Honor of the Waves

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Honor of the Waves

9Waypoint (map icon).png

Honor of the Waves (Upper Deck) map.jpg
Map of Honor of the Waves

76, 80
Shiverpeak Mountains
Connects to
Watchful Fjord
71, 70

Honor of the Waves (explorable) loading screen.jpg
Loading screen


Honor of the Waves (story) loading screen.jpg

Loading screen for the story mode

Interactive map

The Elder Dragon Jormag has driven the Kodan south in their great sanctuary ships. Now, the ship called the Honor of the Waves lies stricken and sinking from an assault from the dragon's minions.

— Map description when clicking "Show Me" on the dungeon's currency

Honor of the Waves (abbreviated HotW) is one of the kodan sanctuaries which fled south to escape Jormag and their icebrood, it was attacked by the Claw of Jormag and is now sinking. It has been ravaged by icebrood and Sons of Svanir, who are actively after kodan magical artifacts and corrupting the kodan.

Completing this dungeon or its reward track awards Tales of Dungeon Delving which can be used to purchase the dungeon's armor and weapons from any Dungeon Merchant.

Dungeon modes[edit]

Location of the Honor of the Waves entrance.

Getting there[edit]

The dungeon is located in the northern area of Frostgorge Sound, there is a waypoint named Waypoint (map icon).png Honor of the Waves Waypoint right outside the dungeon.


Area Area objectives
Blessed Path
Chamber of Honor's Voice
Court of Measures
Court of Welcoming
Waypoint (map icon).png Honor's Waypoint
Hall of Balance
Waypoint (map icon).png Hall of Balance Waypoint (explorable mode)
Stairs down (map icon).png Stairs Down
Halls of Everlasting Thought
Gallery of Peace
Palace of Gathering
Waypoint (map icon).png Palace of Gathering Waypoint (explorable mode)
Pavilions of Meditation
Sanctuary Prow
Waypoint (map icon).png Prow Waypoint (explorable mode)
Stairs down (map icon).png Ramp Down
Gallery of Passage
Kedge Hold
Port Hold
Waypoint (map icon).png Midship Waypoint (explorable mode)
Sanctum of Justice
Starboard Hold
Stations of Contemplation
Waypoint (map icon).png Contemplation Waypoint (story mode)
The Sternquarters
Waypoint (map icon).png Sternquarters Waypoint (explorable mode)
Central Ladders
Chamber of Harmony
Domain of the Resplendent Fist
Geoffrey's Tubes
Waypoint (map icon).png Geoffrey's Tube Waypoint (explorable mode)
Sanctuary Galley
Winch Hold

Interactive map[edit]

Upper deck

Mid ship

Lower hold


  • Internally at ArenaNet, this area was known as "Dungeon Iceberg."[1]