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Strike Mission: Kaineng Overlook

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Disambig icon.png "Kaineng Overlook" redirects here. For the open world point of interest, see Ministry of Security Headquarters.

Strike Mission: Kaineng Overlook

Strike Mission
New Kaineng City

Ministry of Security- Main Headquarters loading screen.png
Loading screen


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Strike Mission: Kaineng Overlook is the third Canthan strike mission, taking place on the roof of Ministry of Security Headquarters. It contains story details from In the Name of the Law.

Getting there[edit]


  • Enter the circle to begin the Strike Mission.
  • Engage the enemy.
  • Defeat The Ministry of Security.
  • Minister Li
    Event bar.jpgEvent fist (tango icon).png
  • The Ritualist
    Event bar.jpgEvent fist (tango icon).png
  • The Mindblade
    Event bar.jpgEvent fist (tango icon).png
  • The Enforcer
    Event bar.jpgEvent fist (tango icon).png
  • The Mech Rider
    Event bar.jpgEvent fist (tango icon).png
  • The Sniper
    Event bar.jpgEvent fist (tango icon).png
  • Strike Mission complete!


Challenge Mode


The fight has five phases:

  1. Minister Li
  2. Enforcer, Ritualist, Mindblade
  3. Minister Li
  4. Mech Rider, Sniper
  5. Minister Li

Minister Li[edit]

The fight starts when Minister Li is attacked once on the lower platform. This activates a Zip Line to the upper platform, which is where Li immediately teleports. As a Bladesworn, Minister Li mainly attacks with his gunsaber and Dragon Slashes; his attacks are slow and heavily telegraphed, but are extremely damaging.

Dragon Slash — Rush (DSR) Minister Li will dash to a location (indicated by an arrow at his feet), dealing heavy damage to players in the way. To prevent damage, players can dodge the dash or stand behind Minister Li.
Dragon Slash — Wave (DSW) Minister Li slashes in a wide arc after a delay, which deals heavy damage and Launch.png launches players. Players may move behind Minister Li, dodge roll, or block to avoid damage. If dodging, wait until the moment the area-of-effect indicator disappears, then dodge.
Bombs Orange circles are summoned underneath the five closest players to Minister Li, dealing heavy damage to any players inside two or more circles. For all players, being in a single circle does very little damage, so simply spreading out will mitigate their effect.
Dragon Slash — Burst

(AKA Numbers)

Minister Li will mark three players with a number between one and three, indicated by Roman numerals above their heads. Target Order-1 (overhead icon).png Marked players will see a yellow border on their screen if they are selected, and the border of their icon in the squad UI will be red.

After 12 seconds, Minister Li will send a ranged wave in the direction of each marked player in ascending order. Once these come into contact with any player, they will explode, dealing AoE damage. These explosions deal moderate damage to marked players, but deal extreme damage to unmarked players. Furthermore, when hit, marked players will be afflicted with Extreme Vulnerability.png Extreme Vulnerability, meaning they will go down to the waves directed at the other marked players if caught in the crossfire.
Marked players should step away from the group and spread out slightly in a fan-like formation to not be hit by explosions from the other players' waves, while the rest of the squad goes on the opposite side of the boss from the marked players. Minister Li will spin around in place while readying his waves, but he is not attacking, so the group should ignore where he's facing and focus on positioning relative to the marked players only.

Green Circle A random player is marked with a green AoE indicator that slowly closes. For all instances of the mechanic, at least three players need to be inside the circle when it closes, or the entire squad will take heavy damage.
Attack Patterns

In each phase, each pattern listed repeats infinitely until Minister Li is phased or killed. A plus symbol indicates that the indicated mechanics start up simultaneously, triggering in the order they're listed.
In phases 3 and 5, Minister Li will follow the smaller patterns in brackets until he's dashed between all four corners; he always dashes to the far-left corner first (from your position coming fresh off the Zip Line) in these phases.

Phase 1 In this phase, Minister Li will begin with a Dragon Slash — Wave toward the entryway once someone takes the Zip Line, before attacking in the following pattern:

DSR to Corner → DSW towards center → DSR to Center → Numbers → DSW towards a player

Phase 3

[DSR to Corner → DSW towards center + Bombs] → DSR to Center → Numbers

Phase 5

[DSR to Corner → Numbers → DSR to Corner → DSW towards center + Bombs + Green Circle] → DSR to Center → DSW towards a player + Bombs

The Enforcer, Ritualist, and Mindblade[edit]

At the start of the phase, The Mindblade and The Enforcer will fixate on the closest player, indicated by a purple marker above their heads. The bosses will periodically reset their fixation, with the closest player to each boss becoming the new fixated target. The Ritualist does not fixate on players, instead he periodically teleports between three positions on the platform.

The Enforcer and The Mindblade both have the Giant Growth.png Stronger Together effect which, when the two are near enough to each other, will grant Crowd Favor.png Lethal Inspiration, converting both bosses' current conditions into boons after a short delay. The two bosses will have a visible tether between themselves when Lethal Inspiration is active, so one of the fixated players should move their boss away when it appears.

  • The Enforcer - Attacks Recklessly, Taunts, Fixates on Targets
    • The Enforcer periodically performs a series of dashes, always in the shape of an hourglass but in multiple possible orientations, leaving Willbender Flames in his wake that deal continuous damage and apply burning when stood on.
      • The flames can be jumped over.
    • The Enforcer will do a spinning attack in the center of the arena, dealing continuous AoE damage. This attack always comes after his dashes, and he will reset his fixation once it's concluded.
    • The Enforcer summons spiritual hands above three players and himself that eventually slam down (indicated by a large expanding AoE on each), dealing moderate damage to the affected players when separated, and extreme damage when a player is slammed by two or more.
      • This attack, unlike most spread mechanics, can be dodged or blocked to completely negate damage.
  • The Ritualist - Commands Spiritual Allies, Weakens Enemy Souls
    • The Ritualist will occasionally cast numerous small lightning AoEs that deal damage and strip boons from players.
    • The Ritualist periodically summons multiple spirits: these do a single attack that does large damage and heavy crowd control in a wide area around each.
      • The four spirit variation Launch.png launches players and has safe zones on the corners of the arena.
      • The two spirit variation Pull.png pulls players and has safe zones directly under the two spirits and along the longer edges of the rectangular platform.
  • The Mindblade - Fixates on Targets, Distorts Reality
    • The third hit of The Mindblade's auto-attack chain fires three blades in a cone; this attack has an indicator and can be sidestepped.
    • The Mindblade periodically summons a ring of three or six Unstable Bladestorms that slowly creep outwards, dealing heavy damage and applying Torment.png Torment to players inside them.

Many squads will have the Mindblade's fixate bring her to the Ritualist's initial position to damage both at once, while the Enforcer is kept out of tether range. Once The Mindblade is defeated, the Enforcer's fixate can also bring him on top of the Ritualist.

The Mech Rider and Sniper[edit]

Both The Sniper and The Mech Rider have Synchronized Vitality.png Vitality Equalizer, which applies a stack of Equalization Matrix.png Equalization Matrix for every percentage point increase in the difference between the HP pools of the two bosses. Stacks are removed instead if the HP difference decreases. Once they gain over 20 stacks, they will equalize their health percentages and both will gain Toxic Gas.png Destructive Aura, which pulses a large amount of damage to players on the platform.

Because of this, keeping their health percentage difference below 20% is recommended, although this is complicated by the fact that The Sniper and The Mech Rider do not have the same amount of maximum HP; the Sniper has less and so care must be taken to not over-damage her.

  • The Mech Rider - Heavy Damage, Targets Closest Enemy, Creates Jade Mines
    • The Mech Rider will stay in the center of the platform for most of the fight.
    • When a player stands near to and in front of The Mech Rider, the mech will punch left and punch right on that player in sequence. Each punch has a conal AoE that can be sidestepped; the second is larger.
      • Moving at too far an angle from its line of sight, even when the player is still in melee range, can cause the boss to break fixation and use its Lightning Rain.
    • When no player is a viable melee target, The Mech Rider will fire four scattershots of Lightning Rain on the previously fixated player (if possible).
      • If The Mech Rider was able to do a set of Lightning Rain shots and still has no melee target, he will start lobbing a different ranged attack on his target, which will leave behind a single lingering AoE that does heavy pulsing damage.
    • The Mech Rider will periodically spin, pushing players away from it and laying arcs of three heavily damaging Jade Mines in a pattern around itself on the ground.
      • Players far enough from the mech when the spin starts will not be pushed back.
      • Players can dodge or channel a block into the mines to remove them permanently from the platform, giving more space for the squad to work with.
    • The Mech Rider periodically fires its Jade Buster Cannon after performing a charge-up animation, which deals a huge amount of continuous damage in a wide line.
      • The hitbox of the laser is slightly wider than its visuals (once fired) suggest and extends slightly behind the mech, so give it a wide berth.
    • The Mech Rider will mark four players with a number between one and four, indicated by Roman numerals above their head. Target Order-1 (overhead icon).png Shortly after, the mech will dash toward the assigned players in ascending order and attack, dealing damage in an arc and applying Float.png Float and Extreme Vulnerability.png Extreme Vulnerability. The attacks may be dodged or blocked.
      • After attacking the fourth marked player, the mech will face towards the center and walk in a straight line until situated again.
  • The Sniper - Deadly Aim, Attacks from Afar
    • Uses standard ranged auto-attacks on players when on the main platform.
    • Occasionally teleports to one of the perches situated around the large platform to perform one of two deadly shots on a player, each having a unique targeting line on said player.
      • Jade Ricochet spawns a large red AoE indicator on a single player with an orange targeting line, dealing large damage to other players inside the AoE.
      • Jade Laser Shot is telegraphed by a faint green line on a single player. The Sniper gains a defiance bar and teleports to one of the four corner perches; she only fires if the defiance bar is not broken.
        • Breaking the defiance bar also activates the teleporter on the perch, which can be taken to get back to the main platform. If the bar is not broken, players will need to glide back down, which will cause them to take damage as they are forcibly teleported back to the platform.

Most groups forgo breaking the defiance bar during Jade Laser Shot, as the downed player(s) can be easily resurrected and so damage uptime can be maintained on the Mech Rider until The Sniper returns to the main platform. Alternatively, soft crowd control effects like Chilled.png Chilled or Immobile.png Immobile can be preemptively applied to break the bar passively as she teleports to her perch.

The Sniper may become friendly if she is killed on her platforms instead of the main area, causing the fight to stall.

Challenge Mode[edit]

  • General
    • The railings on both platforms are removed. Falling off the platform will now defeat players instead of downing them.
    • There is a timer of 16 minutes to complete the entire encounter.
    • Failure to do the green circle mechanic properly (across the whole encounter) will now down the entire squad. Three players total are still required in each green circle on the field.
  • Minister Li
    • Greens will now spawn during the first phase, with two greens spawning at once in the third and fifth phases.
    • Dragon Slash — Burst (Numbers) will now mark 5 players. Targeted players will now get a stronger Extreme Vulnerability.png Extreme Vulnerability when hit that will now defeat them if they get hit by another wave's explosion.
      • Additionally, after getting hit by a wave's explosion, players will also drop small lingering red puddles that deal massive damage after a short activation period. Dodging the explosion will still place the red puddle after a delay.
      • The waves only explode on marked players in CM, meaning marked players are able to take advantage of the full area when deciding where to position themselves, while unmarked players can stay anywhere in the middle to avoid the explosions.
    • Dragon Slash — Wave has had its indicator removed and is now unblockable and undodgeable.
    • In third and fifth phase, the bomb AoEs are much larger, and only the four players closest to Li are affected rather than five.
    • Minister Li starts the third phase by dashing to the far-left corner (from the Zip Line) and goes clockwise to around the platform. The pattern in this phase is as follows:
      • DSW + Double Green → DSW + Bombs → DSW + Double Green → DSW + Bombs → Numbers (center)
    • The fifth phase has a different overlapping mechanic that is tied to each specific corner and the fifth dash to the middle. The initial pattern (which also starts at the far-left corner but goes counterclockwise) is:
      • Bombs + Numbers → DSW + Bombs + Double Green → Double Green + Numbers → DSW + Bombs + Double Green → Bombs + Single Green + Numbers (center) → Bombs + Single Green + Numbers (center)
      • The mechanics in the fifth phase deal damage in the following order and should be prioritized accordingly: DSW → Bombs → Greens → Numbers.
      • Dragon Slash — Wave and Numbers are mutually exclusive mechanics and will never happen together.
  • Enforcer, Ritualist, and Mindblade
    • The Enforcer now does an initial Taunt.png Taunt (with a slightly larger AoE attached) and shoots fireballs while doing its spinning attack. Getting hit by a fireball applies Debilitated.png Debilitated, which reduces outgoing damage by 25%.
    • Stepping on The Enforcer's flame trails after he dashes will apply Debilitating Void.png Infirmity, which reduces incoming healing by 25% per stack every second.
      • Notably, having four stacks makes the affected player unable to be healed or revived until the effect expires.
    • Heaven's Palm now targets all players on the platform.
    • The area-of-effect of The Ritualist's spirit attacks have been expanded and do extreme damage.
      • Whenever the Ritualist spawns spirits, he also spawns greens on two random players.
    • The Ritualist's lightning storm spawns many more projectiles; these projectiles still strip players' boons.
    • The Mindblade will now assign an AoE indicator to two players which, after expanding, drops a lingering damaging zone and immediately spawns another AoE indicator on the affected player. This continues until five zones are placed on the ground by each player.
    • The Mindblade will spawn six Unstable Bladestorms instead of three first.
  • Mech Rider and Sniper
    • If Synchronized Vitality.png Vitality Equalizer's effect is triggered, boons on all players will be immediately corrupted into conditions.
    • The Mech Rider's melee attacks do more damage and apply Debilitated.png Debilitated, while its Lightning Rain applies a long-lasting Exposed.png Exposed.
    • The Mech Rider's Number mechanic (the dash) targets five players and applies the upgraded Extreme Vulnerability.png Extreme Vulnerability to any player hit by it.
    • When the Mech Rider uses its pushback or its Jade Buster Cannon, four large Bomb AoEs will spawn on players.
      • The pushback also spawns two greens on random players at the same time.
    • The Sniper, as in normal mode, alternates between Jade Ricochet and Jade Laser Shot when she teleports to her perches. Neither projectile can be blocked, dodged, reflected, or destroyed in CM.
      • During Jade Ricochet, The Sniper fixates on the closest player to the perch she chooses to teleport to; this player has a large red AoE indicator and an orange sniper line on them.
        • After the first Jade Ricochet shot occurs, the sniper fixates again onto the player closest to her, then moves to a perch either clockwise or counterclockwise from her current perch, then shoots again (more quickly than the first time). She will fixate, move (in the same clock direction as the first teleport), and shoot one more time for three shots in total. The first shot happens after about 10 seconds, the 2nd and 3rd after another ~4s each.
        • This mechanic also causes small bomb AoEs to spawn on all players on the platform when the Sniper teleports to her initial perch.
      • Jade Laser Shot is telegraphed by a large red line on a single player in CM. The Sniper gains a defiance bar and teleports to one of the four corner perches.
        • This mechanic also causes a green to spawn on a random player.
    • This phase follows a strict pattern which repeats (save Lightning Rain/Jade Lob when the mech's aggro is lost). The auxiliary mechanics attached to each main attack are not listed (read above for details)
      • PushbackRicochet + Jade Buster Cannon on third fixateJade Laser ShotNumbers + Ricochet on IV + Jade Buster Cannon on third fixateJade Laser Shot






Engaging Minister Li in combat
Minister Li: Usually I prefer to handle these matters in private. But as deathbeds go, you could do worse. Enjoy the view.
Minister Li defeating everyone (one of the following)
Minister Li: Pathetic.
Minister Li: Hm.
Minister Li: Classless foreigners.
Minister Li: Pathetic display. I expected more.
Phasing Minister Li to 66% health
Minister Li: I represent Cantha's future! You're mere pests in the way!
Enforcer, Mindblade and Ritualist spawning
The Enforcer: This is the best part of the job.
The Mindblade: Got your jail cell ready! Fluffed the pillow myself.
The Ritualist: Stay synchronized, you two! Strength in pairs!
Defeating either the Mindblade or Enforcer
<Squad commander>: Do you know who you're dealing with?
Defeating The Ritualist(?)
The Ritualist: No need to be ostentatious, now. It's unbecoming.
Defeating all three minibosses
Minister Li: You think you're any match for me? (scoff)
Phasing Minister Li to 33% health
Minister Li: Vile fools! How dare you soil my nation!
Mech Rider and Sniper spawning
Minister Li: Guards: bring them dead or alive. Makes no difference.
The Mech Rider: You heard the boss. Ready. Aim...
The Sniper: You? (chuckles) Easy.
Sniper teleporting to a rooftop (one of the following)
The Sniper: Trite. At best.
The Sniper: Night night.
Defeating one of the minibosses
<Squad commander>: I've had enough of you goons!
Final confrontation with Minister Li
Minister Li: I'll dispose of you myself, you scum!
Defeating Minister Li
Minister Li: Enough! ENOUGH! I concede.

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