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Light armor is an armor class used by the scholar professions, elementalists, mesmers and necromancers. It has the least innate protection of all armor classes, a tradeoff for other powerful profession mechanics.

Light armor by acquisition[edit]

Crafted armor[edit]

See also: Leveling equipment

Light crafted armor is made by tailors. The different sets are divided by the tier of the main material.

Crafted armor
Jute (character level 5-20)
Embroidered armor
Devout armor Recipe
Wool (character level 25-35)
Student armor
Dry Bones armor Recipe
Masquerade armor Intricate insignias
Cotton (character level 40-50)
Acolyte armor
Masquerade armor Intricate insignias
Linen (character level 55-65)
Winged armor
Masquerade armor Intricate insignias
Silk (character level 70-80)
Feathered armor
Masquerade armor Intricate insignias
Gossamer (character level 80)
Exalted armor
Ornate Guild armor (Heart of Thorns)
Spearmarshal's armor (Path of Fire)
Damask (ascended)
Illustrious armor

Cultural armor[edit]

Cultural armor is equipment tied to a specific race. Only the applicable race can wear it, and it comes in three tiers.

Cultural armor
Tier Asura Charr Human Norn Sylvari
1 Adept armor Invoker's armor Researcher's armor Sheepskin armor Snapdragon armor
2 Genius armor Archon armor Aristocrat's armor Havroun armor Orchid armor
3 Savant armor Magus armor Sorcerer's armor Lupine armor Dryad armor

Karma armor[edit]

Armor acquired from karma vendors.

Order armor[edit]

Order armor is acquired from the order you chose during your personal storyline. Each character only has access to one of the sets.

Dungeon armor[edit]

These sets are acquired with tokens from the corresponding (explorable mode) dungeon. The vendors are located in Postern Ward in Lion's Arch.

Dropped armor[edit]

These armors drop as loot at various levels. Some may also be rewards for map completion.

PvP armor[edit]

These armors are acquired in Structured PvP.

WvW armor[edit]

These armors are acquired in World versus World.

Collection armor[edit]

These armors are acquired by completing collections.

Armor skins[edit]

Armor skins are consumable items that can be applied to your existing armor or unlocked in the wardrobe.


  • Legacy Armor Box PvP skins were unobtainable for a long duration once the old Glory Reward System from PvP was demolished when the Wardrobe system was added.

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