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Stronghold of the Faithful

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Stronghold of the Faithful

Stronghold of the Faithful map.jpg
Map of Stronghold of the Faithful

Forsaken Thicket

Stronghold of the Faithful loading screen.png
Loading screen

Stronghold of the Faithful is the third raid wing of the Forsaken Thicket raid. Players push on to investigate the sinister reason behind the White Mantle enclave.

Getting there[edit]


Scholar Glenna

Time to Strike

<Character name>,

I have troubling news from the Maguuma. Our enemy is entrenched deep within Forsaken Thicket, and from all of my observations, it looks like they're preparing for something. We need to strike now before they have a chance to recover from their defeat at Salvation Pass.

Meet me at the designated location as soon as possible.



Points of Interest
Point of interest.png
Tunnel of Respite
Point of interest.png
Fountain of Cleansing
Point of interest.png
Zealot's Bastion
Point of interest.png
Twisted Castle
Point of interest.png
Temple of Awakening

Interactive map[edit]


  • Escort Glenna to the stronghold's courtyard.
    • Glenna
      Event bar.jpg
      Red Shield.png
    • Turrets secured
      Event bar empty2.jpg
    • Defeat McLeod.
      Event bar.jpg
      Red Boss.png
  • Destroy Xera's creation.
  • Destroy the Keep Construct.
    • Keep Construct
      Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Time remaining: 10:00
  • Traverse the Twisted Castle.
  • Enter the portal beyond the bell to confront Xera.
  • Defeat Xera.
    • Xera
      Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Time remaining: 11:00


Siege the Stronghold[edit]

Glenna must be escorted to the stronghold's courtyard.

To begin the encounter, one player must interact with her and select the option Let's start the mission. Once the encounter has started, players will remain in combat until they have killed McLeod the Silent and opened the final gate.

It is recommended to split the squad into two groups prior to starting this encounter: a Tower group and an Escort group. It is imperative that all members of the tower group have the Bouncing Mushroom, Ley Line Gliding and Forsaken Thicket Waters masteries. Their roles will be explained below.

Initial Mechanics

The most important thing to note is that if Glenna dies, the encounter will fail. There is no time limit, so players may spend as long as they want.

Once the encounter has begun, Glenna will gain 15 stacks of Fear 40px.png Surveilled. Glenna will lose one stack every second if a player is not within 1000 range of her. Once a player is within range, her stacks will start to regenerate. If it reaches 0, five White Mantle Seekers will spawn and proceed to kill her. These should be dispatched quickly if they happen to spawn.

All players will gain the special action skill
Over Here!.png
 Over Here! (Default key: -) that they can use to call Glenna to their current position. The range of this skill is 1500 units so it can be used outside of the range needed to prevent her stacks from going down (not recommended). Using the skill will also prevent her stacks from increasing or decreasing until she has stopped moving. Using this skill is required to proceed through the encounter.

The first obstacle is a lowered drawbridge. At the base of the drawbridge is a white glowing circle. When Glenna is called to stand in the circle she will cast a spell to summon a ley line. Players will need to cross the gap and interact with a lever to raise the drawbridge, allowing Glenna to cross. After the drawbridge raised, players will need to call Glenna to the gate so that she may blow it open. Be wary of the explosion as it will down any players caught in its blast. Subsequent runs will have this already completed, allowing players to wait at the gate before starting the encounter.

Once players have crossed the gate, the encounter begins.

A red orb will spawn which will summon White Mantle shortly after. This group should be dispatched so that Glenna may safely join up with the group. Once this group is defeated, players should split into their respective groups: a Tower group and an Escort group. Both groups will need to proceed with coordinated effort in order for this encounter to succeed.

Tower Group

The tower group must first head through the Tunnel of Respite. While running through the tunnel players will be afflicted with Toxic Spores.png Toxic Spores, which reduces healing and deals a small amount of damage every second. Walking through Thicket Waters (requiring the Forsaken Thicket Waters (mastery)) will give players Elasticity.png Healing Cleanse which will slightly heal them and make them immune to the effects of toxic spores. Within the tunnel are also multiple Mushroom foes that will attempt to slow players down. Depending on the group's composition, experience, and strategy, they may either be killed or ignored. Once the tunnel is cleared, a group of White Mantle will spawn, which can also be skipped or killed.

Players will need to run though a minimum of three Thicket Waters in order to clear the tunnel.

The group will then need to climb the nearby cliff and glide over to the Bouncing Mushroom, that they will use to get onto the tower.

Escort Group

The escort group will continue forward on the ground, bringing Glenna along with them.

While walking through, players will encounter mines. These mines are surrounded by a red outline, followed by a white outline. If a player steps into the the red outline, it will detonate, instantly killing them. The mine will be untargetable and immune to damage until a player steps into the white outline, revealing the mine. Players who do this must try to avoid stepping into the red outline. Glenna will also be instantly killed if she steps into the red outline. Players should also be careful to not get Fear.png feared or Knockback.png kicked into the mines. The mines will respawn shortly after they are destroyed, creating a red circle on the ground and slowly growing outwards. If Glenna was unfortunately placed on a respawning mine, and players fail to notice, it will instantly detonate.

While progressing through the stronghold, waves of White Mantle soldiers will march towards the group. They should be dispatched quickly so that the group may advance.

Eventually, the group will come across an area being bombarded by the tower above, making it impossible to continue forward. This will be taken care of by the tower group.

Securing a tower

Atop the tower will be multiple White Mantle soldiers, encircled within a red ring. Once the number of players within the circle outweighs the number of White Mantle soldiers, the ring will turn green and start being captured. There is no visible progress bar when this happens. The fewer soldiers there are within the ring, the faster it will capture. Players may either kill the soldiers or use Push.png Pulls or Knockback.png Knockbacks to move them out of the ring. Once the tower is captured, it will cease firing, allowing the escort team to continue moving forward. When all White Mantle soldiers are killed, a new wave will spawn shortly after in an attempt to regain control of the tower. It is recommended to keep at least one alive to prevent this from happening.

Once the tower is captured, multiple things will happen. Players with the Forsaken Magic mastery may interact with the tower, allowing them to rain shards on incoming White Mantle soldiers for the escort team. Additionally, a ley line will spawn below, allowing players on the tower team to go down and help the escort team and then go back up, or vice versa. Additionally, a Warg Bloodhound will spawn at both the top of the stronghold and the entrance (colloquially called the front and back wargs respectively).

Warg Bloodhounds

These Wargs will have a special icon on the map and will slowly move directly towards Glenna, ignoring all players. If they reach her, they will deal heavy damage, enough to kill her in one or two hits. They are immune to hard Crowd Control effects, but vulnerable to soft effects such as Chilled.png Chilled, Immobile.png Immobile, Crippled.png Crippled. It is recommended to move Glenna away if a warg gets near.

A common strategy is to have a player or two to deal with the warg that spawns behind the group. Players in this group should take care in avoiding the recently respawned mines while chasing down the warg. Depending on how quickly the main group advances, their job can be as simple as killing the warg as it spawns or slowing down multiple wargs. Once the four back wargs have been dealt with, they may rejoin the main group.

The escort team should continue moving forward until either the front or back warg gets close or they reach another impassable area due to the tower above. This time, there will be a white circle on the ground in front of this area, where players must bring Glenna so that she may create another ley line, allowing the tower team to move up to the next tower.

The entire siege comprises of 5 towers to be captured. Once the fifth tower is captured, McLeod the Silent will spawn and the final phase will start.

McLeod the Silent

After the last tower is captured, McLeod the Silent will spawn. It is recommended for all players on the tower to jump down and rejoin with the escort team for this fight. One of his core mechanics is to teleport to the furthest player, as such it is not uncommon for him to teleport to the top of the last captured tower if players did not jump off in time. If this happens, players should continue their return to the rest of their squad, and simply wait for him to teleport once again. Alternatively, players may stay on the tower and do some damage before returning to the group.

During this phase, Glenna's Fear 40px.png Surveilled stacks will not go down, so it is not necessary to stay near her for this fight. Players will also lose their  
Over Here!.png
 Over Here! until after McLeod is killed. There are three main mechanics players need to be aware of while fighting McLeod. His main attack resembles the mesmer's  
Blurred Frenzy.png
 Blurred Frenzy and will apply a very high amount of confusion to players. When he reaches 75%, 50%, and 25% health he will disappear and summon two clones with the same attacks. Each clone will have either 
Crimson Attunement.png
 Crimson Attunement or  
Radiant Attunement.png
 Radiant Attunement. All players will be randomly given these attunemnts as well. The clones can only be damaged by players with the same attunement.

The moment both clones are defeated, McLeod will return to the battlefield. as well as summon a Warg Bloodhound at the nearby gate. This warg will behave identical to those fought during the escort and must be dealt with swiftly before it reaches Glenna. If Glenna dies or all players are defeated, the entire encounter will have to be redone.

Once McLeod is defeated, players are free to bring Glenna to the gate for her to blow it open with her explosives. Once the door is blown open, the encounter is completed.

Keep Construct[edit]

The Keep Construct will aggro on the player with the highest amount of toughness. It has an extremely large amount of health, so dealing damage to it, while not completely pointless, will be largely ineffective. In order to do more damage, the two stacks of  
Xera's Embrace.png
 Xera's Embrace must be removed first. The Keep Construct has two main attacks: a swipe and a backhand attack. Both attacks do very little damage. Every minute, the Keep Construct will gain one stack of  
Vengeance (Mordrem).png
 Gaining Power, which increases the damage all its attacks will do.
Statue Projections

Around the arena are statues. You can split the statues evenly into a left and right side for the statues. Up to two statues will start lighting up, usually on opposite sides of the arena. Once they are fully lit, they will shatter and spawn one of seven different projections: Galleta the Persistent, Henley the Tremulous, Engul the Calculating, Jessica the Benevolent, Olson the Elder, Ianim the Architect, or Caulie the Vociferous.

They all have the same attacks, but do very little damage. Only two projections can be on the field at the same time. There will never be two projections of the same name at the same time. A new statue will start lighting up shortly after one is killed (belonging to the side it originated from). Shattered statues will reform after a short period of time, so you will never run out.

Once they spawn, they will immediately fixate on one player and creating a stream connecting the two. If there are multiple projections then they will each choose a different player, usually either right next to the other fixated player or bisecting the stream created by the other projection. The player the Keep Construct is aggroed on will not be fixated unless they are the last player alive. If a fixated player goes down, the phantasm will immediately switch to another valid player. Each projection will have a large white circle around them. If one projection walks into the circle of another, they will stop whatever they were doing and start slowly walking towards each other. When they meet, they will merge and form an Insidious Projection, which will do large amounts of damage and corrupt boons, turning them into conditions. The Insidious Projection has more health than normal projections, making them more difficult to kill. It will not remove a stack of  
Xera's Embrace.png
 Xera's Embrace even if it is killed. Many groups will choose to reset instead of dealing with them.

Players who are fixated should avoid "crossing the streams" as that will allow the projections to meet more quickly. It is recommended for one of the fixated players to move away until the other phantasm is killed. (Preferably, the player that is fixated by the furthest phantasm.) If they start moving towards each other, players should try to immediately kill one as quickly as possible.

If the projections are too close together and one dies a split second before they merge, there is a possibility of both phantasms disappearing but no Insidious Projection will spawn. A stack of Xera's Embrace will still be stripped.
Once the projections spawn, players should immediately switch their focus to killing them. When a projection is killed, it will create a large green circle for a second. If the Keep Construct is standing within that circle, it will remove one stack of  
Xera's Embrace.png
 Xera's Embrace. The tank should try to bring the Keep Construct to one of the projections before killing, and the other fixated player should bring their projection to the Keep Construct immediately after. Once both stacks are removed, the Keep Construct will gain a Defiance bar, which should be broken in order to start the Core phase.

A common strategy is to bring the Keep Construct to one side of the field, under the statue that is lighting up. This allows players to immediately focus down one projection and kill it before the other gets too close. The second projection should be killed as quickly as possible because a new statue will start lighting up on the same side of the field soon after.

During all phases, the Keep Construct has two possible mechanics: Time bombs and Phantasms. It will use one or the other randomly.

Time bombs should be familiar to people who have fought other Raid bosses. All players will have a large circle spawn around them, with a red circle emanating from the center. Once the circle is fully red, all players within the circle are dealt a moderate amount of damage. Players within another player's circle are dealt additional damage by the other player's bomb. It is recommended for all players, except the tank and one of the fixated players, to spread out. This is to allow the projection to strip a stack of  
Xera's Embrace.png
 Xera's Embrace if it gets killed. Players who spread out are recommended to continue attacking the projection at a range. The Phantasm attack will spawn multiple Radiant and Crimson Phantasms around the arena. All players will be given either  
Radiant Attunement.png
 Radiant Attunement or  
Crimson Attunement.png
 Crimson Attunement and must kill all phantasms they are attuned to. If there are any phantasms still around, they will explode and deal a massive amount of damage to all players.

The above two attacks may be interrupted by breaking the Keep Construct's Defiance Bar, if it is available, removing the need to do any of the mechanics required for it. (i.e. the phantasms will disappear and the time bomb circles will dissipate.)

Exposed Phase

Once the Keep Construct's Defiance Bar is broken, it will start to rise into the air and evade all attacks for a few seconds. Shortly after, three invulnerable Xera's Phantasms will spawn, and create a green circle around them that will slowly shrink. A minimum of two players must stand in each circle, or else the Keep Construct returns to the center of the arena, invulnerable, and kills all players, forcing the fight to be reset. Players should continue standing on the circle until after the next phase starts, as leaving the circle too early may trigger the aforementioned scenario.

During this phase, projections will continue to spawn. Players should avoid dragging a projection across the arena to the opposite side, as that is where the next projection will spawn, allowing them to easily merge. Players that are not on a circle should continue focusing down these projections as they spawn.

Rift Phase

If the previous phase was completed successfully, the arena will be surrounded by a red ring and five Unstable Ley Rifts will spawn around the inner edge. The Construct Core will then spawn in the center and Retriever Projections will spawn around the arena. This phase will end prematurely if a Retriever Projection picks up the Core. The Retrievers have a Defiance Bar which may be broken to stun them for a short while. The red ring will do a moderate amount of damage to any player standing in it.

The Core must be brought to the unstable rifts. For each rift the core touches, the Keep Construct will gain one stack of  
 Compromised during the next phase, which increases the damage taken by 75%, up to a total of 375% if the Core was brought to all five rifts. The Core may be Knockback.png Pushed, Push.png Pulled, or Launch.png Launched into each of the rifts. If these effects are not available, a player may attack the core to push it a short distance. (Cooldown: 1 second) Moving the Core into the outer red ring will cause this phase to immediately end. Player pets, minions or illusions cannot push the Core, but it will be distracting for the player doing it.[verification requested] (Especially illusions because they look similar to the projections)

The Projections summoned by the statues will continue to spawn in this phase and should be dispatched quickly. It is recommended to bring them to the center to avoid inadvertently hitting the Core, which may knock it out of the circle. If the core gets close to the red area, it can be pulled away or a player may go into the red area, temporarily, to knock it back towards the next rift.

Sometimes the core may get stuck in one spot. It will not move even if skills specifically target it. The phase will end once a Retriever Projection touches it.
Retrieved Phase
Once the core has been brought to all five rifts, retrieved or knocked out of the arena, the Keep Construct will return into the center of the area. During this time, the Keep Construct will be Stun.png Stunned and Knockdown.png knocked down. The duration depends on how many stacks of  
 Compromised it has. Players should try do as much damage as possible during this phase. If no rifts were obtained in the previous phase or the effects of  
 Compromised wore off, then the Keep Construct will start attacking players shortly afterwards. Players will need to remove all stacks of  
Xera's Embrace.png
 Xera's Embrace and restart from the exposed phase until the next phase activates.

If the Keep Construct was brought below 75% health, it will gain another attack: Phantasmal Blades, where it will sit down and create a small portal-like circle at its base. It will then alternate slamming its arms down on the ground and creating a blade that slowly revolves around it. Players standing in the portal or hit by the blades will gain Confusion.png Confusion (faster if they are in the portal). There are small gaps in between each blade where players may stand and safely deal damage. This attack will gain an additional blade every 25% health the Keep Construct loses, capping at three blades.

Magic Blast
If the Keep Construct was brought down to 66% or 33% health, it will start channeling its Magic Blast attack and gains  
Xera's Boon.png
 Xera's Boon which will make it invulnerable for a while. Any projections still remaining will disappear and additional ones will not spawn during this phase. Crimson and Radiant Energy (red and white orbs) will start spawning around the edge and slowly gravitate towards the Keep Construct. Players will then gain either  
Crimson Attunement.png
 Crimson Attunement or  
Radiant Attunement.png
 Radiant Attunement and must intercept each orb before they reach the Keep Construct. Each orb that gets absorbed will grant one stack of  
Magic Blast Intensity.png
 Magic Blast Intensity (caps at 35 stacks), which will increase the damage the Magic Blast attack will do. Intercepting an orb of the same color will deal a small amount of damage to the player and absorb the orb. Intercepting an orb of the opposite color will also deal some damage to the player, but will pass through them.

Players are recommended to spread out as evenly as possible and collect as many orbs as they can. It is not required to stray too far away from the center. Since collecting orbs deal damage to the player, players should constantly heal themselves and others during this phase. The orbs can deal critical damage.

This phase ends after approximately 30 seconds, after which it will release its attack (unblockable) and start using Phantasmal Blades.

The Keep Construct will gain its Tower Drop attack after this phase. It will create a tether between itself and the nearest player, then leap into the air, landing a few seconds later and Knockdown.png knocking down all nearby players. The fight will continue as normal until 33%, where it will start channeling its final Magic Blast attack.

At 33% health, the Keep Construct will gain its final attack where it leaps into the air, becoming untargetable, and drops debris on the arena, Stun.png Stunning players that get hit. Even though it cannot be targeted,  
Xera's Embrace.png
 Xera's Embrace can still be removed by killing projections on top of where it was before it leapt away.

Twisted Castle[edit]

Map to Navigate the Twisted Castle

The Twisted Castle encounter begins once players kill the 3 white mantle enemies down the stairs leaving the arena from Keep Construct.


Throughout this encounter, a new effect is present on all players, called Madness. Each player's stacks of madness will increase throughout the encounter, and will increase at a faster rate if the character (not the player's camera) is facing the central rotating pillar. Depending on the stack number, different effects will be applied:

Number of stacks Effect Visual Icon
10 Crippled.png Crippled (5 seconds)
20 Crippled.png Crippled (10 seconds)
30 Damage.png Damage: 5000 (Only if facing the rotating spire.) Silver
40 Torment.png Torment (5 stacks for 10 seconds)
50 Torment.png Torment (10 stacks for 20 seconds)
60 Damage.png Damage: 10000 (Only if facing the rotating spire.) Gold
70 Torment.png Torment (20 stacks for 20 seconds)
80 Fear.png Fear (3 seconds)
90 Fear.png Fear (5 seconds) Red
99 Instant defeat

Players that have the Forsaken Thicket Waters mastery will have the option, upon interacting with Fountains throughout the Twisted Castle, to either "Dip your hands into the water."—removing 10 stacks of madness—or "Drink the water."—granting temporary madness immunity.

Haunting Statues
Throughout the Twisted Castle, players may encounter Haunting Statues, either singular or in groups. These statues have extremely high toughness and health pool; as such attempting to destroy them is not recommended. If a character (not a player's camera) faces one of these statues, it will not be able to attack or move ( 
Creeping Pursuit.png
 Creeping Pursuit); however should no character be facing the statue, it will rush towards a random player. Any player entering the red area of effect at the statue's feet will instantly be teleported to the start of the maze.

A common strategy for dealing with these statues is to have one person hold the statue in place while the rest of the group runs by. One of the players having ran by the statue then turns around and faces the statue in order to allow the initial squad member to join the rest of the group.

The Maze

In order to proceed through the maze, players will need to navigate through multiple sectors of the maze, defeating mobs, and activating multiple pressure plates. As running the entire maze in one big group would prove too slow, a common strategy is to separate the squad into a 4 player-6 player split. For ease of explanation, a map detailing the path is present on the right of this walkthrough.

In order to move from one platform to another, players must approach an active gate (an active gate will pulse pink and purple, similar to a mesmer portal) and hit their interact key (default binding 'F'). Going through portals will bring players to a pre-defined location, where they will either encounter a set of enemies, traps, and/or haunting statues. If there are White Mantle enemies on the platform players spawned on, they will need to be defeated in order to activate the next portal.

Occasionally players will be exposed to fake floors. In order to not fall through these, players will need to distinguish real floor panels from fake floor panels. Contrary to the real, stable and sturdy, real floor panels, the fake floor panels have a slight distortion effect applied to them, most noticeable near their edges.

In order for the encounter to end, only one player needs to interact with the bell at the end of the maze. Once the bell is rung, players will be able to respawn or take the portal up to Xera's platforms where the players will begin the last encounter of wing 3.


Upon arriving at the Xera encounter, players will be faced with one of Xera's illusion, standing still on a lower platform taunting the players. Once players destroy this very low health clone; the Xera fight will begin. It is therefore recommended to only destroy the clone once everyone is ready to start the encounter.

Note that players can walk anywhere on the same platform as the clone with no effect on its status whatsoever.

Initial Puzzle and Platform Phase

Once the initial Xera clone is destroyed, ley-lines will appear on both the eastern and western sides of the platform. As the group is expected to clear both sides in roughly the same time, the squad should split themselves up accordingly. Each platform holds a Bloodstone Shard in the middle of the platform, protected by a dome; both of which must be destroyed to continue.

The first platform puzzle is very similar to the Core Phase in the Keep Construct encounter. Each platform will have three Exquisite Conjunctions, three Unstable Rifts, and 3 un-named orange areas of effects moving around the platform. In order to remove the protective dome from the shard, each Conjunction must be pushed through an Unstable Rift. Pushing a Conjunction through one of the orange aoes, or pushing them off the edge of the platform, will cause the loss of said Conjunction, and players will need to wait for it to respawn. Once all Unstable Rifts destroyed, players are free to destroy the Bloodstone Shard. With it destroyed, a ley line will appear, heading southward towards the next platform.

The second platform puzzle consists of three pressure pads and a protected bloodstone shard. If all three pressure plates are stood on at the same time, the protective dome around the shard will be removed, allowing for it to be attacked. Standing on each pad will give a unique effect to each player standing atop it. Regardless of the pad, once the stack reaches 10, the player will instantly be downed. As it is incredibly unlikely players will be able to destroy the shard in one burn, all 3 players should hop onto their pressure plates at the same time, and on the count of 9 stacks, rotate to one of the other pressure plates. This should be repeated until the shard is destroyed.

It should as well be noted, that after about 30 seconds from the start of the fight, the first platform will become ensnared in Xera's Ribbons, and after about 60 seconds so will the second. Standing on a platform ensnared in ribbons will yield very high damage onto the players.

With the second platform cleared, a ley line will once again appear allowing both groups in the squad to gather on the southernmost platform. A few moments later players will be prompted to glide to a newly appeared, central, platform where Xera is present in her human form.

Human Phase

Throughout this phase, the player squad will be fighting Xera in human form, along with occasionally spawning White Mantle soldiers, and attacks cast by her floating illusions. With regards to the base attacks of Xera herself, the only attack which players need to be wary of, is an attack identical to that of McLeod the Silent, which resembles  
Blurred Frenzy.png
 Blurred Frenzy and stacks a very high amount of Confusion.png Confusion.

Throughout this phase, Bloodstone Fragments will spawn in each of the 12 segments in a clockwise order. Each fragment will have a very wide aoe around it, increasing the stacks of Madness.png Madness of each players standing within it. A common tactic is to destroy these fragments as they spawn and have the player with the highest toughness chase after the forming fragments, making sure to stay out of their area of effect. Standing inside their AoE while they are destroyed removes 10 stacks of madness if the player has the Forsaken Magic Mastery.

Xera will regularly have an active breakbar. While she is in breakbar phase she will send out attacks randomly around her (similar to Vale Guardian), however the longer she stays with an active breakbar, the faster the next set of bloodstone fragments will spawn. Breaking her bar quickly is therefore extremely important.

Half platform AoE pattern in the first phase. Repeats after the fourth.

Additionally to the bloodstone fragments spawning around the arena, there are three other main mechanics players need to be aware of. The first is a purple beam of light landing in the exact center of the arena shooting out projectiles. Being hit by a projectile creates a small lifting AoE below the player that generates madness stacks.

There is as well an attack behaving similar to the lift mechanic of the Mesmer's Elite skill Gravity Well where Xera will cover half the platform in a red blurry area, every 30 seconds after Xera spawns on the main platform. Players remaining inside will be lifted after a few seconds, taking heavy damage and gaining 25 stacks of madness. Patterns may be skipped if they occur at the same time as the special action key attack (see below).

Occasionally the squad will be prompted with a message saying "<Squad Member> has harnessed ambient magic". The named squad member will receive a special action key effect, which they can cast as a ground targeted area of effect skill. All players must stand within the bubble as Xera's powerful attack hits the platform. Any players caught outside the bubble will be immediately defeated. If this is active while a half platform AoE would happen that AoE is skipped.

Once Xera reaches 50% health, she will vanish and players will be prompted to ley line glide to the southern-most platform to continue on to the next phase. Players failing to ley glide to the next platform will fall to their death.

Second Platform Phase

For this phase, players will need to destroy a bloodstone shard on every platform surrounding the main central platform. After a bloostone shard is destroyed, a ley line will appear between the current and next platform, allowing players to rotate across all six platforms.

At the start of this phase each platform, with the exception of the southern most platform, will be modified randomly into on of many configurations. Although most platform configurations provide no real threat to players, squad members should beware of the occasional configuration where the ley line ends right in the middle of a wall. If such a situation occurs, players will need to glide either to the left or right opening in the wall.

As soon as a player steps on a platform, AOEs will begin appearing on the ground. Although they do not deal significant damage, they do, over time, apply a significant amount of conditions. Additionally these attacks have the option to daze a player; and effect which is deadly to a player jumping off an edge and hoping to glide. As such it is important for players to be mindful of these attacks prior to them jumping off the platform, and to be ready to re-deploy their glider should it be forcefully closed due to a daze effect.

Once all six bloodstone shards destroyed, players will be prompted to once again glide to the central platform in order to continue their fight with Xera.

Human Phase + Second Puzzle Phase

Half platform AoE pattern in the second phase. Repeats after the fourth.
This second phase will behave almost identically to the first human phase in terms of mechanics. The only two noticeable changes in mechanics are that the bloodstone fragments now spawn in a counterclockwise order, and the platform covering attack will have a new pattern shown in the image on the right. The cooldown of this attack is shortened to 25 seconds as well.

At 40% Health, the squad will be prompted with the message "Xera is teleporting squad members to a floating tower". A few seconds later, 5 random squad members (excluding the player with the highest toughness) will be teleported to a platform. They will there have 2 minutes [verification requested] to complete the same core-pushing puzzle as at the start of the fight. Additionally, there is a portal available which can be used by only one player to return to the main platform immediately. The rest of the players will be returned to the main platform shortly after they complete the puzzle.

At 20% health, Xera will once again teleport players to another platform where they will need to complete the pressure-plate puzzle. Players returning from both puzzles will have the Determined.png Hero's Return effect, which will shield them from damage they might take from spawning back on the main platform.

Once Xera is defeated, players will be lifted and dropped down into the Temple of Awakening where players can find Xera's Chest and information on the White Mantle activities.



Ambient creatures


White Mantle


Books and Journals[edit]


Inside the Temple of Awakening[edit]


Boss chests
Hidden chests


See also: Scholar Glenna (Stronghold of the Faithful)#Dialogue

Entering Stronghold of the Faithful:

<Character name>: We got your message. We appreciate your willingness to help, but are you sure you're up for the mission?
Scholar Glenna: When Bennett told me about the horrors he endured while in White Mantle captivity, I felt it my duty to assist.
Scholar Glenna: We'll blast these zealots back into the history books.
<Character name>: All right. I don't know what'll happen inside, but I'm glad you're with us just the same.
<Character name>: We'll let you know when we're ready to begin the assault.

Starting the escort:

<Character name>: We're ready.
Scholar Glenna: Has everyone made peace with their gods, spirits, deities...or trees? Good.
Scholar Glenna: I'm carrying a heavy payload and won't be of much use in a fight.
Scholar Glenna: I can cast spells when absolutely needed, but for the most part you'll need to keep me alive.
Scholar Glenna: You think you can do that?
<Character name>: Any volunteers for escort duty?
<Character name>: (cough)
<Character name>: We'll figure it out as we go.
Scholar Glenna: Shout and I'll follow you. But don't mistake my willingness for blind obedience.

While escorting:

Scholar Glenna: Lead the way.
Ordering Glenna (one of the following lines):
<Character name>: Glenna!
<Character name>: Glenna, over here!
<Character name>: I need you here.
<Character name>: (whistle)
<Character name>: Come to me.
<Character name>: On the double!
<Character name>: Follow my lead.
<Character name>: Move!
Glenna's replies (one of the following lines):
Scholar Glenna: I'm not your puppy!
Scholar Glenna: I'll follow you.
Scholar Glenna: Coming!
Scholar Glenna: Fine!
Scholar Glenna: Roger.
Scholar Glenna: Lead the way.
Scholar Glenna: Grrr!
Scholar Glenna: On my way.

If Glenna is too far away from the group:

Scholar Glenna: Uh, guys! Don't leave me behind!

At the bridge:

White Mantle Cultist: Invaders at the gate! Ready the defenses!
White Mantle Cultist: Notify Xera and await her orders.
<Character name>: Figures we couldn't just walk right in.
<Character name>: We need to find a way to reach that lever.

Upon interacting with the first ley-line source:

Scholar Glenna: Protect me. I'm about to try something.
<Squad member>: What are you doing?
Scholar Glenna: Getting us across.
<squad member>: How did you do that?
Scholar Glenna: Practice.

After pulling the draw-bridge lever:

(one of the following lines)
Scholar Glenna: Nice work! If I ever need a lever pulled, I'll send you a mail.
Scholar Glenna: Excellent lever-pulling technique. I'm sure the Iron Legion could use someone like you.
Scholar Glenna: My hero! You really showed that lever who's boss.
Scholar Glenna: Hurray!
<Charr squad member>: Ever been fired out of a canon, Glenna? I can arrange it.
<Norn squad member>: Don't quit your Priory job.
<Sylvari squad member>: I'm sorry. Were you talking again?
<Asura male squad member>: Yeah, yeah. Just get that door opened, brainiac.
<Asura female squad member>: Yeah, yeah. Just get the door opened, brainiac.
<Human squad member>: Are you familiar with the concept "friendly fire", Glenna?
Scholar Glenna: Bomb planted. Cover your ears!
<Human squad member>: We're ready!
<Norn squad member>: Do it!
<Asura squad member>: Ear canals protected!
Xera: I want these intruders destroyed.
Xera: History is being made today, and nothing can get in the way.
Scholar Glenna: Who was that?
<Squad member>: Our next target. Pick up the pace, people! We've got a party to crash.
<Squad member>: Watch your step!
Scholar Glenna: Try to destroy the mine, but don't get too close!
<Squad member>: The path diverges here. We may want to split into groups and flank the enemy.
Scholar Glenna: Make sure someone stays with me. I need protection!
Xera: Send in reinforcements!
Xera: Keep them out at all costs.
Scholar Glenna: She seems particularly motivated to keep us out.
<Squad member>: Something big is happening inside.

Upon clearing a tower:

<Squad member>: Area clear!
<Squad member>: The area is secure. Activate that ley-line!
<Squad member>: We've secured the tower!
<Squad member>: We need a ley-line!

After defeating McLeod the Silent:

Scholar Glenna: This is it. Keep watch while I prepare explosives.
Scholar Glenna: This should be the last barrier in our way.
Scholar Glenna: Everyone clear? Explosion imminent!
Scholar Glenna: That went flawlessly!
<Squad member>: If you say so.
<Squad member>: Let's head inside.

Entering the courtyard:

Xera: How dare you set foot on sacred ground.
<Squad member>: Whatever you're doing here, it's not going to work.
Xera: Lazarus will lead the White Mantle to rule a new Kryta, and there's nothing you can do to stop His return.
Xera: You're already dead.
Xera: Enjoy my creation. It'll be the last you see.
Scholar Glenna: That's one powerful mesmer right there.
<Charr mesmer squad member>: Whatever.
<Mesmer squad member>: She's nothing special.
<Mesmer squad member>: Compared to me? She's an amateur.
<Squad member>: Watch me make her disappear.
<Squad member>: She just slipped up. They may have Lazarus. If so, then the sacrifices at Salvation Pass were meant to heal him.
Scholar Glenna: Good luck without me!

While fighting the Keep Construct:

Xera: You're nothing but a minor inconvenience.
Xera: Another!
Xera: Who will die next?
Xera: You failed!
Xera: Fear my illusions.
Xera: I have limitless power at my disposal!
Xera: What is real? Can you tell?
Xera: Kryta will be ours again.
Xera: My army is limitless!
Xera: Suffer!
Xera: More!
Xera: You can't escape!
Xera: It's no matter. Repairs are trivial.

When the Keep Construct's core is visible:

Xera: Keep your hands off that!

Approaching the Saul D'Alessio statue:

<Human squad member>: Traitor.
<Norn squad member>: Saul D'Alessio—drunken gambler.
<Charr squad member>: So this is the founder of the White Mantle. Huh.
<Sylvari squad member>: Saul D'Alessio. So you started this mess....
<Asura squad member>: Saul D'Alessio. I guess we have you to blame for all this.

After interacting with the Mursaat Bust:

<Character name>: Where do you creatures come from...
<Charr squad member>: So this is a mursaat? They look like Exalted.
<Sylvari squad member>: What are you, and where did you come from?

Throughout the courtyard:

<Asura squad member>: Judging from the construction, it appears they've been keeping themselves occupied.
<Human squad member>: Judging from the looks of this place, they've been busy.
<Sylvari squad member>: Look at this place. It almost defies explanation.

While exploring the adjecent wing of the courtyard:[verification requested]

<Human squad member>: Such talent. What a waste.
<Squad member>: Strange how a bunch of delusional fanatics can make such interesting art.[verification requested]
<Squad member>: Proof that even the misguided have some redeeming qualities.[verification requested]
Scholar Glenna: Way to stick it to the White Mantle, hero.

After interacting with The Awakening (a book):

<Character name>:They failed to control Kryta hundred of years ago, but they're still trying.
<Character name>:Why won't they give up?

Throughout the Twisted Castle:

<Squad member>:This is getting slightly creepy.
<Squad member>:Watch your step. Something feels out of place here.
<Squad member>:Stay away from the statues. They'll teleport you to the entrance.

Upon reaching Xera:

Xera: It's time we settled this.
<Squad member>: My thought exactly.

While fighting Xera:

Xera: The Tyria you know is about to change.
Xera: And there's nothing you can do to stop it.
Xera: Your efforts are meaningless. We won't be stopped!
Xera: For hundreds of years we have hidden in plain sight, living in your cities, manipulating your politics.
Xera: Soldiers, farmers, scholars—all swearing allegiance to the cause... all waiting for the moment to strike.
Xera: Our time is now. We rise from the shadows to claim what is ours!
Xera: He is almost complete.
Xera: Even if I die, He will live!
Xera: Must not... stop...
Xera: Bow before Lazarus!
Xera: I'll bury you before you can reach Him!
Xera: I've waited years for this day to come. No one can stop what I've set in motion.

Upon defeating Xera:

Scholar Glenna: What happened? What did I mi—oh my! I see you've made a mess of the place.
Scholar Glenna: You shattered the bloodstone shards and caused a ley-rift reaction. That would explain things.
Scholar Glenna: Congratulations on silencing a high-ranking White Mantle zealot. Not many can say they've done that.
Scholar Glenna: When you're all done high-fiving and backslapping each other, you may want to head down to the stasis chamber.
<Character name>: What's in the statis chamber?
Scholar Glenna: Go see for yourself.
Scholar Glenna: All I can say is that I think we have a problem on our hands.

After interacting with the Stasis Chamber:

<Character name>:We caused an unstable reaction when we destroyed the bloostone shards.
<Character name>: Did Lazarus escape? Or was he killed in the process? What happened here?

After interacting with the Spent Shards:

<Character name>: These shards are depleted. They're devoid of magic.
<Character name>: Were they using them to revive the last mursaat?

After interacting with the Barrel:

<Character name>: All these shards must've been taken from a larger source.
<Character name>: But what happens when you fragment a bloodstone?


Using the /kneel emote kills a player.
  • After defeating McLeod the Silent, 3 illusionary animals spawn around the Fountain of Cleansing. They shatter when the player gets near. A Llama appears in front of the Saul D'Alessio statue, a Moose appears in front of the Confessor Dorian statue and a Doe appears between the Saul D'Alessio and Confessor Isaiah statues.
  • Occasionally a Decorative Armor statue appears near the Mursaat Bust, behind the left tent.
  • This name for this wing was revealed on June 07, 2016 with the Stronghold of the Faithful teaser and was subsequently released on June 14th, 2016.

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