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Mad King's Labyrinth

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Map of Mad King's Labyrinth

Mad King's Realm

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The Mad King's Labyrinth is an area in the Mad King's Realm that's only accessible during Halloween. It uses the same layout as the Lunatic Inquisition activity and contains multiple Halloween creatures, Haunted Doors, Carving Pumpkins, and Raw Candy Corn veins.

Getting there[edit]

Haunted Doors in the decorated festival areas outside of each race's capital city will send you to the northwestern waypoint, despite having the appearance of Mad King Door (map icon).png Mad King Doors.

On both sides, players can use a stone portal near the Lunatic Boatmaster to teleport down into the actual labyrinth.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Mad King's Labyrinth Waypoint —
Waypoint (map icon).png Mad King's Labyrinth Waypoint —



Halloween creatures


These services are summoned by Mad King's Steward:


Halloween creatures

(All foes above level 80 are spawned by events.)

Historical foes


Locations of Carving Pumpkins in the Mad King's Labyrinth.

Ambient dialogue[edit]

The King and the ghost of Palawa Joko, towering above the labyrinth as they argue.
Mad King Thorn: My greatest rival...Palawa Joko.
Mad King Thorn: I suppose you were killed for real this time, hmmm?
Palawa Joko: My, my, Oswald! Are you beginning to wilt? A few centuries in this void of misery has done very little for your complexion.
Mad King Thorn: And you look a bit...pale, dear Palawa. You could use a tan. Or some flesh.
Mad King Thorn: When do you go back?
Palawa Joko: Back where?
Mad King Thorn: To the masticated carcass you crawled out of. I tire of your presence.
Palawa Joko: This is the most fun I've had since I was devoured by that self-righteous dragon mutt! I'm not going anywhere.
Palawa Joko: We should get bunk coffins!
Mad King Thorn: Ugh.
Palawa Joko: How would you feel if I erected a statue of, well, myself? Right there in the middle of the labyrinth?
Mad King Thorn: What's the most popular drink at a Svanir party?
Mad King Thorn: Icebrood tea.
Mad King Thorn: (sly laughter)
Palawa Joko: Disgusting.
Mad King Thorn: Why do you look so smug?
Palawa Joko: I was just recounting my many feats, my triumphs... Conquering gods, bringing Elona to its knees.
Palawa Joko: How I miss the tickle of the hot desert sun on my cheeks...
Mad King Thorn: Hmph, I can smell the stench of your rotting, burning flesh already.
Palawa Joko: No, that would be your sixth wife. Illiyan was a lovely woman, the poor dear.
Mad King Thorn: Rescind that slander. Illiyan was my favorite.
Palawa Joko: Say, why do you suppose the Ascalonians quit their day jobs after the Searing?
Mad King Thorn: Because they were all incompetent hooligans?
Palawa Joko: They got burnt out! (laugh)
Mad King Thorn: Damn it. That's a good one.
Mad King Thorn: Oh, I have a brilliant idea. Let's play a game of Mad King Says!
Palawa Joko: No.
Mad King Thorn: It's my absolute favorite. I order you to do something, and you do it. But only if I say "Your Mad King says" first.
Palawa Joko: Oh, sweet misery. Grant me a swift, painless end... Or even an excruciating end if it means escaping this torture.
Mad King Thorn: Your Mad King says...
Mad King Thorn: Touch your toes!
Mad King Thorn: Oh wait, you don't have any!
Palawa Joko: are impenetrable.
Palawa Joko: You need to have a little more respect for your elders, Thorn.
Palawa Joko: You are in the presence of Joko the Inevitable.
Mad King Thorn: The Inevitable? And what's so inevitable about you, mm? Oh, is it the smell?
Mad King Thorn: (boisterous laughter) ...Funny 'cause it's true.
Palawa Joko: Ha! Ha! Ha! Your sense of humour matches your taste in fashion: decrepit and—quite frankly—a little overstated.
Mad King Thorn: Joko the Feared? How about Joko the Weird! Ha!
Mad King Thorn: Knock, knock.
Palawa Joko: Oh, who is there?
Mad King Thorn: Stop that, no—
Palawa Joko: A visitor! At this hour! Oh, I must pull out the fine silverware. Oh! Where did I leave the good bottle of blood?
Mad King Thorn: Gone. My joke is gone.
Palawa Joko: I must say, Thorn, I quite like your garb. It's suave...menacing, even. The flames give it a certain gravitas.
Mad King Thorn: Why, thank you.
Palawa Joko: And that pumpkin head of yours! Yes, it's far more fitting for that big, callous brain you've got stuffed in there!
Palawa Joko: Or is it filled to the brim with pumpkin guts? Oh, I can't tell the difference.
Mad King Thorn: Well, your face looks like Lady Wisteria Whiskington!
Palawa Joko: Why, thank you! I've always loved a good cat.
Mad King Thorn: Palawa, how do you like your steak?
Palawa Joko: Raw, dripping with blood. Still wailing in the background...
Mad King Thorn: Curious. I prefer mine charr-broiled.
Palawa Joko: Charr jokes went out of fashion a century past, Thorn.
Mad King Thorn: Says who, a charr?
Mad King Thorn: Joko, tell me once more about how you conquered Balthazar. A brilliant victory...
Mad King Thorn: Oh, wait, you didn't! (laugh) That's right.
Palawa Joko: Ah, I remember that day well. We were atop the Kodash Bazaar. Swords drawn—
Mad King Thorn: Liar!
Palawa Joko: Balthy knew well my infamy, my prowess. He succumbed to my power almost immediately.
Mad King Thorn: Blah, blah, blah.
Palawa Joko: And then there was Cranky Kralky... Oh, what a battle that was.
When Madame Cookie appears somewhere
Madame Cookie: I'd just gotten used to Thorn's banter, but now I have to listen to that undead sack of dragon bile as well? (coughing) ...Hairball.
Madame Cookie: Neither of these fools know what it means to bring a landscape to ruin. I was birthed from chaos.
Madame Cookie: (clears throat) “Meow.”
Madame Cookie: I just want to sleep and make the most of my forced retirement.
Madame Cookie: The bindings that keep us trapped in this realm are surprisingly...formidable.
Madame Cookie: I brought ruin to thousands! I leveled cities and destroyed civilizations...and yet, here I sit.
Madame Cookie: Everyone keeps offering me treats. I miss the stench of rotting carnage.
Madame Cookie: I once had talons the size of castles! Now I am a cat.
Madame Cookie: “Meo—” Oh, screw it.

Historical dialogue[edit]

The King and the Prince, towering above the labyrinth as they argue.
Edrick's "tantrums"
Mad King Thorn: I forgot how much your little tantrums bored me, Eddie.
Bloody Prince Thorn: It's Edrick! Edrick the Bloody! Let's see how bored you'll be when I tear you limb from limb, you maniac.
Mad King Thorn: Ooh, getting all emotional, I see. Why don't you run home to momma and cry.
Bloody Prince Thorn: I can't. You beheaded her.
Mad King Thorn: Best birthday ever. What about your stepmother, Estrella?
Bloody Prince Thorn: You put her in a coffin filled with rats and bumped it into the sea! Henrietta was the only one who was kind to me, and you killed her, too.
Mad King Thorn: No, my massacring little moppet. That was you. (laugh) You decided to play Pin the Tail on the Drake with her.
Mad King Thorn: Of course, you literally nailed her hands to the drake. (laugh)
Bloody Prince Thorn: You...stop. Stop laughing! I...I did that? I remember the hammer. All that blood.
Mad King Thorn: Oh, you never liked her. And she bored me. Besides, I was proud of you for that.
Bloody Prince Thorn: Really?
Mad King Thorn: No. You've always been a major disappointment.
Name struck from history
Bloody Prince Thorn: How dare you. You struck my name from history!
Mad King Thorn: I would have given it back to you the moment you learned your lesson.
Bloody Prince Thorn: But I died in that box!
Mad King Thorn: What can I say? You were always a slow learner.
Starvation and candy corn
Bloody Prince Thorn: I will draw out your death, Father. I learned things in that box. Starvation is a slow, agonizing death.
Mad King Thorn: Oh, you're still whining about that. I gave you food.
Bloody Prince Thorn: You locked me in there with a mouth full of candy corn! That's not food. That's...your idea of a joke.
Mad King Thorn: Oh, look. The starving boy is being picky. You always were a whiner.
Bloody Prince Thorn: I don't see why you're so shocked. Your subjects butchered you. You should be used to uprisings.
Bloody Prince Thorn: After all, you killed your father. It's time history repeated itself.
Mad King Thorn: So your plan here is poetic irony? Ooh, I'm so scared. Bloody Prince Thorn. (laughs)

Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Raw Candy Corn

Related achievements[edit]



  • This area was first introduced with the October 22, 2012 update, as part of the Shadow of the Mad King release. During this time, Haunted Doors were all the same type and champions could spawn from them.
    • The zone has returned for every following Halloween.
  • It was added back into the game with the October 15, 2013 update, as part of the Blood and Madness release. During this time, Haunted Doors were split into two types and the champion spawns were replaced with unique legendary creatures.
  • With the Halloween event starting October 17, 2017, Mounts (released in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire), and Gliding (released in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns), are now allowed within the Labyrinth, with restrictions: King Thorn has graciously deigned to allow gliding and mounts in his Labyrinth. Please do not glide, jump, float, teleport, or otherwise traverse over the maze walls in an attempt to cheat at the maze, damage the scenery, or harass the royal family—trespassers will be punished.release notes