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Strike Mission: Kaineng Overlook

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Disambig icon.png "Kaineng Overlook" redirects here. For the open world point of interest, see Ministry of Security Headquarters.

Strike Mission: Kaineng Overlook

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Strike Mission: Kaineng Overlook is the third Canthan strike mission for the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion, taking place on the roof of Ministry of Security Headquarters. It contains story details from the In the Name of the Law story step.

Getting there[edit]


  • Enter the circle to begin the Strike Mission.
  • Engage the enemy.
  • Defeat The Ministry of Security.
  • Minister Li
    Event bar.jpgEvent fist (tango icon).png
  • The Ritualist
    Event bar.jpgEvent fist (tango icon).png
  • The Mindblade
    Event bar.jpgEvent fist (tango icon).png
  • The Enforcer
    Event bar.jpgEvent fist (tango icon).png
  • The Mech Rider
    Event bar.jpgEvent fist (tango icon).png
  • The Sniper
    Event bar.jpgEvent fist (tango icon).png
  • Strike Mission complete!


Challenge Mode


The strike mission consists of five phases and six bosses, each with unique mechanics. Players must defeat Minister Li while dealing with intermission phases for every 33% of his health. Several mechanics carry personal responsibility and can result in lethal damage if handled incorrectly. This fight is significantly more difficult than the Aetherblade Hideout and Xunlai Jade Junkyard strike missions; however due to their relative ease-of-difficulty compared to the Harvest Temple strike mission, the three of these are collectively referred to by the community as the "EOD EZ3" strike missions.

Minister Li (Phases 1, 3, 5)[edit]

Health: 29,493,000 (42,469,920 if the Challenge Mode is active)
Enrage Timer: None (16 minutes if the Challenge Mode is active)
Enrage Effect: Defeats all players
Fixation Mechanics: Nearest player (Phases 2 & 4), None (Phases 1, 3, 5)

The fight begins after hitting Minister Li on the lower platform. Players must then Zip Line (Jade Bot not required) to the upper platform he teleports to. As a Bladesworn, Minister Li mainly attacks with his gunsaber and Dragon Slashes; his attacks are slow and heavily telegraphed but extremely damaging. Players who fall off the platform will take heavy damage.

Skill Notes
Artillery Slash A shell is launched towards a target, dealing low damage and inflicting Crippled.png Crippled.
Dragon Slash — Rush
Minister Li faces a direction then dashes forwards (indicated by a red arrow), dealing very heavy damage to players in his path. Players should stay away from his path or evade the dash immediately before the arrow disappears as a last resort. Non-channeled blocks are unreliable because the dash hits multiple times.
Dragon Slash — Wave
Minister Li slashes the area in front of him after a delay, dealing heavy damage and Launch.png launching players. Players should stand behind him, block, or evade this attack (must evade immediately after the orange attack indicator disappears). The launch can be negated with Stability.png Stability, unless the player would be downed by this attack (all boons lost upon downing).
Dragon Slash — Burst
Three players are marked with a Roman numeral (Target Order-1 (overhead icon).png; I through III) above their heads, also indicated by a yellow screen border and a red player icon border on the squad interface.
After 12 seconds, Minister Li fires a slash towards each marked player in ascending order that can be blocked or evaded. This attack is both a slash (line AoE) and explosion around all hit players. Players hit by either parts will be afflicted with Extreme Vulnerability.png Extreme Vulnerability and take lethal damage if hit again: alive players will be downed whereas downed players will be defeated. Marked players should spread out away from the group whereas everyone else should stack together and not in between the boss and a marked player. All players should remain relatively still to avoid moving unpredictably.

Ignore Minister Li's boss indicator because he will only slash towards marked players.

Swift Cut
Steel Divide
A two-part auto-attack chain that targets players in melee range when Minister Li returns to the center of the platform.
Targeted Expulsion
Five players closest to Minister Li will be marked with orange circles that explode after a delay, dealing either low damage to players hit by only one or massive damage if hit by any more. This damage is unavoidable.
Shared Destruction
One player will be marked with a green circle that explodes after a delay. Each additional player within the circle reduces the damage taken by the entire squad. This damage is unavoidable.

Minister Li follows a fixed, repeating attack pattern for each phase. Each phase also adds an additional mechanic that overlaps with existing ones. In the third and fifth phases, Minister Li will follow the smaller patterns in brackets until all four corners have been dashed to, always starting with the far-left corner (relative to the Zip Line).

Phase Notes
Phase 1 Minister Li targets the first player that used the Zip Line then slashes towards them. He then attacks in the following repeating pattern:
Dash to corner → Slash towards center → Dash to center → NumbersSlash towards a player
Phase 3
(+ Spread)
[Dash to corner → Slash towards center with Spread] x 4 → Dash to Center → Numbers
Phase 5
(+ Greens)
[Dash to corner → NumbersDash to corner → Slash towards center, with Spread and Greens] x 2 → Dash to center → Slash towards a player, with Spread and Greens

The Spread and Greens mechanics will overlap with the Slash on the third and fifth phases, respectively. However, each of them has a different activation time before dealing damage. Players should thus prioritize handling these mechanics in the following order: SlashSpreadGreens.

A maximum of three players marked by the Spread mechanic can stay behind Minister Li with proper positioning. The remaining marked players must first avoid the Slash then move out. If marked by the Greens mechanic, the player should stay behind Minister Li to avoid getting launched and maintain predictable movement. Players not marked by a mechanic should stand within the green circle. Players marked with the Spread mechanic must then immediately rush into the green circle right after their orange circle explodes.

Minister Li launches all players to the lower platform upon reaching 66% and 33% health. Players cannot return to the upper platform until his allies below are defeated.

  • If the players are assigned the numbers by the Targeted Expulsion attack, but the boss is phased before the attack is fully completed, the players will be immobilized, unable to move away from the damaging AoEs, and killed. Especially dangerous in the Challenge Mode.
  • Players downed during a phase change and not promptly revived can be stuck on the top platform until the next phase is complete. Some attacks from these phases will also target you.
  • The Greens mechanic can spawn on a defeated player, rendering it not present during some parts of the fight.
  • If the challenge mode is disabled while players are in the boss arena (past the green barrier), all bosses do not retreat to their perches as part of their initial animation. They will instead attack nearby players and are untargetable. Starting the fight by attacking Minister Li will reset them.
  • The Sniper might become untargetable at 1% HP in normal mode, requiring a complete reset of the strike mission.

The Enforcer, Mindblade, and Ritualist (Phase 2)[edit]

The Enforcer[edit]

Health: 8,680,800 (11,797,200 if the Challenge Mode is active)
Skill Notes
Rushing Justice
Booming Command
The Enforcer teleports to the center then dashes to form an hourglass pattern, leaving flame trails that pulse damage and Burning.png Burning. He concludes with a whirling attack that rapidly deals heavy damage.
Sword of Wrath
Sword Arc
Sword Wave
A three-part auto-attack chain.
Heaven's Palm Three players and the Enforcer are marked with an orange AoE that explodes after a delay, inflicting Extreme Vulnerability.png Extreme Vulnerability on hit. Unlike during the Numbers mechanic, this effect now also impacts all allies (including minions). Getting hit by two or more of these AoE's will either instantly down or defeat them. Unlike most Spread mechanics, this can be blocked or evaded.

The Mindblade[edit]

Health: 8,680,800 (11,797,200 if the Challenge Mode is active)
Skill Notes
Flying Cutter
Flying Edge
Fan of Blades
Cutter Burst
A four-part auto-attack chain. The third attack fires five blades in a telegraphed cone. Players hit multiple times by this will be followed up with the fourth attack.
Storm of Swords A ring of three or six bladestorms surround The Mindblade then slowly moves outwards, dealing heavy damage and applying Torment.png Torment on hit.

The Ritualist[edit]

Health: 8,684,800 (11,797,200 if the Challenge Mode is active)
Skill Notes
Lightning Strike Auto-attack.
Spiritual Lightning Lightning strikes barrage the area around The Ritualist and remove boons on hit.
Summon Spirit The Ritualist teleports to the center and alternates between summoning untargetable Spirits of Destruction or Pain. These spirits channel a large AoE and deal heavy damage and heavy crowd control, depending on the pattern:
Four spirits: Players must stand at the corners of the arena to avoid getting hit and launched.
Two spirits: Players must stand under a spirit or along the longer edges of the arena to avoid getting hit and Pull.png pulled.

The Enforcer and Mindblade fixates on the closest player to them every 30 seconds, indicated by a purple marker above their heads, a clicking sound, and a Fixated.png Fixated effect [verification requested]. They become Giant Growth.png Stronger Together when in close proximity (purple tether), granting them life steal and periodic conversion of conditions into boons through the Crowd Favor.png Lethal Inspiration effect. Fixated players should separate these two bosses to avoid this.

The Ritualist does not fixate on players or tether to the other bosses, allowing squads to lure either boss onto him (preferably the Mindblade due to her higher damage pressure and less restrictive movement). The Ritualist teleports between three positions along the center of the platform. Positioning all three bosses in a line can also allow players to damage all three bosses at once with ranged cleaving attacks

After defeating all three bosses, players must zip line to the upper platform and engage Minister Li once more until he reaches 33% health.

The Mindblade and Enforcer may rarely be fixated to the same player, forcing the Lethal Inspiration buff to occur indefinitely until new players are fixated.
  • The Enforcer and Mindblade are affected by Immobile.png Immobile even though they have a defiance bar. This may delay in guiding them to the correct position.
  • The Enforcer's defiance bar is normally locked, but inconsistently unlocks following the first fight attempt of the instance.

The Mech Rider and Sniper (Phase 4)[edit]

The Mech Rider[edit]

Health: 19,662,000 (27,526,800 if the Challenge Mode is active)
Skill Notes
Jade Mine
All players are pushed back, with players closest to The Mech Rider pushed back with the greatest force. Simultaneously, jade mines are thrown onto the ground in four directions, each forming a line of five mines that explode upon contact.
Electric Rain
Jade Lob
This attack occurs only if The Mech Rider has no target within melee range (see below for aggro mechanics). A player is targeted by four successive barrages of five missiles, each dealing heavy damage. If there is still no target within melee range, a missile is fired at the player with the highest toughness [verification requested], leaving behind an AoE that pulses heavy damage. If all players are outside of its Electric Rain attack range, it will keep performing its Jade Lob attack until a player is nearby.
Fall of the Axe The nearest player in melee range is targeted by telegraphed AoE's that alternate between a thin and wide cone.
Jade Buster Cannon The Mech Rider channels a laser that targets the instance opener. This pulses massive damage and is larger than telegraphed.
Explosive Uppercut
Two players are marked with a Roman numeral (Target Order-1 (overhead icon).png; I through II) above their heads. The Mech Rider then dashes towards them in ascending order, inflicting damage, Extreme Vulnerability.png Extreme Vulnerability (see below for bug), Float.png Float, and additional projectiles on hit.
Destructive Aura Pulses medium damage to all players upon gaining a stack of the Toxic Gas.png Destructive Aura effect. Additional stacks increase the total pulsing damage.

The Sniper[edit]

Health: 5,731,968 (11,797,200 if the Challenge Mode is active)
Skill Notes
Deadly Aim Auto-attack that damages and applies Vulnerability.png Vulnerability per shot.
Spotter's Shot Auto-attack that Crippled.png cripples targets and self-applies Fury.png Fury and Vigor.png Vigor.
Three Round Burst Auto-attack that fires three shots and self-applies Might.png3 Might per shot.
Jade Ricochet
(orange beam + thin red ring around targeted character)
Targeted Expulsion
(orange circles)
The Sniper targets the player closest to its current perch with an orange laser and a point-blank red AoE ring. A shot is fired after a delay, dealing heavy damage and ricocheting onto players standing within this AoE ring. The ricochet deals significantly more damage and can also hit nearby players outside the AoE. This will not occur if no player stood within the red AoE outline when the shot is fired. This projectile can be avoided, blocked, destroyed, or reflected. This attack is delayed when The Mech Rider's Numbers mechanic is active.
Simultaneously, all players will have the Spread mechanic that deals unavoidable damage but also inflicts Extreme Vulnerability.png Extreme Vulnerability. One explosion deals low damage; anymore will either instantly down or defeat players.
Jade Laser Shot
(green beam, red in CM)
Shared Destruction
(green AoE on targeted character)
The Sniper targets the player furthest away from its current perch with a green laser. A shot is fired after a delay, dealing massive damage and splashing onto nearby players. This projectile is indestructible and the damage is unavoidable. Zip-lining to The Sniper and breaking her defiance bar will interrupt this attack. This attack is delayed when The Mech Rider's Numbers mechanic is active.
Simultaneously, a player will have the Greens mechanic that explodes after a delay. This unavoidable damage can be reduced for each player within the circle prior to exploding.
Destructive Aura Pulses medium damage to all players upon gaining a stack of the Toxic Gas.png Destructive Aura effect. Additional stacks increase the total pulsing damage.

Both bosses have the Synchronized Vitality.png Vitality Equalizer effect, granting them stacks of the Equalization Matrix.png Equalization Matrix effect. The number of stacks present equals the health difference between both bosses, and resets to 0 after reaching above 20 stacks (20% health difference). This reset equalizes the health for both bosses and adds a stack of the Toxic Gas.png Destructive Aura that pulses medium damage to all players. Most groups can outheal 1–2 stacks of this and can thus be less strict with keeping both bosses within 20% of each other. This can speed up the encounter, especially if groups focus on the The Sniper due to her having four times less total health.

The Mech Rider has a hidden fixate mechanic and primarily focuses on the player closest and in front of it in melee range and within line of sight. If there is no valid target, The Mech Rider may also target the player directly behind it within melee range. Proper mech tanking prevents the boss from using its ranged attacks, significantly reducing the overall damage pressure. If the fixated player is no longer in range of being a viable melee target or moves at too far of an angle away from The Mech Rider's line of sight, the boss will perform its Electric Rain attack. If there is still no valid player within melee range at the attack's conclusion, the boss will continue with either this or the Jade Lob attacks until then.

The Sniper occasionally teleports on top of a nearby perch then targets a player for a sniper shot, alternating between Jade Ricochet (orange) and Jade Laser Shot (green) after each teleport. Both shots can be dealt in two ways:

  • Ignore mechanic: The targeted player should move away from the group and allow the attack to hit. The squad can then revive the target if they were downed.
  • Intended strategy: The orange laser shot should either be blocked, evaded, destroyed, or reflected. The ricochet will not occur if the target avoided the initial shot. The green laser shot can be interrupted by breaking The Sniper's defiance bar. Players can zip line to The Sniper then take the nearby teleporter after breaking the bar. If the bar is not broken, players must instead glide down and take heavy damage. The bar is fairly weak and can be broken by a single player with enough crowd control skills and modifiers. Conditions applied to the boss prior to her teleporting will also passively damage the bar.

After defeating both bosses, players must zip line to the upper platform and engage Minister Li one final time.

The Mech Rider sometimes targets player summons and minions with its Electric Rain attack.
  • The Sniper may become friendly if she is killed on the towers instead of the main platform, causing the fight to stall. Be wary of condition ticks that can kill her when she teleports to a tower.
  • Resetting during this phase for any reason may cause The Mech Rider to continue attacking players on the next attempt for the entire fight (i.e. firing its laser attack with telegraphs visible), for all phases until it appears normally. The fight is otherwise normal, as The Mech Rider will not be able to hit players directly from its spawn position. However, it is possible for the boss to become friendly and therefore cause the fight to stall.
  • The Mech Rider's Numbers attack does not apply the Extreme Vulnerability effect, rendering the attack effectively harmless. This is corrected in the challenge mode.

Challenge Mode[edit]

There are several differences between the normal and challenge mode versions of the fight:

  • Players have 16 minutes to complete the entire encounter.
  • All bosses have increased health and additional and altered mechanics.
  • All platforms no longer have railings. Players who fall off the platform will now be instantly defeated instead of taking heavy damage.
  • Failing any Greens mechanic will now down the entire squad. At least three players are required in each green circle.

Minister Li (Phases 1, 3, 5)[edit]

  • The slash no longer has an indicator and is now unblockable and unavoidable.
  • Greens now start spawning during the first phase. Two can also spawn simultaneously during the third and fifth phases.
  • The Numbers mechanic marks five players. Players affected by Extreme Vulnerability.png Extreme Vulnerability will be defeated if hit by another burst, bypassing the downstate entirely.
    • Additionally, marked players targeted by a burst will each drop a small, red puddle below themselves. These long-lasting fields deal lethal damage after a short activation period. Evading the burst will slightly delay the placement of the red puddle.
    • The waves will now only explode on marked players. Marked players can therefore take advantage of the full arena to reposition themselves, while unmarked players can stay anywhere in the middle to avoid the bursts.
  • In third and fifth phase, the Spread AoEs are much larger but now only target the four (rather than five) players closest to Minister Li.
Phase Notes
Phase 1 Minister Li first slashes towards the entryway once someone takes the Zip Line, then attacks in the following repeating pattern:
Dash to corner → Slash towards center with 1x GreensDash to center → NumbersSlash with 1x Greens towards a player
Phase 3 Minister Li starts by dashing to the far-left corner (from the Zip Line) and goes clockwise to around the platform. The pattern in this phase is as follows:
[Dash to corner → Slash with 2x GreensDash to corner → Slash with Spread] x 2 → Dash to center → Numbers (center)
Phase 5 Overlapping mechanic are now tied to where Minister Li is currently positioned: SW, SE, NE, NW, Center. The initial pattern starts at the far-left corner and goes counterclockwise:
Spread with NumbersDash to corner → Slash, with Spread and 2x GreensDash to corner → 2x Greens with NumbersDash to corner → Slash, with Spread and 2x GreensDash to center → [Spread with 1x Greens and Numbers (center)] x 2

These mechanics deal damage in the following order and should be prioritized accordingly, with the slash and numbers mechanics never occurring simultaneously: SlashSpreadGreensNumbers

The Enforcer, Ritualist, and Mindblade (Phase 2)[edit]

The Enforcer
  • The flame trails from his dashes will now apply the Debilitating Void.png Infirmity debuff on hit, reducing incoming healing by 25% per stack every second. It is imperative to avoid these trails or players cannot be healed nor revived upon reaching four stacks of the debuff. Players affected by this debuff must take extra caution in avoiding damage.
  • Following his dash sequence, The Enforcer's whirling attack in the center of the arena is accompanied by an additional outer ring that applies Taunt.png Taunt on hit. Players should either apply Stability.png Stability or avoid the outer ring to avoid involuntarily running into his whirling attack. The Enforcer will also simultaneously fire onto the ground several blue orbs that apply the Debilitated.png Debilitated debuff on hit, reducing outgoing damage by 25%.
  • All players on the platform will now be marked with the Spread mechanic, which are now much larger.
The Ritualist
  • The Ritualist's lightning storm spawns much more projectiles, making it more difficult to avoid the boonstrip.
  • The spirit summon mechanic is slightly adjusted:
    • Two random players will be marked with Greens. The marked players should ideally stack on top of each other to avoid splitting the group.
    • The spirit attacks are much larger and do extreme damage.
    • More spirits spawn in each pattern and the safe zones are slightly changed:
      • Five spirits: Players must stand on the edges of the arena to avoid getting hit.
      • Four spirits: Players must stand under a spirit to avoid getting hit.
The Mindblade
  • Two players will be marked with a large, timed orange circle. Each time the circle is filled (for a total of five times), a rain of swords is dropped underneath the player and persists for some time. Marked players should ideally place these on the short edges of the arena to maximize the area players can move around in for mechanics.
  • The Mindblade will also now spawn six Unstable Bladestorms instead of a mix of three and six.

The Mech Rider and Sniper (Phase 4)[edit]

If the Synchronized Vitality.png Vitality Equalizer effect is triggered, all players will have their boons immediately corrupted into conditions.

The Mech Rider
  • The Mech Rider's punches do more damage and apply the debilitated effect, reducing outgoing damage.
  • Its barrage of jade missiles now apply long-lasting Exposed.png Exposed on hit.
  • Five (instead of two) players will be marked with the Numbers mechanic. Players hit by the explosive punch will be afflicted with Extreme Vulnerability.png Extreme Vulnerability and will be defeated if hit by another one.
  • When the Mech Rider uses its pushback or laser attacks, four players will be marked with the Spread mechanic. These players must spread away from the group as well as countering the continuous push from the boss.
    • The pushback simultaneously spawns Greens on two random players. These players should ideally stack on top of each other to avoid splitting the group.
The Sniper
  • As before, The Sniper alternates between two types of sniper shots each time when she teleports. Both shots are indestructible, unavoidable, and cannot be reflected:
    • Jade Ricochet (Orange laser): The player closest to The Sniper's current perch will be the first target and have a barely visible red outlined circle following them. After the first shot is fired, The Sniper chooses a new target, which is again the player closest to her current (first) perch, and then instantly teleports either clockwise or counter-clockwise to her second perch. On the second perch, she fires her second shot, chooses a new target, and teleports to her third perch in the same direction as before. On this third and final perch, she fires the last shot. The first shot activates after about 10 seconds, with subsequent shots each occurring after about 4 seconds. The Spread mechanic simultaneously spawns under all players when The Sniper teleports away.
    • Jade Laser Shot (Red laser): In CM, this laser is red instead of green. Any players hit or splashed by this shot will be defeated. This attack is interrupted by breaking The Sniper's defiance bar. Greens simultaneously spawns under a player. Take care to complete the green circle mechanic prior to zip lining to The Sniper.

This phase follows a strict, repeating pattern for the special mechanics (each surrounded by brackets):
[Pushback with 4x Spread and 2x Greens] → [Sniper Shot (Orange) with All Spread] and [Mech Laser with 4x Spread] on third fixate → [Sniper Laser (Red) with 1x Greens] → [Mech Numbers] and [Sniper Shot (Orange) with All Spread] on IV then [Mech Laser with 4x Spread] on third fixate → [Sniper Laser (Red) with 1x Greens]





Stats of encounter relevant enemies[edit]

Enemy Health Health (CM) Defiance Bar Defiance Bar (CM)
Minister Li 29,493,000 42,469,920
The Enforcer 8,680,800 11,797,200
The Ritualist 8,684,800 11,797,200
The Mindblade 8,680,800 11,797,200
The Mech Rider 19,662,000 27,526,800
The Sniper 5,731,968 11,797,200 600 1,000
Refills 30 per second.


Engaging Minister Li in combat
Minister Li: Usually I prefer to handle these matters in private. But as deathbeds go, you could do worse. Enjoy the view.
Minister Li defeating everyone (one of the following)
Minister Li: Pathetic.
Minister Li: Hm.
Minister Li: Classless foreigners.
Minister Li: Pathetic display. I expected more.
Phasing Minister Li to 66% health
Minister Li: I represent Cantha's future! You're mere pests in the way!
Enforcer, Mindblade and Ritualist spawning
The Enforcer: This is the best part of the job.
The Mindblade: Got your jail cell ready! Fluffed the pillow myself.
The Ritualist: Stay synchronized, you two! Strength in pairs!
Defeating either the Mindblade or Enforcer
<Squad commander>: Do you know who you're dealing with?
Defeating The Ritualist(?)
The Ritualist: No need to be ostentatious, now. It's unbecoming.
Defeating all three minibosses
Minister Li: You think you're any match for me? (scoff)
Phasing Minister Li to 33% health
Minister Li: Vile fools! How dare you soil my nation!
Mech Rider and Sniper spawning
Minister Li: Guards: bring them dead or alive. Makes no difference.
The Mech Rider: You heard the boss. Ready. Aim...
The Sniper: You? (chuckles) Easy.
Sniper teleporting to a rooftop (one of the following)
The Sniper: Trite. At best.
The Sniper: Night night.
Defeating one of the minibosses
<Squad commander>: I've had enough of you goons!
Final confrontation with Minister Li
Minister Li: I'll dispose of you myself, you scum!
Defeating Minister Li
Minister Li: Enough! ENOUGH! I concede.

Related achievements[edit]

Requires challenge mode


  • The Mech Rider's Numbers mechanic originally targeted four players on release. This was changed to two players following the release of the Kaineng Overlook challenge mode.
  • The achievement "A Test of Your Reflexes" may be a reference to Zenos yae Galvus from Final Fantasy XIV. His final fight, where the line was one of his audio cues, was highly telegraphed, much like the fight with Minister Li. Zenos also first appeared as a Samurai, similar to a Bladesworn. The line was so frequent that it became a popular community meme.