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He's taken over! He killed them! He was one of us!


Samarog is the third boss in Bastion of the Penitent. This mysterious entity is a former prisoner of the Bastion, now serving as its Warden.


Samarog's origins and why he[1][2][3] was locked up in the Bastion of the Penitent remain unknown. Scholar Glenna theorizes, however, that Samarog and other inmates of the bastion may have been political prisoners whom the mursaat wished to sway to become their servants via alternating between bribing them with promises of power and breaking their spirits with intense mental and physical torture if they showed any sign of resistance.

The mursaat eventually came to view Samarog as an exceptional inmate, turning him into the kingpin of the prison. In exchange for privileges, Samarog was tasked with watching over the other inmates, a duty he carried out eagerly during the mursaat's absence. Following a prison riot where several inmates tried to break free from the bastion, Samarog used the environment to his advantage to ambush several rioters and slaughtered them without mercy. During this time he enslaved the jotun Guldhem and the human Rigom under his will, tying their lifeforce into his own. After the carnage, Samarog continued watching over the now mostly empty prison and killing anyone he came across.

In 1330 AE, Scholar Glenna and a group of raiders entered the bastion and ran into Samarog while exploring the area. Samarog attacked the raiders with his two slaves, but the trio were ultimately felled after a fierce battle. The raiders, who had never seen a creature like Samarog before, were left with more questions than answers in the aftermath of the battle.


Woodland Cascades

Combat abilities[edit]

For walkthrough, see: Bastion of the Penitent#Samarog
  • The Warden
  • Claw - Samarog claws at the target, attempting to rend flesh from bone.
    • Two frontal attacks that deal a moderate amount of damage with each claw before using Shockwave.
  • Bludgeon - Samarog slams both spears down in an arcing overhead smash, damaging and knocking down targets.
    • Samarog extends his spears and slams it into a random target dealing a massive amount of damage and Knockdown.png Knockdown.
  • Brutal Aura - Samarog is so massively intimidating, it hurts. A lot and often.
    • A passive damage-dealing effect which comes into effect as soon as Samarog is engaged in combat.
  • Brutalize - Blinded by rage, Samarog pins and repeatedly damages a target until the target dies or Samarog is prevented from continuing.
    • An attack where Samarog will repeatedly keep the target stunned and deal damage to it until his CC bar is broken.
    • Deals increasing damage over the duration up to a maximum of 15s.
  • Inevitable Betrayal - Samarog turns allies against each other, dealing damage to those who choose not to flee from affected allies in time. You chose poorly.
    • Samarog selects 2 players at random. One will receive a large orange circle that fills in (similar to Sabetha's timed bombs) with a small, green circle inside, the other with only a small green circle. They must overlap the green circles before the large circle fills in and in doing so, makes both players with the green circles temporarily invulnerable. Any players caught inside the orange circle when it fills in will take a massive amount of damage (~80% max health).
  • Prisoner Sweep - Samarog whips a spear back and forth, launching all targets careless enough to be caught in the arc.
    • A wide sweeping attack with a spear from the right side of Samarog that deals knockback on the fore- and back-sweep.
  • Shockwave - Samarog's Impaling Stab creates a shockwave that damages and launches targets.
  • Soul Swarm - The souls of slain prisoners tear at your flesh.
    • Passive pulsing damage that deals 40% of your health when you stand in or beyond the spears that ring the arena.
  • Spear Impact - Samarog's spear hits the ground, dealing damage in an area. The spear persists, applying fear or taunt to targets in its range.
    • Samarog selects a position to place a spear. Being caught inside the AoE of the spear upon placement will cause a massive amount of damage (~80% max health).
  • Spear Return - Samarog summons all turrets back, dealing massive damage to targets who are caught in the projectile's path.
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Stats of encounter relevant enemies[edit]

Enemy Health Defiance Bar
Samarog (CM) 40,000,000 4,500
Samarog 29,493,000 4,500
Guldhem 3,262,600
Rigom 296,600
Spear 104,580


  • Samarog has 2597 armor (1374 toughness and 1223 defense).
  • Samarog has a 420 range diameter hitbox, which is considered large.


  • A mechanic in the fight with Samarog originally involved a game of "poisonous hot potato" but was cut for technical reasons. Samarog would place poison on a player and have the effect stack to damage the player and the area around the affected player over time. To remove the poison, the player had to select another player and use a special action button to transfer the condition on to them, thus resetting the poison stacks. The act would put the player's transfer skill on a cooldown so they could not immediately transfer the condition to another player if they were targeted with the effect again.[4]
  • Samarog was called the Warden during development of the raid wing. Its finalized name, Samarog, is a tribute to Guild Wars 2 Creature Artist Samantha Rogers who conceptualized it and many other creatures.[5]
  • Samarog's race has been deliberately left ambiguous for the playerbase to speculate on.[6]

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