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Vale Guardian

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The Vale Guardian is the first boss in Spirit Vale.


Heart of Maguuma


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Combat abilities[edit]

  • Vale Division - At 66% and 33% health remaining, Vale Guardian will become invulnerable, move to the center of the arena, and disappear, spawning a Red, Green, and Blue Guardian at their respective colored pillars. During this split phase, the Vale Guardian is not present in the arena and will only return once all three colored guardians are defeated. Each of these lesser guardians has one of the signature abilities of the Vale Guardian, and all besides the Green Guardian have other special mechanics.
    • The Red Guardian summons Seekers and only takes heavy damage from conditions.
    • The Green Guardian uses Unstable Magic Spike (blue teleport circles)
    • The Blue Guardian uses Distributed Magic (green circle), however only 3 players are needed to nullify it and can gain Blue Pylon Power which needs to be stripped (boon removal).
    • At the beginning of this phase, players will become attuned to the pylon color of the third of the platform they are standing on (Pylon Attunement- Red.png Pylon Attunement: Red, Pylon Attunement- Green.png Pylon Attunement: Green, or Blue Pylon Power.png Pylon Attunement: Blue). Players will take heavy periodic damage if they are standing in the area of a color they are not attuned to. Pylon Attunement effects are removed once the Guardian Split phase ends.
  • An additional segment of the floor lights up (dealing periodic damage) in rotation after splitting and rejoining.
  • Gains Magic Storm skill after first split.

DefianceDefiance bar segmented.png - Becomes vulnerable while casting Magic Storm.

  • Magic Aura.png Magic Aura - Deals periodic damage to all enemies within 1500 units.
  • Punch - Vale Guardian punches a player.
  • Distributed Magic - Vale Guardian summons a green circle which slowly 'closes', which if insufficient players are present inside, deals devastating damage to the entire player group. At least 4 players who are not downed or defeated need to be in the circle before it closes to avoid the massive group damage. These players will be dealt a moderate amount of damage when the skill ends. Distributed Magic appears in the third of the arena the Vale Guardian was in when it casted it.
  • Unstable Magic Spike - Vale Guardian casts electric-like blue AoEs on the ground, teleporting and damaging players caught inside them.
  • Spawn Seekers - At regular intervals Vale Guardian will spawn Seekers in the arena.
  • Magic Aura - A passive damaging aura effect present throughout the Vale Guardian fight.
  • Unstable Pylon - Vale Guardian renders portions of the ground unstable (colored ground), damaging players standing on these portions periodically.
  • Magic Storm - An ability which casts multiple high-damage aoes on the ground. Casting this ability also grants Vale Guardian a breakbar. Attack will automatically end after 30 seconds. Attack has a 30 second cooldown.
  • Bullet Storm - Casts multiple, slow moving, white orbs causing moderate damage. This ability is only present when the Vale Guardian is split into the three minor guardians. If one of these orbs touches the Blue Guardian, it grants it Blue Pylon Power rendering it invulnerable until it is stripped. (This seems to be a persevering rumor in the community but until evidence is brought this has to be assumed as false.
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Stats of encounter relevant enemies[edit]

Enemy Health Defiance bar
Vale Guardian 22,021,440 2,000
Green Guardian 722,579 1,000
Seeker 649,260
Blue/Red Guardian 540,705 1,000


  • Vale Guardian has 1910 armor (687 toughness and 1223 defense). Compared to regular Raid bosses with 2597 armor, this translates to +36% power damage.
  • Vale Guardian has a 140 range diameter hitbox, which is considered medium.
  • Though its race in lore is an elemental, mechanically it is a plant. This was an intentional choice by the developers for most raid bosses so no sigil/potion would provide a race bonus against them.

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