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Example reward screen of map completion.

Map completion is the act of visiting all points of interest, vistas, waypoints and completing all renown hearts and hero challenges within a given zone. After a zone has been completed, a blue bonus chest will appear that the player can then open and receive a reward. In addition, the player will receive a mail pertaining to the accomplishment except for city maps. Completing all zones in the five regions of TyriaAscalon, Kryta, Shiverpeak Mountains, Maguuma Jungle, and Ruins of Orr — is required for world completion.

You can complete most maps without uncovering all of its areas (those are tracked by the regional Explorer achievements); for example, you do not need to find most jumping puzzles, since these are in secluded areas without any map objectives to discover. If you complete the zone while in an instance, such as a home instance, the accomplishment will display the next time your character re-enters the area. The bonus chest can be reserved to be opened at a later time. The rewards for city maps are limited to the standard amount of experience and a single Transmutation Charge.

The legends at the top left corner of the map show the remaining points for world completion and completion of the current map. Moving the mouse pointer over each entry in the legend will make any revealed point or scout pointing to not yet revealed renown hearts flash on the map, making them much easier to find. For maps with repeatable renown hearts, a single completion of the heart is sufficient to count for map completion.


World completion information is maintained for each character in your account. The Character selection screen displays the percentage world completion for each character. Both the world completion and zone completion for the current character are displayed using the world map (M key). These both include a progress bar displaying the percentage completed. If you hover the mouse over the zone name. It will trigger a popup that displays the zone's completion track, unless a new waypoint or point of interest was added since your last visit. These displays may include:

There are account-wide achievements related to map completion, which may be displayed in the Hero panel with the tab Achievements → General → Explorer. They are each worth a total of 25 (Achievement points) Achievement Points.

Another account-wide achievement for world completion may be displayed in the Hero panel with the tab Achievements → General → Hero. it is worth a total of 20 (Achievement points) Achievement Points and awards the title "Been there. Done that."


Explorable zones[edit]

Rewards for completion of explorable zones scale up to the top level of that zone. For example, the map completion of Fireheart Rise can give rewards up to level 70. In addition, the rarity of the items received scale with the level of that zone, from Masterwork to Rare to Exotic.

Reward rarity and tier per zone[edit]

Southsun Cove[edit]



  • The experience reward is determined based on your character's level at the time of map completion, regardless of when you open the chest.

World completion[edit]

All zones required for World completion.
World completion progress visible from Map. Shows after reaching level 15.

World completion requires completing all the following maps:

Black Citadel - - - 12 5 17
Divinity's Reach - - - 13 6 21
Hoelbrak - - - 14 5 24
Rata Sum - - - 9 5 19
The Grove - - - 4 6 19
Lion's Arch - - - 13 11 26
Chantry of Secrets - - - - - 1
Plains of Ashford 1-15 18 6 18 10 17
Queensdale 1-15 17 7 16 9 21
Caledon Forest 1-15 19 7 18 8 20
Metrica Province 1-15 16 8 16 9 23
Wayfarer Foothills 1-15 15 8 17 10 20
Diessa Plateau 15-25 15 8 19 10 17
Kessex Hills 15-25 14 5 16 9 20
Brisban Wildlands 15-25 16 8 13 7 20
Snowden Drifts 15-25 13 6 19 6 11
Gendarran Fields 25-35 11 7 22 8 17
Lornar's Pass 25-40 15 9 17 10 43
Fields of Ruin 30-40 13 5 17 6 20
Harathi Hinterlands 35-45 11 6 15 8 15
Blazeridge Steppes 40-50 15 5 18 5 10
Dredgehaunt Cliffs 40-50 11 6 18 8 24
Bloodtide Coast 45-55 13 6 15 7 18
Iron Marches 50-60 13 6 14 8 14
Timberline Falls 50-60 11 5 19 6 13
Sparkfly Fen 55-65 13 6 17 5 20
Fireheart Rise 60-70 12 7 18 8 16
Mount Maelstrom 60-70 11 7 17 7 32
Straits of Devastation 70-75 - 12 20 6 30
Frostgorge Sound 70-80 11 7 16 8 20
Malchor's Leap 75-80 - 15 13 5 37
Cursed Shore 80 - 17 13 5 28
Total - 303 189 486 226 653

The following areas do not count towards world completion:


Upon completing the last map required for world completion, a world completion icon will pop up next to the chest icon. In addition to the regular rewards for completion of the last map, players will receive:

  • 2 Gifts of Exploration (for full completion on one character)
  • A gold star on the character's nameplate (only for the character that achieved full completion), viewable by other players
  • The title Been There, Done That, available to all characters on the account, and the corresponding achievement (awarded for map completion counted account-wide)

World completion notes[edit]

  • This accomplishment was previously tracked by the Map Completion Medal on Account Medals (which have been removed) and is currently tracked by the Been There, Done That achievement and the World Completion progress bar when you view the map.
  • Some players reported that they did not receive the reward when they obtained the world completion achievement. For some, revisiting the Chantry of Secrets resolved the issue. A few were able to work around the issue by revisiting every map on the required list. Another fix is to go through the Asura gate in Lion's Arch to Black Citadel. If you encounter this issue and are not able to fix it on your own, you will have to contact ArenaNet support.
  • If a character has attained map completion for a zone, and that zone, at a later date, has new items added, those new items need to be discovered in order to unlock the achievement, but not in order to get the world completion reward chest.

Commonly missed areas[edit]

All of the locations listed here contain map completion objectives - see the related section on the Explorer article for commonly missed areas with no objectives that don't contribute towards map completion.

Undiscovered area shown on mini-map.
Undiscovered area shown on main screen.

If an area has been missed on a map, that area will be marked on both the main screen and the minimap with Undiscovered area.png. Both areas have a fog of war, and are associated with an indicator. For the mini-map: If the undiscovered area is outside the player's mini-map visibility, the indicator will show at the edge of the mini-map, in the required direction of travel. For the main map: the undiscovered area information is located in the top right of the screen, above the Story and tracked Achievements.

Heart of Maguuma

Heart of Maguuma maps do not count for world completion, but map completion is needed for some achievements and crafting recipes.

Area objectives added since launch[edit]

If waypoints or points of interest have been added since you completed a map, you may need to revisit the maps and discover them to achieve world completion.

Zone Location Release
Caledon Forest Complete heart (map icon).png Help Delilah keep the farmer's fields safe (2) 2014-09-09 (September 2014 Feature Pack)
Brisban Wildlands Waypoint (tango icon).png Proxemics Lab Waypoint 2013-02-26 (Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm)
Brisban Wildlands Point of interest.png Tangle Root Outpost 2014-07-01 (Gates of Maguuma)
Divinity's Reach Point of interest.png The Dead End 2013-06-11 (Dragon Bash)
Gendarran Fields Point of interest.png Second Aetherblade Site 2013-06-25 (Sky Pirates of Tyria)
Kessex Hills Point of interest.png Thunder Ridge Camp 2014-10-21 (Blood and Madness)
Kessex Hills Point of interest.png Tower of Nightmares 2013-10-29 (Tower of Nightmares)
Lion's Arch Point of interest.png Wreckage of the Breachmaker 2014-02-18 (Escape from Lion's Arch)
Lornar's Pass Point of interest.png Marionette's Landing 2014-01-21 (The Origins of Madness)
Lornar's Pass Waypoint (tango icon).png False River Waypoint 2014-01-21 (The Origins of Madness)
Plains of Ashford Complete heart (map icon).png Help Tolona Ironrustler with her farm (2) 2014-09-09 (September 2014 Feature Pack)
Plains of Ashford Waypoint (tango icon).png Langmar Estate Waypoint 2013-02-26 (Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm)
Plains of Ashford Complete heart (map icon).png Rid the training area of pests (3) 2014-09-09 (September 2014 Feature Pack)
Snowden Drifts Waypoint (tango icon).png Angvar's Trove Waypoint 2013-05-28 (Last Stand at Southsun)
Wayfarer Foothills Point of interest.png Rugnar's Steading 2013-03-26 (Flame and Frost: The Razing)
Lion's Arch Point of interest.png Captain Kiel's Office 2017-08-09

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