will spawn that matches with the current heart's dragon. Jormag's will rain ice magic from above, Primordus' shoots out fireballs, and Kralkatorrik's will summon branded cracks on the ground, dealing continuous damage.

After moving the Heart at the designated area three times, its defiance bar will appear. Break it to move to the next phase.

In most cases, squads will assign 1-2 members who will push the orb during the Purification Phase, leaving the others to kill all mobs that spawn.

Dragonvoid: Jormag[edit]

Jormag will regularly shoot three beams that deals damage and "freezes" the arena, causing player movement to act as if on ice.

Jormag will also summon a small shockwave, dealing damage. It can be avoided by jumping.

Ice beams will be targeted on certain player's who's screen edge should turn a yellow tint. The player may move off group to prevent damage to the squad or depend on a healer to counter the effect

All of Jormag's attacks apply Chilled.png Chilled.

Dragonvoid: Primordus[edit]

Primordus will begin its phase with the spread out mechanic, and a large AoE that covers most of the field. After a short while, Primordus will bite the area, downing players caught and leaves an AoE that applies Burning.png Burning and lingers for a short time.

Primordus will then begin its attack pattern. It slams its head on the platform, indicated by a smaller circle. Getting hit will instantly down players. It does this three times before doing the bite attack and repeats the pattern.

Slam > Slam > Slam > Bite

Dragonvoid: Kralkatorrik[edit]

At the start of this phase, 6 Elite Void Brandbombers will spawn, hurling brand at players that damages and Knockdown.png Knocks down.

The main attack mechanic of this fight is in the form of an alternating attack beam pattern. The first occurrence will channel two beams around the middle section of the platform. The next beam will be through the middle.

This pattern forces players to alternately between two positions, at the center and to the side.

Purification Phase 2[edit]

This phase is similar to the first Purification phase, only this time with Mordremoth's and Zhaitan's hearts.

During Mordremoth's Heart, a Champion Void Time Caster will spawn and summons a moving AoE that sucks players and deals continuous damage. Additionally, the Heart will also shoot out AoEs that also deals continuous damage.

Zhaitan's Heart will continuously spew out puddles underneath it, dealing heavy, continuous damage to players standing on it. Ranged attacks are recommended to push it.

After pushing Zhaitan's Heart to the designated area, its defiance bar will appear. Break it to move to the next phase.

Dragonvoid: Mordremoth[edit]

Mordremoth's most dangerous attack is a repeated 3 pounds into the centre of the platform. Each pound will create shock-waves spanning the whole platform Knockback.png Knocking back players and damaging them. These shock-waves can be dodged or jumped over. Note that this mechanic generally occurs at the same time as players are forced to split due to multiple tracking aoes.

The dragon will also on occasion cast multiple small AoEs covering the platform.

Dragonvoid: Zhaitan[edit]

At the start of the phase, three Champion Void Giants will spawn. They will knockdown players nearby and will vomit lingering puddles that deal heavy, continuous damage.

Zhaitan will occasionally cover half the platform with an AoE, dealing damage and inflicting Fear.png Fear on players after a short while. This attack can be dodged. Note that the fear is applied the instant the expanding aoe hits its limit.

Zhaitan's Reaches will spawn, using skills that Pull.png Pull and inflict Knockback.png Knockback within a given radius of their spawn location.

Purification Phase 3[edit]

A Champion Void Saltspray Dragon will spawn alongside the final dragon heart. The attack patterns of the champion resemble those of other Saltspray dragons. Note the high damage water whirlpools and appearance of a breakbar.

The heart of Soo Won must be pushed through two white aoes before the breakbar appears.

Dragonvoid: Soo Won[edit]

In order of appearance, the two main attacks in this phase are a claw stomp, which lands east of the hitbox and causes a shock-wave covering the majority of the platform. The second attack is a tail slam which covers a slice of the platform from west to east. This attack also generates a shock-wave.

Void Amalgamate[edit]

In this last purification phase, the heart has no white aoes to go through but must instead be brought down to 0% health. The momentum mechanic still applies here so it is important to either properly space out the squad to maintain the orb in the centre or move accordingly to avoid the orb every reaching the edge of the platform. The shockwave generated from the Heart reaching the edge will instantly down players.

Throughout the phase smaller orbs are sent out from the heart. These smaller orbs can be destroyed or reflected (reflected orbs do not damage or push the heart)

Dragonvoid: Soo Won Part 2[edit]

A Void obliterator spawns in this phase as well as Soo Won returning. The mechanics for Soo Won remain the same as in part 1.

Challenge Mode[edit]

  • The AoEs on the void orbs expand much faster.
  • The shockwave generated by the Heart now instantly defeats players.
  • Three green circles will spawn after the two circles drop. At least 2 players on each circle must stand on all of them to avoid getting downed.



Elder Dragons



Stats of encounter relevant enemies[edit]

Enemy Health Defiance Bar
The Dragonvoid (Jormag) 6,723,000
The Dragonvoid (Primordus) 6,723,000
The Dragonvoid (Kralkatorrik) 6,723,000
The Dragonvoid (Mordremoth) 6,723,000
The Dragonvoid (Zhaitan) 6,723,000
The Dragonvoid (Soo-Won) 9,711,000
Veteran Void Melter 33,001 none
Veteran Void Stormseer 82,502 none
Elite Void Warforged 236,003 none
Elite Void Brandbomber 236,003 ?
Champion Void Time Caster 1,769,600 ?
Champion Void Giant 946,440 ?
Zhaitan's Reach 85,649 ?
Champion Void Saltspray Dragon 2,123,520
Void Amalgamate 1,261,920
Champion Void Obliterator 1,769,600 ?


Starting the strke
Strike Initiator: The Dragonvoid awaits. Is your squad ready?
Talk ready option.png Let's do this.
Talk end option tango.png We're still waiting for more people to show up.
The Dragonvoid: The cycle ends... We are truly awake.
Aurene: We must cleanse that corrupted magic! Push it into the prismatic rift!
The Dragonvoid: We are time, we are space.
Purifying a heart
Aurene: There, it's been purified! Break it to send it back!
Jormag phase
The Dragonvoid: Aren't you tired?
The Dragonvoid: Join me.
The Dragonvoid: I will set you free.
Primordus phase
The Dragonvoid: (roars)
The Dragonvoid: (growls)
The Dragonvoid: (rumbles)
Kralkatorrik phase
The Dragonvoid: Anguish! Malignity!
The Dragonvoid: Blind! Lost!
The Dragonvoid: Your world ends!
Purifying another heart
Aurene: Another corrupted orb—you know what to do!
The Dragonvoid: You will not succeed. What began as void shall return to it.
Mordremoth phase
The Dragonvoid: You are a part of me, or you are nothing.
The Dragonvoid: You will all be consumed.
The Dragonvoid: Obey.
Purifying another heart
Aurene: Once more! It's working!
Aurene: That magic buildup is devastating... Don't let it escape the tower!
The Dragonvoid phase
The Dragonvoid: We speak with one voice.
Aurene: Now's our chance! Finish it!
The Dragonvoid: This reality will end. You cannot stop it.

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