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Supply caravans are Pack Dolyaks that deliver supplies from resource camps to other nearby objectives. Each successful delivery adds 30 supply to towers and 40 supply to keeps.


  • Pack Dolyaks can be found on every WvW map. They are color-coded to the appropriate "owning" map (red, green, blue). "Friendly" dolyaks will show a green icon, enemies will show in red.


Event Caravan.png
Defend your supply caravan (80)
Event Caravan.png
Stop the enemy supply caravan (80)

Related objective upgrades[edit]

  • Hire Caravan Guard Hire Caravan Guard — adds an veteran guard and veteran scout to the supply caravan
  • Increase Supply Deliveries Increase Supply Deliveries — adds 60 supply to towers and 80 supply to keeps for each successful delivery


  • Defeating the Pack Dolyak stops the supply caravan.
  • Defeating the Pack Dolyak gives a chance to get 7 supply to every person who tagged the event.