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A supply caravan.

Supply caravans are dolyaks that deliver supplies from resource camps to other nearby objectives. Each successful delivery adds 30 supply to towers, 50 supply to keeps, 60 supply to Stonemist Castle, and also progresses objective upgrades for both the delivery target and the camp by 1.

Supply caravans can be identified on the map by their icon: Event Caravan.png


Pack Dolyak locations[edit]

The Mists

Arid Pack Dolyak locations[edit]


Event Caravan.png Defend your supply caravan (80)
Event Caravan.png Stop the enemy supply caravan (80)

Related objective upgrades[edit]

Automatic Upgrades[edit]

  • Caravan Guards Caravan Guards — Recruits guards to escort the camp's dolyak caravans.


  • Armored Dolyaks Armored Dolyaks - Dolyaks gain increased health and toughness.
  • Packed Dolyaks Packed Dolyaks - Dolyaks now carry twice as much supply.
  • Speedy Dolyaks Speedy Dolyaks - Dolyaks gain superspeed.


  • Invulnerable Dolyaks Invulnerable Dolyaks - Activate this Tactic to make the next set of dolyaks invincible, guaranteeing that they will reach their destination.



With Caravan Guards upgrade[edit]


  • Defeating the pack dolyak stops the supply caravan and will immediately despawn any associated guards.
  • There is a small chance to obtain up to 7 supply upon defeating a caravan.