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Protect the caged prisoners

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Protect the caged prisoners

Salvation Pass
(Forsaken Thicket)
Event type
Dynamic event
Event maps
Fort Flamethrower 2.jpg

Protect the caged prisoners, often called Bandit Trio or Prison Camp Encounter by the players, is the second encounter in Salvation Pass, the second wing of the Forsaken Thicket Raid. In this encounter players will find multiple prisoners held in a cage. Upon entering the Prison Camp, the encounter will begin and bandits will begin attacking the players and the cage. Throughout this encounter, players will have to fight waves of bandits, and defeat the three bandit champions: Berg, Zane, and Narella; all the while ensuring the cage is not destroyed killing the pact prisoners.


Heart of Maguuma


  • Protect the caged prisoners.
  • Defeat the three bandit champions.
  • Cage
  • Event bar.jpg
    Red Shield.png
  • Time remaining 9:00
  • Berg
  • Event bar.jpg
    Red Boss.png
  • Zane
  • Event bar.jpg
    Red Boss.png
  • Narella
  • Event bar.jpg
    Red Boss.png


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Related achievements[edit]

Environmentally Friendly Spirit Vale (achievements).png Salvation Pass 15 AP.png
Complete the prison camp encounter without using the environment to your advantage.
Reward:Box of Raider's Supplies.png Box of Raider's Supplies
Salvation Pass Achievement 15 AP.png
The Shield Spirit Vale (achievements).png Salvation Pass Heart of Thorns mastery point 15 AP.png
Liberate the Salvation Pass prison camp with zero civilian casualties. Salvation Pass Achievement 15 AP.png

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