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Hall of Chains

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Hall of Chains

Hall of Chains map.jpg
Map of Hall of Chains

The Mists

Hall of Chains loading screen.jpg
Loading screen

An influx of murderous undead relentlessly hunt innocent worshipers of Grenth. Infiltrate the Underworld and join the struggle for control over the fates of the living and the dead.

— In game description

Hall of Chains is the fifth raid introduced into the game. Vicious undead are murdering Grenth's followers in Tyria for unknown reasons. Following the evidence will lead players into the Underworld, where mysterious powers are clashing to determine the fates of the living and the dead.

It was released alongside the Living World chapter Daybreak on November 28th, 2017.

Getting there[edit]


Scholar Glenna

Attacks from the Underworld

<Character Name>,

There's been a marked increase in creatures escaping the Realm of the Dead. Their behavior is mostly that of typical Underworld creatures - vile, murderous, and pretty uninteresting - but according to experts in necromancy, some of them seem to be targeting priests of Grenth. Creatures from Grenth's realm attacking Grenth's followers... Fascinating, right? And terrifying!

The only way we're going to learn more is by going to the source. Head for Lornar's Pass. Find a way into the Underworld.



Area Area objectives
Death's Landing
Point of interest.png Hall of Judgment
Point of interest.png Statue of Darkness
Ice Wastes
Point of interest.png River of Souls
Point of interest.png Statue of Death and Resurrection
Point of interest.png Statue of Ice
Winter's Vigil
Point of interest.png Besieged Ruins
Point of interest.png River's Provenance


  • Meet up with Glenna.
  • Explore further into the ruins.
  • Follow the strange spirit.
  • Bear the runes and engage the Soulless Horror.
  • Defeat the Soulless Horror.
    • Soulless Horror
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Time remaining: 8:00
  • Talk to Desmina.
  • Traverse the River of Souls.
    • Defend Desmina.
    • Event bar.jpgEvent shield (tango icon).png
  • Restore the three statues of Grenth.
    • Event bar empty2.jpg
    • Restore the Statue of Ice.
      • Broken King
      • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
      • Time limit: 3:30
    • Restore the Statue of Death and Resurrection.
      • Spirit Energy Recovered
      • Event bar empty2.jpg
    • Acquire a light orb.
    • Restore the Statue of Darkness.
      • Eye of Judgment
      • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
      • Eye of Fate
      • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Return to Desmina at the Hall of Judgment.
  • Enter the Hall of Judgment and confront Dhuum.
  • Defeat Dhuum.
    • Time remaining: 10:00
    • Protect the reapers as they begin the ritual.
    • Dhuum
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Chains active: x/7


Soulless Horror[edit]

Health: 35,391,600 (Same HP if the Challenge Mote is active)
Enrage Timer: 8 minutes
Enrage Effect: Miscellaneous effect.png Enraged (Soulless Horror) — Increases outgoing damage

In the first encounter, you have to defeat the Soulless Horror. After its defeat, it is revealed that it was the possessed body of Desmina, who quickly reclaimed it back.


To start the fight, both the red and green runes must first be claimed. The two players that claim the runes will receive Exile's Embrace.png Exile's Embrace, which will grant them the special action skillRally the Crowd.png Issue Challenge (default: -) (45s cooldown). The last player to use the special action skill will be Fixated.png Fixated, temporarily serving as the tank. Every 12 seconds (starting at 7:54), the current Fixated player will gain a stack of Ichor.png Necrosis, increasing all damage received by 10% per stack. Not receiving a stack for 30 seconds results in losing all stacks.

At 90%, 66% and 33% Boss HP, the outer circle of the arena will become orange and vanish 3 seconds later, reducing its size.

  • Elite Flesh Wurms
    • Flesh wurms are present at the start of the fight all over the outer part of the platform that randomly spit projectiles at players for medium damage.
  • Surging Souls
    • These wall-like AoEs slowly move over the platform during the entire fight, starting in cardinal directions (a wall takes 20 seconds to cross the entire platform). Touching them will instantly kill a player and their damage cannot be avoided. They are indicated on the minimap as red horned skulls Red Boss.png.
    • They consist of segments, one segment having the width of 1/5 of the platform's diameter. Above 90% Boss HP, a wall will consist of 2 segments, below 90% it will consist of 3 segments and below 33% it will increase to 4 segments. The wall cannot cover the entire length of the platform, there will always be a gap to run through.
    • The walls start to appear at 7:50 timer remaining. Above 66%, the walls will spawn every 18 seconds, below 66% they will spawn every 16 seconds and below 33%, every 13 seconds. The timer is however reset at certain HP thresholds: 90%, 66% and 33%. At those thresholds, the next wall will spawn 10 seconds after the respective HP is reached.
    • Any currently active walls instantly disappear when the boss gains a breakbar.
  • Spinning Scythes
    • These swirling scythes slowly traverse the platform throughout the fight atop a small red AoE circle. They travel in random directions but will always move in a straight line. Being hit by their AoE corrupts all the player's boons into conditions.
  • Tormented Dead
    • These creatures with the appearance of giant Flesh Golems aggro on the off-tank (the player with Exile's Embrace that is not currently Fixated). They slowly lose health but are also highly susceptible to damage and CC. Upon their death they spawn a red AoE field similar to Plaguelands that corrupts all boons into conditions. The Tormented Dead spawn every 20 seconds, starting 20 seconds after 90% and the red field vanishes one minute after their death. They can be pushed further outside than the edge of the visible platform, resulting in less area covered by their AoE field.
Boss Attacks
  • Vortex Slash
    • The Soulless Horror casts a filling circle that deals damage once it is full followed quickly by a ring outside of that circle that immediately damages anyone in it. Not getting hit by this attack and finishing the encounter awards the Achievement Necro Dancer. Dodging inwards when the inner circle completes is the easiest way of avoiding this attack. The inner circle deals less damage than the outer ring.
  • Quad Slash
    • 4 cone shaped AoE starting from the boss that will cause damage after 3 seconds; this is always followed by the same pattern rotated by 45 degrees. This attack only becomes available after the the timer is at 7:30.
  • Death Bloom
    • 8 cones going outwards from the boss, starting at 66% HP. This attack seems to be on a cooldown slightly shorter than 30 seconds but she won't interrupt other attacks to cast it. The cones deal medium damage after 3 seconds and contrary to the cones known from Arkk it is not possible to stand between two of them unharmed if you are close to the boss. This attack is followed by a Defiance bar attack every other time (in which orange arcs swirl around her person) that will fear everyone off the platform if not broken.
  • Slice/Corrupt the Living + Fingers of the Dead
    • The Soulless Horror auto-attacks with one of these two skills. Both will spawn Fingers of the Dead in matching patterns.
    • With Slice, the Soulless Horror charges up an overhead hammer smash in the direction of the tank, and brings it down in a frontal cone of green flame. As it charges up, small orange circles will appear within that cone; once the AoE reaches these circles, each will sprout as Fingers of the Dead.
    • With Corrupt the Living, the Soulless Horror brings the hammer back over its right shoulder and swings counter-clockwise in a slicing arc about its body, applying Torment.png Torment and Poisoned.png Poisoned. Small orange circles will spawn in a large ring outside the radius of the attack, which will sprout as Fingers of the Dead.
    • Fingers of the Dead will deal damage and corrupt one stack of boons on anyone standing in their AoE when they explode. The boon corrupted will be the boon most recently applied to the character.
General Strategy

Jump or glide to the platform and land close to the initial set of flesh wurms to take out. Have the tank and group circle around together and eliminate all flesh wurms. You should be just about done clearing them by the time she hits 90% health, causing the first Tormented Dead golems to spawn 20 seconds later and from then on every 20 seconds. They spawn in the center and move towards the current off-tank. A couple players should have knockbacks or pulls available to move the Tormented away from the group before they die and explode. Ranger's Point-Blank Shot and Mesmer's Temporal Curtain are both very good in this capacity, though other classes may have their own skills to bring. Those knocking the Tormented back should try and knock them towards the edge of the platform or past it. Continue moving to avoid walls. At 66%, be prepared to break her Defiance bar as she casts Howling Death. You have just shy of 7 seconds to break her bar before the attack finishes. If not you are given Deeply Wounded.png Unbridled Fear and Fear. Even if this doesn't cause you to fall off the edge you are killed shortly afterwards. Then be ready to break it about every minute afterwards (she gets a breakbar every second time after she uses her 8-cone attack "Death Bloom"). Continue moving, damaging, knocking back, and breaking as the platform slowly shrinks.

  • The two tanks will find their jobs easier if they can both communicate when to bounce fixation from each other, whether through voice programs or pinging the effect.
  • Marking the cardinal directions with squad markers will allow tanks and others to give directional call-outs, as "move left" becomes rather arbitrary when everyone is moving in a circle.
  • Try to explode golems away from the center, as the platform will continue to shrink, meaning that in order to avoid walls, you'll typically need some room in the center.
  • Scourges can bring Sand Swell as a panic button, using it to avoid a wall if badly placed.
  • Condition clear is a must in this fight. Druids can combo their Lunar Impact and Seed of Life to cause area condition clear.
  • It's everyone's responsibility to be aware of golems and walls. If a golem explodes near the group, be ready to dodge away so you don't get corrupted.
Challenge Mote

With the Challenge Mote activated, stacks on tanks will build up faster, the flesh wurms will respawn periodically throughout the fight, and the platform loses an additional ring at the start of the fight, resulting in less room to move.

River of Souls[edit]

Players need to protect Desmina as she traverses the River of Souls – a path to the next encounter. Desmina herself receives damage from enemies and mechanics and can be healed. The following mechanics will occur at predefined sections of the path, often simultaneously:


You and your group must escort Desmina through the River of Souls. You must stay within Desmina's protective dome or you will eventually die. Players will find they may have to periodically leave the bubble to clear various mechanics. There will be quite a few mobs to kill, so bringing AoE and damage is recommended.

Click for larger version. Positions of the Mechanics during the River of Souls encounter. Mechanics spawn in order going along the river. Some of the bombers spawn rather early and walk a huge distance towards the group. The Bomber marked with 'B' spawns behind the group after they passed the point.
  • Players should stay inside Desmina's protective dome to receive Desmina's Protection.png Desmina's Protection.
  • Throughout the whole encounter, venturing outside of Desmina's protective dome results in gaining Soul Siphon.png Soul Siphon, which damages every second. It gets removed by returning to the dome.
  • Spatial Rifts slowly pull players towards them. They have 10 stacks of Primed Bottle.png Rift Force. Hitting them removes a stack. Once the buff is gone the rifts stop pulling. After a while they refresh their stacks. Multi-hit attacks are very helpful to quickly remove these as a threat.
  • Players randomly receive "time bombs", small expanding AoEs with inner and outer borders. As the AoE reaches inner border, it detaches from the assigned player and stays on the path as a mine, expanding for another second. As the AoE reaches the outer border, the mine explodes, dealing moderate damage and stunning players for 2 seconds. Move behind or to the side of the group and dodge out right as AoE has passed inner border to avoid dropping these in the way of the group. This AoE can also be used to damage enemies.
  • Wall-like AoEs, similar to the previous encounter, will move along and across the path. Instead of instantly killing players these "walls" only down them. Quickly destroy any Spatial Rifts if they appear and carefully walk around the "walls". Superspeed, teleports (shadowsteps) and portals can be used to simplify the task.
  • Players get a chance for one "extra life" – their first death during the encounter turns them into a spirit. The player will be given a short time to gather enough purple orbs (similar to the end boss, Dhuum's mechanic) scattered along the path. If they succeed, they will be fully revived and receive the Fractured Spirit.png Fractured Spirit effect.
  • Hollowed Bombers run towards Desmina, exploding near her. They gain a defiance bar during the short channeling, and breaking it cancels the explosion. If they successfully explode, they will die.
  • Enervators will disable Desmina's protective dome as soon as she comes within their range, killing them restores protection. It is recommended to start damaging them ahead of time.
  • Spirit Hordes are swarms of small ghosts chasing the group and damaging them. Can be killed.

Statues of Grenth[edit]

These 3 mini bosses must all be slain in the same instance to receive their corresponding reward.

Statue of Darkness[edit]


This encounter consists of two bosses, Eye of Judgment and Eye of Fate, that need to be killed within 15 seconds from one another. The eyes each have their own little labyrinth separated by a higher rock ledge that has Light Orbs on top of it. Light Orbs have 2 skills when picked up and generate light where they fall. The first skill allows you to throw the orb. The second skill is a channeled explosion that stuns nearby enemies and creates a large blast of light. It also provides a damage debuff to the mobs. A Minotaur will also spawn and walk around each maze.

General strategy in the maze

The squad should split into 3 groups. 2 players will stay near the light orbs and be in charge of throwing them. The others will split into 2 groups of 4 with each group taking the north or south mazes. It's recommended that each side mark their respective Eye using Squad markers, as these markers do not disappear when the Eye teleports.

The eye and minotaur can only be damaged when there is light. Over time, Light Thieves will spawn and attempt to take your light orbs. Once the battle starts, wait for your thrower to toss your side a light. Engage the eye until he teleports away. Use the 2 skill as often as you have light available to do so. The eyes each have 2 main attacks. They will spin, drawing in health and dealing a decent amount of damage to players near them. They will also focus a laser on a player, dealing damage over time and eventually downing the player. The laser may be broken by the player breaking line of sight (going behind a wall). It is important that the Minotaur be stunned as often as possible. His abilities all deal a large amount of damage, though he doesn't have much health.

General strategy above the maze

The two orb throwers will encounter spawns of orb thieves. They can either kite them around, crippling or chilling them to stay ahead of the pack, or they can kill them.

  • Do not use "hard" control effects (such as knockdown, or daze) on the eyes, as this will override the stun from the light orb and likely cause the eye to teleport.
  • The duration of the light orb's stun can be extended via the Ranger trait Moment of Clarity and/or weapons with Sigil of Paralyzation.
  • Bring professions and abilities that can cleave out multiple enemies at once.
  • Decide immediately if you'll engage a minotaur or let him chase you awhile. Sometimes it's better to fight him away from the boss. Sometimes it's more prudent to fight him on top of the boss.
  • Leaving the eyes in darkness for a prolonged period of time will cause them to start pulsing a highly damaging aura on both sides of the arena, which can quickly kill players.

Statue of Death[edit]


This boss will heal itself after being "killed" unless all six torches above the Sand Portal are burning. The player with the most toughness will be the tank. There are four rectangle-like shapes on the ground ("dominoes"). Each domino has five circles within. After 15 seconds into the fight a Twisted Spirit will spawn. Killing this spirit releases five orbs of light and queue the next Twisted Spirit to spawn 15 seconds later. Players can collect the light orbs to grant Reclaimed Energy.png Reclaimed Energy for 10 seconds and the special action of the same name to throw them at the highlighted domino to charge it, which enlightens the five circles. Once all 5 circles are lit up, killing the Mouth on the fully charged domino will release red orbs into the air and heal the Mouth. While a player stands on a charged domino, you receive Empowered (Statue of Death).png Empowered.

One or more player(s) must temporarily sacrifice their body by going into the green circles to collect red orbs from the sky. The green circle will spawn 40 seconds after the start of the fight and every 50 seconds after. Each player must collect five red orbs to get down safely, otherwise the player will fully die. Movement when collecting the red orbs is a bit unconventional, and may require additional practice. The boss will have a CC bar shortly after a person goes into a green circle. 20 red orbs in total are needed to ignite all six torches and kill the Mouth.

For the tank

Try to keep him facing away from any important objectives. His most threatening attack is his Bile ("Puke") attack, for which he will face into the direction of any player and create a large poison/slow cone field in front of him.

General strategy

Damage the Mouth until the Lost Spirit spawns, but don't kill the Mouth. The majority of players should go kill the Twisted Spirit while the tank keeps the boss in safe distance from the crowd. A healer may be left to support the tank if necessary. Once the spirit dies, players should collect the light orbs and throw them at the highlighted domino. If someone misses the domino the next Twisted Spirit must be killed and the missing circle(s) must be charged with the new light orbs. If all five circles of the domino are charged, the Mouth can be killed on top of it. This will release the red orbs. This has to be repeated until all torches are burning or will be burning soon, as the last red orbs are collected at that moment.

If orbs are not in the air and won't be released soon, a green circle can be skipped. If a green circle is skipped, be sure to jump the resulting shock-wave. If the orbs are available, two players will take the green circle and collect the orbs. Each player can take every second green circle, because of a debuff, so four players for the green circles are required.

When all six torches are burning, the Mouth can be killed anywhere on the arena. If each of the four green-circle-runner gets their five orbs, the Mouth will die after killing it the third time - twice on the charged domino, once anywhere.

  • Keep an eye on his defiance bar and break it as fast.
  • The tank should take care in how far away he goes from the main group.
  • The group should largely stay close together, except when they must split to gather orbs of light or sacrifice themselves.
  • Collecting a 2nd light orb when you are holding one will destroy the 2nd orb

Statue of Ice[edit]

This mini boss is an ice elemental called "Broken King".

Health: 9,831,000
Enrage Timer: 3 minutes 30 seconds
Enrage Effect: Kills all players

Avoid standing in the dark blue ice cracks and the orange pizza aoe's. The boss has a large frontal attack that he does quite frequently, targeting the tank. The boss spawns green circles that have a floating ice structure (shard) that slowly moves down. A squad member must be standing in the green circle when the ice touches the ground or the entire squad will take a massive amount of damage. Successfully absorbing a shard will give the player a timed stack of Frozen Wind.png Frozen Wind. The amount of circles changes depending on how much damage you deal to the boss. If the team's damage is too high, too many green circles may spawn and all players may reach 3 stacks and be unable to take any more circles, leading to a wipe.

General strategy

This boss has very little health and can be quite forgiving towards low damage team comps, but he does have an enrage timer, after which he will wipe the group. Having a few mid-to-long ranged DPS players as well as a couple melee DPS players can help everyone reach green circles without losing too much damage. Despite the number of AoEs on the ground, the boss never moves, ensuring that it's easy to land hard hitting abilities.

  • If an AoE covers a green circle, look if you can delay stepping on the green circle until after the AoE has cleared. If not, dodge into the green circle.
  • Don't be afraid to come closer to the boss, but do keep an eye out for green circles.
  • It is generally everyone's responsibility to grab green circles. There are usually far too many to just be split among 3-4 people.

The Voice in the Void[edit]

Messenger and Enforcer spawn points and timings.
Timings and mechanic positions in the Dhuum fight.

As the final encounter, you have to defeat and imprison Dhuum. The goal is to defend the seven Reapers until they can complete their ritual to subdue Dhuum.

Health: 32,000,000 (40,000,000 if the Challenge Mote is active)
Enrage Timer: 10 minutes
Enrage Effect:
  • Throughout the fight, Enforcers spawn in the four corners of the room after a big red orb emanating from Dhuum's throne travels to that corner, slowly moving towards the reapers and attacking them for heavy damage. Their attack cleaves in a small cone in front of them and can easily down players if they are hit as well. The Enforcers are susceptible to any soft CC including blind but are immune to all hard CC. Collecting big red orbs while in the air prevents one Enforcer from spawning. The next enforcer will still spawn at the next point in clockwise order so no spawn point will be skipped.
  • Similar to the Enforcers, Messengers with the appearance of flesh golems will spawn throughout the encounter. Below them is a small orange Aoe pulsing heavy damage to anyone touching it. They are also spawned by orbs coming from the throne and traveling to four designated spots in the room. Collecting medium sized orbs in the air prevents a Messenger from spawning but the rule for the Enforcers is applied here as well, no spawn point will be skipped. Their spawn time is a bit randomized due to different travel distance an speed (in the air above the players AND on the ground floor). Initially they spawn approximately every 10 seconds. As soon as Dhuum leaves his throne, new Messenger orbs are only spawned roughly every minute, leaving the throne at ~X:35 and spawning between 5 and 15 seconds later, usually at X:25 ± 5 seconds. The Messengers aggro on one of the reapers unless attacked by a player which makes them switch to the player instead. They die automatically 15 seconds after being attacked for the first time. Any Messenger alive at the 10% phase transition will be removed.
  • Spawns are clockwise for both enemy types and the spawns points can be seen in the graphic.
  • Reapers are also occasionally attacked by small spiders, Deathlings. Deathlings can eventually overwhelm and kill a Reaper given enough time, but they have relatively low health so they can be easily killed. Reapers can also easily be healed due to having a massive incoming healing modifier (x100).
  • Once the timer reaches 9 minutes, one player will be given a bomb-like mechanic (Arcing Affliction.png Arcing Affliction), gain the special action key  Core Capture.png Expel Energy and a red filling circle (timer) above their head. Once the circle is full (13seconds) or they press the special action key, the bomb will detonate, harming players depending on their distance from the player. When you are affected by the affliction, you also gain the Residual Affliction.png Residual Affliction effect, so you cannot be affected by it again for 40 seconds. When the bomb detonates, one non-debuffed player will be afflicted 3 seconds later - this is the player with the lowest HP at this time (which frequently ends up being the player closest to detonation). The bomb mechanic is paused when Dhuum steps down from his throne, and during the Greater Death Mark mechanic, but will continue again every 90 seconds (7:30, 6:00, 4:30, 3:00, 1:30). There can be a maximum of 4 bombs during the prephase, and 5 during each of the burn phases. Any afflictions will be removed by the Greater Death Mark mechanic.
  • Every 30 seconds, Dhuum reaches for one of the Reapers and will cause the ritual to fail unless a player stands close to the reaper and sacrificing himself instead (referred to as the "green" mechanic). The player will be lifted up and has to collect five red orbs in order to get back down ("reunite their body and soul"). Failing to do so within the 15 second time limit results in death of that player. A big enforcer orb spawns clockwise relative to the sacrifice location. Collecting it will prevent the enforcer from spawning during main Dhuum fight. Nowadays in most group, all green go-ers are expected to collect the big enforcer orb to smoothen the fight. All other small orbs are random. During this mechanic, if the lifted player gets too close to the light pillar in the center of the room they instantly die. After their return, players cannot be harmed for a few seconds (no indicator on that though) and have a debuff for 80 seconds so you need at least 3 persons alternating this role. A similar orb collection phase happens during the 10% phase, but players have 30 seconds to collect orbs instead.
  • Every 30 seconds, starting at 60% HP, Shackle mechanic will occur. Two players (the closest and reportedly the second closest to Dhuum) will be selected to receive shackles. Only the two shackled players will see a red text message – "Your Soul has been shackled to another!", hear a sound effect, and will have a bright chain animation between the players as well as Reaper's or Dhuum's short dialogue. When this happens, both players need to run away from each other to break the chain (~1200 range). Otherwise, after 4 seconds, the chain will start to tick continuously damage and down both players. This mechanic has a subtle sound effect and doesn't tell you who you are shackled to, so you will need to pay extra attention and call out when you get the shackle. If a shackled player downs or dies, the other player will still take damage until they move far enough away and break the shackle. Any shackles will be broken and removed by the Greater Death Mark mechanic.
Boss Attacks
  • Starting at 90% Boss HP, Dhuum turns around and slams his scythe towards the middle of the room occasionally (this attack seems to have a 30 second cooldown), creating an orange expanding AoE circle (that actually does not hurt) and having cracks emerging from the point of impact. These cracks explode after a few seconds, dealing heavy damage to players standing on top of them and applying fears to affected players if they survive the damage. The density of the cracks increases at 50% and 25% HP.
  • Death Mark - Roughly every 80 seconds, starting at ~7:05 left on the timer, Dhuum disappears into the ground, targets one player and reappears underneath their feet at their current location with a circle AoE attack, centered around where he slams his scythe. If everyone is stacked, they can all run out immediately when Dhuum appears and avoid the Soul Splitting easily by double dodging. Players still within the AoE circle when it finishes expanding will have their boons ripped, their soul split from their body, applying Hastened Demise.png Hastened Demise, and be knocked back ~1000 range. If this happens, players will need to locate their souls within a few seconds (indicated by a large beam of light where their body was when they were hit) or else they will instantly be killed. This attack leaves behind a large green AoE field. The field is harmless for the first few seconds that it appears, with a fire spreading around the ring. After the fire completes the ring, the circle deals extremely heavy damage to any player that steps inside of it. The green AoE will remain for two minutes.
  • Greater Death Mark - Every 80 seconds, starting at 6:25 Dhuum will disappear into the ground and teleport to the middle of the room. Dhuum will unleash an AoE attack that will soul-split everyone, applying Hastened Demise.png Hastened Demise, and knocking them back relative to the direction their character was facing. If you put your back close to the wall, you will only be knocked back a certain distance and can easily get back to the the beam of light. As a result, it is recommended to face Dhuum with your back against the wall when the attack is about to happen. The attack deals 20% of the player's max HP and applies 6 stacks of Torment to everyone, which will deal heavy damage over time unless cleansed. A few seconds after this Soul-Split attack, Dhuum will start sucking people towards an orange AoE circle below him that pulses heavy damage. As long you are close to the wall and not near the center you should have enough distance to not get sucked in. Very rarely the Greater Death Mark can be delayed a bit due to Dhuum finishing up an animation. Protection helps mitigates the damage of the soul split since the boons are stripped after the damage happens, but condi cleanse is still needed to prevent people from dying afterwards. This attack will also steal all the boons from everyone so boonstrip is needed to remove boons (particularly retaliation) from Dhuum.
General Strategy

At 8:00 remaining time, Dhuum will stand up from his throne and walk towards the player with the highest toughness, starting to attack him with his scythe. With each swing of his scythe, he cleaves the area in front of him and creates a wide array of necro marks around him, which each explode and do damage. Dhuum does greatly decreased damage to the tank, but his scythe swing auto-attacks can easily down players.

Every 80 seconds starting roughly at 7:05, Dhuum dives into the ground, emerging at a random target and placing the Death Mark AoE on the ground that lasts 2 minutes. Being caught in the AoE seperates you from your soul similar to the Greater Death Mark attack. Dhuum will steal all boons if he hits someone with the dive attack. Starting after the green fire on its edges complete a ring around it, the AoE circle that remains deals extremely heavy damage to any players standing in it.

Every 80 seconds starting at 6:25 remaining time Dhuum performs an attack called Greater Death Mark. He sinks into the ground, subsequently emerging in the middle of the room and stripping all the players of their souls. This attack steals all boons, deals damage, applies 6 stacks of Torment, and knocks players backwards. Failing to reunite with your soul within the time limit results in death, displayed by the time left on Hastened Demise.png Hastened Demise. After a short delay, Dhuum will pull all players towards the middle. During the pull he hovers above an orange AoE circle that pulses heavy damage to anyone touching it.

Starting at 60% HP, Dhuum gains the ability to use Soul Shackle, which links two players together every 30 seconds. Both players take heavy damage starting after 4 seconds until the bond is broken by moving far enough apart.

Starting at 30% HP, Dhuum will start using Slash, a cone shaped attack that slowly pulls in everyone caught, stripping their boons and dealing damage. The cone of this attack represents the area in which damage is applied, while the claws pull players in from a 1200 unit range.

At 10% HP, the fight timer will reset to 1m 45s. Dhuum will go invulnerable, ripping all player's souls and lifting them towards the ceiling of the room. While in this phase, all players will have to collect 5 orbs each, failing to do so in 30 seconds will result in that player's death. After collecting the orbs each player returns to their character's body, and will be placed in the center of room, inside a protective bubble created by Desmina, with an invulnerable Dhuum floating at the center. In order to make Dhuum vulnerable again, players have to coordinate themselves to spread out to the previous Reaper locations (called Seals) and interact with each of the seals. While outside the protective bubble players take heavy damage each second like during the River of Souls encounter. This damage can be blocked or mitigated by protection. In order to have a successful interaction with the seals, players have to wait for the interaction bar to fully charge. The interaction is sped up if the player is under the effect of Quickness. Upon the first interaction, players will have only 10 seconds to interact with all other seals, so it is advisable that seven players do this mechanic at the same time. After interacting with all seven seals, players have to quickly return to the protective bubble and will have 20 seconds to damage Dhuum until he goes invulnerable again. This process can be repeated until Dhuum dies or the timer runs out. If the timer expires before the boss is dead, all players will die instantly.

Some timings and positions are shown in the graphic.

Challenge Mote

While the Challenge Mote is active, a smaller version of Dhuum called the Ender's Echo will be an ever present threat. This Echo does not attack, but instead charges directly at players in a straight line. When it hits a wall it turns around, adjusts its path (determined by player positions as it turns) and resumes charging. Players caught inside its hitbox will be captured by the Echo, dragging them along and dealing rapid damage to them. These players can be rescued by breaking the Echo's defiance bar before they reach 0 health, at which point they will instantly be defeated instead of going into downed state. For every Greater Death Mark, Echo will teleport back to its original position (right side of Dhuum's throne), dropping any players that got picked up and resumes charging. Players must be aware where it is charging before collecting one's souls, sometimes avoiding Echo first before collecting soul.

Additionally, the bonus to incoming healing on the Reapers is removed, and Dhuum's health is increased by 25% to 40 million.








See also: Desmina#Dialogue, Scholar Glenna (Hall of Chains)#Dialogue

Upon approaching Glenna:

If asura:
<Character name>: Glad to see you made it. I'm also pleased we won't be coming back here when we die.
Scholar Glenna: Agreed. The Eternal Alchemy must be more impressive than this frozen dirt hole.
If charr:
<Character name>: Glad to see you made it. Also glad I'm not coming here when I die.
Scholar Glenna: Agreed. The Eternal Alchemy must be more impressive than this frozen dirt hole.
If human:
<Character name>: Glad to see you made it. It's not impressive, but I really hope this isn't my final visit here.
Scholar Glenna: Oh, right. Assuming we make it out alive, you'll have to return to this frozen dirt hole someday. Lucky you.
If norn:
<Character name>: Glad to see you made it. Well, it's cold here. And that's the only good thing I can say about it.
Scholar Glenna: Agreed. The Eternal Alchemy must be more impressive than this frozen dirt hole.
If sylvari:
<Character name>: Glad to see you made it. This place is...well, it's awful, honestly.
Scholar Glenna: Agreed. The Eternal Alchemy must be more impressive than this frozen dirt hole.
<Character name>: Do you know anything about the situation down here?
Scholar Glenna: Not yet. You're the muscle! I've been waiting for you before investigating those ruins. And now you're here. Let's go!

Upon approaching the Mysterious Spirit:

Scholar Glenna: Look! What is that...orb...thing?
Mysterious Spirit: My faith is rewarded—you followed the signs. Return me to my body. Death will not wait.
<Character name>: What?
Mysterious Spirit: You're going to help me prevent humanity's destruction, and I'm going to need you to get my body back to do it.
Mysterious Spirit: Now follow me.
Scholar Glenna: Well, you heard the orb thing. Let's go!

Upon reaching the runes:

Mysterious Spirit: Devoid of my spirit, that vessel acts only on anger and instinct. You'll need my blessing to stand against it.
Mysterious Spirit: Choose two of your best to stand on the runes. I will imbue them with my power. Otherwise you will fail.
Mysterious Spirit: Time is short, and I need to maintain the barrier. Break it. I'll deal with the consequences later.
Scholar Glenna: Uh, you go ahead. I'll search the fort and talk to the ghosts. If you find out who she is, come find me! And uh...don't die!

Talking with the Mysterious Spirit:

Mysterious Spirit: I told you, mortal. I cannot maintain this form indefinitely. Reunite me with my body. Answers will come later.
Talk end option tango.png Fine, but I need to know what's happening here.

While traversing the ruins:

Stranded Ghost (1): Are we safe? Will her defense hold?
Stranded Ghost (2): Safe? No! feral. The attacks will never stop!
Stranded Ghost (1): The lady is clever. She'll keep us safe.
Stranded Ghost (2): She can't defend us forever. Not against him.
Champion Stranded Ghost: We must not be consumed.
Champion Stranded Ghost: The forces at work here...they're too powerful.
Champion Stranded Ghost: Have faith! The Dark One left us in good hands.

Upon encountering the Soulless Horror:

Soulless Horror: You dare draw breath in the Realm of the Dead?

While fighting the Soulless Horror:[verification requested]

Soulless Horror: Crush these abominations.
Mysterious Spirit: Beware—their claws will spill your guts.
Mysterious Spirit: Volatile spirits. Stand clear before they explode!
Soulless Horror: The dead hunger.
Soulless Horror: Your rotten soul is mine!
Soulless Horror: Sweep these insects from sight.

After defeating the Soulless Horror:

<Character name>: We did our part. Now who are you? What's happening down here?
Desmina: You may call me Desmina.
<Character name>: Desmina?
Desmina: Now be silent.
<Character name>: But...
Desmina: My body is too damaged to fight. I'll grant you what protection I can, but be ready.
Desmina: The consequence of mortals falling on the River of Souls is unclear. Death may not result in the expected.

Speaking with Desmina upon beginning the River of Souls escort:

Desmina: Are you ready to go?
Talk ready option.png Yes, let's go.
Talk end option tango.png Not yet.

During the River of Souls escort:

Desmina: Grenth fled, and we failed to keep the Ender in his chains.
Desmina: The spirits of the newly dead now flow up the River of Souls directly to the Hall of Judgment. To Dhuum.
Desmina: He feeds. He's sealed himself in the hall while he gathers strength and works to reclaim the Underworld.
Desmina: Soon Dhuum's power will be great enough for him to invade the mortal realm.

If Desmina is hit during the escort:

Desmina: I can't protect you if you don't protect me.
Desmina: I told you I'm weak. Beat them back.
Desmina: Crush this rabble.
Desmina: Death must not prevail.

If stalling during the escort:

Desmina: Dhuum won't wait for us. Move.

Upon reaching the destination:

Desmina: It is safe here. I'll wait for you. You have work to do.
<Character name>: What work?
Desmina: If we can take back the three Grenth statues from Dhuum, we can break the seal on the hall.
Desmina: I need to recover if I'm going to fight Dhuum. If our allies arrive, I'll be here to greet them. Now go.

One of the following when a Lost Spirit spawns while fighting the Eater of Souls:

Lost Spirit: It'll devour us all!
Lost Spirit: Help! They'll stop at nothing!
Lost Spirit: Please!
Lost Spirit: Don't let them take me!

If the Lost Spirit is saved:

Lost Spirit: Thank you.

During the Broken King encounter:

Broken King: Dhuum awakens...fueled by dark powers... (start)
Broken King: Dhuum remains... Eager to reclaim his seat... (at 75%)
Broken King: The Ender of powerful... (at 50%)
Broken King: Dhuum's reign... Brutal...uncompromising... (at 25%)

After defeating all the guardians of the Grenth Statues:

Desmina: The way to death is open. Return! Dhuum must fall.
Desmina: The influence of the statues overcome Dhuum's corruption. The gates are unlocked. Our allies are here.
Reaper of the Labyrinth: We will do what must be done, red witch.
Reaper of the Forgotten Vale: We've returned to silence the Voice in the Void.
Reaper of the Ice Wastes: Defend us to the death! If one of us falls before the ritual begins, Dhuum's escape is assured.
Desmina: Do not let them fail the ritual. I'll help as my strength allows.

Upon encountering Dhuum:

Dhuum: Mortals. You believe yourselves saviors, naturally.
Dhuum: You seek to write the conclusion of your legend.
Dhuum: There is no conclusion more natural than death.

When Dhuum's hand reaches out to kill a Reaper:

<Reaper>: Dhuum's gaze falls on me!

When Arcing Affliction is applied to a player:

Reaper of the Ice Wastes: You're overloaded. Get away before you explode!

When Dhuum gets up from his throne:

Reaper of the Ice Wastes: The ritual is begun. What is set in motion can only be undone if we falter!
Reaper of the Ice Wastes: Keep us all alive, or Tyria will fall to Dhuum!
Dhuum: I am your end.

As Dhuum uses Cull:

Reaper of the Labyrinth: Beware the faults. Watch your footing.

When Dhuum uses Greater Death Mark:

Dhuum: Struggle. Submit. Flee. No matter. Your life is mine.

When Dhuum uses Soul Shackle:

Dhuum: Join one another in sacrifice.
Reaper of the Chaos Planes: Your souls are linked! Separate!

One of the following when a player dies during the River of Souls escort, Statues of Grenth, or Dhuum fight:

Dhuum: Breathe your last.
Dhuum: Struggle no more.
Dhuum: I am your end.
Dhuum: All must end.
Dhuum: Surrender, in body and spirit.

Uttered by allies throughout the battle:[verification requested]

Desmina: Use this orb of energy to your advantage.

When Dhuum reaches 10% health:

Reaper of the Ice Wastes: We've done it! The ritual is complete!
Desmina: Return to your bodies at once!
Desmina: Stand in for the reapers! Buy us time. Dhuum must never escape!

During the last phase when Dhuum becomes vulnerable:

Desmina: Hold nothing back now! The fate of Tyria hangs in the balance!

After resealing Dhuum:

Desmina: The Voice in the Void is silenced again.
<Character name>: The reapers paid a heavy price.
Desmina: They did as they were meant to do. As you did.
<Character name>: And what happens now? There's no one left to rule the Underworld.
Desmina: Isn't there?
Desmina: Now leave me.

After resealing Dhuum, at Winter's Vigil

Stranded Ghost (1): We're safe!
Stranded Ghost (2): Thank Desmina! We will not be consumed!
Stranded Ghost: Dhuum's pull... it's gone! She's done it!
Champion Stranded Ghost: Desmina and her champions have done it—Dhuum is rechained. Our spirits can finally be judged and move on.


  • Although this area is in the mists, events count as Crystal Desert for Hero of the Desert.

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