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"Largos Female" render.jpg

Render by HyunBo Park.

The water draws close. Your hourglass is nearly empty.


Kenut is one of the Twin Largos, along with her brother Nikare, found in the Mythwright Gambit fighting for Qadim.


Crystal Desert

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Largos Assassin

DefianceLocked defiance bar

  • Expose Weakness.png Aquatic Aura - Take 2% increased damage per stack from Kenut.
  • Waterlogged.png Waterlogged - As you become more waterlogged, you become more susceptible to the largos' water magic. If you become fully waterlogged at maximum stacks, you will be assassinated.
  • Vengeance (Mordrem).png Enraged - Seeing their kin fall in combat, the largos has become enraged, greatly increasing the damage they deal.
  • Fixates on the player with the highest toughness on the platform.
  • Aquatic Assassin - You spent too much time in the largos' domain, allowing them to hunt you down.
  • Aquatic Aura - Aquatic magic ripples through the foe's body and inflicts damage.
  • Aquatic Barrage - The largos unleashes powerful water magic in an indescriminate[sic] flurry of water bolts.
    • Spins and barrages other platforms with water. Break defiance bar to stop attack.
  • Aquatic Slash - Stabs foes with an aquatic blade that inflicts damage.
  • Aquatic Vortex - A vortex that roams the platform, inflicting damage and allowing the largos to more easily hunt its prey.
  • Cyclone Burst - Water flows out from the largos on all sides, damaging anyone caught in its path.
  • Sea Swell - A large swell blasts across the platform, knocking back any who are caught by it. The largos gains protection for each foe struck.
  • Vapor Jet - The largos disappears into mist and teleports to their target, releasing a vapor jet that deals damage.
    • Stealth.png Stealth (2s), then teleports to furthest target and steals boons in front of her.
  • Vaporous Strike - Stabs foes with a blade of caustic vapor that inflicts damage.
Stolen skills


  • Kenut has 1374 toughness.
  • Kenut has a 120 range diameter hitbox.

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