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Qadim the Peerless

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the NPC in The Key of Ahdashim. For the NPC in Mythwright Gambit, see Qadim.

I emerged from the Forge with greater vision. The future will be what I deem it to be.

Qadim the Peerless

Qadim the Peerless is the evolved form of Qadim after he was infused with the chaotic magic of the Mythwright Cauldron. Believing himself to have become a greater being, he intends to consume and twist the magic of the Well of Ahdashim to rule over all djinn and build a new world in his image.


Primary article: Qadim#The Key of Ahdashim


Crystal Desert

Combat abilities[edit]

For walkthrough, see: The Key of Ahdashim#Qadim the Peerless
  • Chaos Djinn
  • Mystic Forged
Arena Skills
Entropic Distortion Skills
Stolen skills


Event Rewards

Related achievements[edit]

Health of encounter relevant enemies[edit]

Enemy Health Defiance bar
Qadim the Peerless (CM) 51,000,000 ???
Qadim the Peerless 47,188,800 ???
Entropic Distortion 189,288 400
Pylon 1,000


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Associated items


  • Qadim the Peerless has 1374 toughness.
  • Qadim the Peerless has a 400 range diameter hitbox.