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Battle in Tarir (meta event)

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Battle in Tarir

Auric Basin
(Heart of Maguuma)
Event type
Meta event
Part of
Battle in Tarir
Total events

Battle in Tarir is a level 80 meta event that occurs in Auric Basin as part of the Battle in Tarir map meta event. Tarir is under assault by the Octovine and the Exalted are attempting to slay it to recapture their city.




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After defeating an octovine, each of the other three octovines must also be destroyed within 2 minutes. If all of the other octovines are not destroyed, the octovine(s) will regain health and must be defeated again.

Enchanted Armors[edit]

Enchanted Armors are used to support allies, control enemies, and clear Trigger Blossoms from the path of other players to successfully complete each mechanic to remove the octovines' slime protection. Additional enchanted armors are unlocked during the Trial by Fire activities.

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Heavy Weight.png Heavy Weight 10.25¼ 2 Discharge energy to knock back your foes.
2 Pliable Shot.png Pliable Shot 0.75¾ 2 Shoot your foe with energy to inflict weakness and vulnerability.
3 Compulsion.png Compulsion 1 2 Pull a foe to your location.
4 Freezing Blast.png Freezing Blast 1 2 Freezes foe for 1 second.
5 Healing Burst.png Healing Burst 6 60 Heal yourself and nearby allies.
0 Return.png Relinquish Relinquish your enchanted armor.


These blossoms explode upon death, inflicting damage and conditions. Enchanted Armors can use Heavy Weight to move them out of the way so the octovine can be reached by the necessary means to decrease its slime layers. Players are discouraged to attack them, as they can't use control effects to move them and it is against the general interest to destroy them, due to their explosive ability which could be counter productive to the event as a whole.

Event schedule[edit]

Previous 2 hoursNext 2 hours
00:00 UTC

Related achievements[edit]


Event starting:

High Sage: We have protected Tarir for over a century. It will not fall this day.

At 15:00:

High Sage: We have the power to repel Mordremoth, and we will reject its Mordrem from Tarir.

At 10:00:

High Sage: Mordremoth cannot win!

At 5:00:

High Sage: We would die rather than surrender Tarir to Mordremoth. This is the sacrifice we are all willing to make.

At the end if octovines were not killed:

(randomly one of the following)
Exalted Camas: Please allow me...
Exalted Camas: I was once human, a citizen of Tyria. I transformed to better serve the Forgotten. I die to protect Tyria.
Exalted Daach: I volunteer...
Exalted Daach: For the love of Glint and all she prophesied
Exalted Emwe: Please allow me...
Exalted Emwe: I remember the Forgotten. My sacrifice is nothing compared to theirs.
Exalted Guvin: Luminate, I am ready.
Exalted Guvin: Above all else, the egg must be protected. For Glint!
Exalted Niof: I know what must be done.
Exalted Niof: You must carry on without me. The future of Tyria relies on you.
Exalted Sulfa: I will fix this.
Exalted Sulfa: Long ago, I vowed to take up Glint's cause and fight to the death. It is my greatest honor …
Exalted Taon: I am ready. My time has come to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Exalted Taon: I barely remember my life before. It is as if I have always been Exalted. I hope only that I have honored Glint's memory.
Exalted Yepa: I am prepared for this.
Exalted Yepa: Remember this. One day your world's survival may depend on your willingness to do the same.

When interacting with the surviving Exalted:

(randomly one of the following)
Exalted <name>: <Fallen Exalted name> is dead!
Exalted <name>: Each death makes our challenge that much harder.
Exalted <name>: Exalted! Another of us has rejoined the Forgotten! it's a sad day in Tarir.
Exalted <name>: I grieve, even as I redouble my efforts.
Exalted <name>: Such a loss...
Exalted <name>: That's one fewer of us to keep Tarir safe.
Exalted <name>: You see? We can die.
Exalted <name>: We can't afford to lose many more of us.