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Unexplored Map
Explored Map
Disambig icon.png This article is about the user interface element. For the explorable locations in the world, see Zone.

The map (M) is the full-screen user interface element used to orient players and to enable instant travel using waypoints. The map shows a character-centered overhead view, presenting general information and markers that indicate nearby locations, events, and the character's most recent travel path. Characters can continue to move while the map is open.

The compass shares much of the same information as the map as part of the heads-up display. Players can communicate with party members by drawing on the map or the compass (Hold SHIFT+Right-click), or display a red 'alert' marker (SHIFT+Left-click); you can also add your own personal markers (ALT+Left-click, which can be removed by a further Left-click on them). Commanders can place additional markers.

Each zone has its own set of waypoints, hero challenges, vistas, renown hearts and points of interest. Hovering the mouse pointer over a zone's name will display a popup with your completition track for this zone. If the player successfully discovers all of them in a zone, they are rewarded with a map completion bonus, giving them an item gift (usually a Transmutation Charge [or, rarely, a Black Lion Key]), a number of experience points, a bonus in coins (not given to players for completing major cities' maps), two random Masterwork / Rare / Exotic items, and 40 of a useful, zone-level appropriate, crafting material. When the player has completely explored all of the zones, they are awarded with 2 Gifts of Exploration, an item required for the creation of a legendary weapon.

The legends at the top left corner show the remaining points for world completion and completion of the current map. Moving the mouse pointer over each entry in the legend will make any revealed point or scout pointing to not yet revealed renown hearts flash on the map, making them much easier to find. Some points do not appear unless the map is zoomed in enough, so the map must be zoomed in enough for those to be highlighted.

When the map is up on screen, the player cannot toggle the user interface (HUD) with CTRL+SHIFT+H. When the display (HUD) is hidden, the ability to double-click waypoints on the map is disabled.

Map icons[edit]

When you explore the world of Tyria, the map will show you various information in the form of map icons.

Note: Certain map icons are hidden until the level requirement is reached. Once unlocked, they will be visible to all characters on the account regardless of level. See Level rewards.

Basic icons[edit]

Icon Description
Position (interface).png This icon indicates the position of your character on the map. The dotted path behind this icon indicates the movement of the character through the zone, fading over time.
Party member (map icon).png Party members and allies show up as these blue dots.
Ally (map icon).png Non-party allies in World versus World will show up as green dots.
Guild member (map icon).png Guild members will show up as these yellow dots.
Ally death (interface).png Map Player Down Icon.png Fallen allies or player characters are located with these icons. The blue skull indicates a fallen player character.
Storyline (interface).png
Personal story direction (map icon).png
Personal Story Portal (map icon).png
Your personal story is marked on the map with these green icons. The star shows your next destination, the arrows indicate a path you could take to reach this destination, the swirl icon indicates a map exit portal you could use to reach this destination.
Event star (tango icon).png
Event boss (tango icon).png
Event swords (tango icon).png
Event fist (tango icon).png
Event flag (tango icon).png
Event cog (tango icon).png
Event shield (tango icon).png
Event collect (tango icon).png
Event wrench (map icon).png
Dynamic events appear in every explorable zone in Tyria. These icons are often accompanied by orange outlines and arrows painted on the map to indicate the scope or the direction of an event. The icon broadly describes the nature of the event, from fighting a certain enemy, claiming a location, protecting a person/item or gathering something.
Wood resource (map icon).png
Mine resource (map icon).png
Plant resource (map icon).png
Cloth resource (map icon).png
Leather resource (map icon).png
These icons show where Crafting materials can be gathered, if you have the right tools.

Map completion[edit]

The following map icons show your progress with towards map completion. Icons on the left indicate what how many objectives you have completed in the zone you currently in, and in the world. These are the only map icons that appear when outside a zone.

An empty icon means that there is still something to find. A filled icon means that you have completed the task or already visited the location.

Icon Description
Incomplete heart (map icon).png
Complete heart (map icon).png
Renown Hearts or Hearts for short indicate NPCs that are in need of assistance, and which can offer services to characters that have helped them.
Point of interest (undiscovered).png
Point of interest.png
Points of interest are locations that can be discovered through exploration. All you need to do is approach the point of interest to get the credit.
Locked waypoint (tango icon).png
Waypoint (tango icon).png
Waypoints are unlocked like points of interest. Once unlocked you can teleport yourself to the waypoint for a small fee.
Hero point empty.png
Hero point.png
Hero challenges are locations where challenges can be completed to earn hero points.
Vista empty.png
Vistas are interactive objects located in the world which trigger an associated cinematic. They appear as a column of light with a map of Tyria floating near the ground. Vistas are usually hard to reach.

NPC services[edit]

Major cities usually offer every service available in the game, except for scouting of course. Settlements and outposts, which can be found all across the world, may offer some but usually not all services. Certain icons (such as
Repairs (map icon).png
) do not appear before a character reaches an appropriate level.
Icon Description
Scout (map icon).png
Scouts are NPCs which will temporarily unfog parts of the map and mark nearby hearts and other map icons.
Armorsmith tango icon 20px.png
Artificer tango icon 20px.png
Chef tango icon 20px.png
Huntsman tango icon 20px.png
Jeweler tango icon 20px.png
Leatherworker tango icon 20px.png
Tailor tango icon 20px.png
Weaponsmith tango icon 20px.png
Master craftsmen are found in all major cities as well as smaller settlements around Tyria. The icon represents what crafting profession the NPC will teach and what kind of crafting material you can buy there. Usually all eight different master craftsmen stand together and a corresponding crafting station is right next to each of them.
Merchant (map icon).png
Karma Merchant (map icon).png
Armorsmith (map icon).png
Cultural Armorsmith (map icon).png
Weaponsmith (map icon).png
Vendors are found almost everywhere around the world, they accept coins or karma and sell various goods depending on the icon. A helm indicates an armor merchant, sword a weapon merchant. The other symbols do not indicate that these vendors sell anything specific, but you often can buy gathering tools and salvage kits from them.
Dungeon Merchant (map icon).png
Dungeon Armor and Weapons is a special vendor that trades dungeon currencies for weapons, armor, upgrade components, and crafting materials.
Ectoplasm vendor.png
Ectoplasm vendors are special vendors that accept Globs of Ectoplasm as currency.
Festival Merchant.png
Festival Merchants are NPCs that exchange Festive materials and Festival Tokens for a variety of items.
Laurel Merchant (map icon).png
Laurel vendors are special vendors that accept Laurels as currency. Laurels are rewarded on certain days of the login rewards system.
Repairs (map icon).png
Repairmen and anvils are found around the world and even in dungeons. Here you have the opportunity to fix broken equipment.
Trading Post (map icon).png
Trading post NPCs allows you to pick up items and coin you've bought or earned from the Black Lion Trading Company.
Bank (map icon).png
Banker let you access the account vault which can also be accessed via a crafting station.
Mystic Forge.png
The Mystic Forge lets you combine items into something new.
Commander Trainer (map icon).png
Commander Trainers sell the Commander's Compendium which allows the consumer to become a Squad Commander.
Black Lion Collections.png
This icon indicates an NPC who can help you with a collection achievement.

Guild Services[edit]

The services listed here are NPC services which are related to guilds. Some guild services (Guild Armorer and Guild Weaponsmith) do not have map icons, but may be found near those that do.

Icon Description
Guild Registrar (map icon).png
Guild Registrars allow you to create and manage guilds.
Guild Hall Explorer (map icon).png
Guild Hall Explorers allow you to claim Guild halls
Guild Banker (map icon).png
Guild Banker let you access the Guild Vault from the guild you are currently representing if you have permission to use it. In WvW, the
Bank (map icon).png
is displayed.
Guild Commendation Trader (map icon).png
Guild Commendation Trader exchanges a combination of coins and guild commendations for a variety of items.
Guild Trader (map icon).png
Sigurlina Jonsdottir allows you to trade guild commendations for a different selection of items every day.
Guild Enhancements (map icon).png
Nathan the Bartender lets you claim one of the boosts that your guild has unlocked.
Guild Miniatures (map icon).png
Kresh Defttalon sells special guild miniatures.

Heart of Thorns[edit]

Some map icons are only found in areas that are part of the Heart of Thorns expansion.

Icon Description
Mastery point (Heart of Thorns).png
Mastery point (none).png
Maguuma Mastery Insights give you a Mastery point when you commune with the place.
Nuhoch Wallow (map icon).png
Nuhoch Wallows can be used as shortcuts to travel around the map if you have the Nuhoch Wallows Mastery.
Pact Chopper (map icon).png
Pact Choppers can take you up into Verdant Brink's canopy.

Path of Fire[edit]

Some map icons are only found in areas that are part of the Path of Fire expansion.

Icon Description
Raptor (map icon).png
Springer (map icon).png
Skimmer (map icon).png
Jackal (map icon).png
Griffon (map icon).png
Skyscale (map icon).png
Most zones contains a mount that can be obtained and later used in any area.
Mastery point (Path of Fire).png
Mastery point (none).png
Path of Fire Mastery Insights give you a mastery point when you commune with the place.
Bounty Board (map icon).png
Bounty boards provide events where players can track down and kill champion and legendary foes.

World and Structured PvP[edit]

There are some map icons which are only found in PvP areas especially the Heart of the Mists.

Icon Description
PvP Server Browser (map icon).png
The PvP Browser allows you to join Structured PvP matches.
Tournament Master (map icon).png
The Tournament Master allows you to join PvP tournaments and also accepts your Tournament Tickets.
PvP Instructor (map icon).png
The PvP Instructor works like a scout. He will point out important locations and persons.
WvW Instructor (map icon).png
The WvW Instructor guides the player through the map, pointing nearby goals and landmarks and teaching basic strategies.
Combat Master (map icon).png
Underwater combat Master (map icon).png
Siege Master (map icon).png
The Combat Masters in the Heart of the Mists are marking training opportunities. The Underwater Combat Master is in charge of underwater training. The Siege Master will allow Siege Weapon training.
Event Sentry.png
Event Tower.png
Event Keep.png
Event Camp.png
Capture points can be found in World versus World PvP as well as Conquest maps. These icons change their color to indicate which team currently holds the point. If no team holds the point it is neutral and the color is grey.

Other map icons[edit]

Icon Description
Dungeon (map icon).png
Dungeons are instances based around team play.
Fractals of the Mists (map icon).png
Fractals of the Mists is a special Dungeon containing a series of mini-dungeons of increasing difficulty.
Adventure (map icon).png
Adventure closed (map icon).png
Adventures are mini games found in the Heart of Maguuma. Nearby events sometimes make them unavailable.
Mastery point (Central Tyria).png
Mastery point (none).png
Central Tyria Mastery Insights give you a Mastery point when you commune with the place.
Raid (map icon).png
Raids are 10-player instances designed to be more challenging than dungeons or fractals.
Asura gate (map icon).png
Asura gates are permanent features that allow free, fast travel around Tyria. Every major city has at least one asura gate and they are sometimes found in explorable zones.
Asura gate starter area (map icon).png
Asura gate to starting area when under level 10.
Renown heart infinite empty.png
Renown Heart infinite (map icon).png
Repeatable Renown Hearts. After completing the heart once for map completion, the icon changes to indicate it can be completed again.
Hero Challenge empty (Heart of Thorns map icon).png
Hero Challenge (Heart of Thorns map icon).png
Hero Challenge infinite empty (Heart of Thorns map icon).png
Hero Challenge infinite (Heart of Thorns map icon).png
Repeatable hero challenges.
Temple (tango icon).png
Temples are found instead of Hearts in the Ruins of Orr. Near the temple marker certain meta events occur and a karma merchant will sell exotic gear.
Skritt Tunnel.png
Skritt Tunnels can be used to travel around The Silverwastes.
Contested waypoint (tango icon).png
Contested dungeon (map icon).png
Temple contested (tango icon).png
Waypoints, dungeons and temples may become contested. This could be due to a dynamic event, a battle, or anything that makes it a dangerous place to spawn. As long as something is contested the associated functionality will not be available for the player until the area is clear again.
Shrine locked.png
Shrines and Teleport Beacons encountered in some zones and instances, which function similarly to waypoints.
Thermal Tube map icon.png
Thermal Tube map icon (Bitterfrost Frontier).png
Thermal Tubes allow you to launch yourself large distances across the map if you have the Thermal Propulsion Mastery.
Personal waypoint (map icon).png
Personal waypoint blue (map icon).png
Personal waypoints are there to mark certain locations on the map for party members. However, some NPCs will place personal waypoints on your map to point out certain landmarks or other interesting places.
Activity (map icon).png
Belcher's Bluff (map icon).png
Activities are mini games which can be found in Lion's Arch and other locations. 4 are part of a daily rotation (Crab Toss, Sanctum Sprint, Southsun Survival and Keg Brawl). Belcher's Bluff is in home instances. Others are only available for a limited time.
Commander tag (red).png
Catmander tag (red).png
Commander tag (magenta).png
Catmander tag (magenta).png
Commander tag (orange).png
Catmander tag (orange).png
Commander tag (yellow).png
Catmander tag (yellow).png
Commander tag (green).png
Catmander tag (green).png
Commander tag (cyan).png
Catmander tag (cyan).png
Commander tag (blue).png
Catmander tag (blue).png
Commander tag (purple).png
Catmander tag (purple).png
Commander tag (white).png
Catmander tag (white).png
Commanders can display one of nine different colored icons to show where they are on the map. There is also a catmander tag that shows a cat instead of the regular commander icon.
Mentor (map icon).png
The Mentoring Badge can also be used by players to show where they are on the map.
Cave up (map icon).png
Cave down (map icon).png
Elevator up (map icon).png
Elevator down (map icon).png
Ramp up (map icon).png
Ramp down (map icon).png
Stairs up (map icon).png
Stairs down (map icon).png
Tunnels, elevators, ramps, and stairs that lead upwards or downwards are noted with these icons in cities or dungeons.
Special event (map icon).png
Event pumpkin (map icon).png
Mad King Door (map icon).png
Event Wintersday.png
Dragon Bash.png
Special events are marked by a golden star. These events are only available for a limited time and may be reoccurring or one time only events. Festivals however are marked with a symbol associated with that specific holiday.
Transport Facilitator (map icon).png
Transport Facilitators were only found during certain special events. They allowed free, fast travel between the docks in Lion's Arch and the event's location.

Layer visibility[edit]

With the world map open, clicking on the eye symbol (
Map layer visibility eye.png
) displays a small menu allowing the user to toggle the visibility of certain groups of map icons. This may be useful in locations where several different icons overlap each other, or if you are looking for a specific icon and wish to hide the others.
Section Icons included
Bank (map icon).png
Trading Post (map icon).png
Trading Post
Guild Banker (map icon).png
Guild Banker
Armorsmithing Station (map icon).png
Artificing Station (map icon).png
Cooking Station (map icon).png
Huntsman's Station (map icon).png
Jeweling Station (map icon).png
Leatherworking Station (map icon).png
Tailoring Station (map icon).png
Weaponsmithing Station (map icon).png
Cave down (map icon).png
Elevator down (map icon).png
Ramp down (map icon).png
Stairs down (map icon).png
Guild Registrar (map icon).png
Guild Registrar
Repairs (map icon).png
Armor Repair
Trainer (map icon).png
Armorsmith (map icon).png
Weaponsmith (map icon).png
Merchant (map icon).png
World Completion
Vista (map icon).png
Hero Challenge (map icon).png
Hero Challenges
Renown Heart (map icon).png
Renown Hearts
Point of Interest (map icon).png
Points of Interest

Interactive world map[edit]

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