Lonely Tower Fractal

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Lonely Tower Fractal

Fractals of the Mists

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Immediately following the foundation of the Astral Ward, Eparch finally returned to Tyria to strike back against Isgarren's "betrayal"–this time, with a full entourage. Help Isgarren, Mabon, and Dagda navigate the crumbling halls of the Wizard's Tower and push the Kryptis back where they came from.

— Official description

The Lonely Tower Fractal is a fractal dungeon at scales 25, 50, 75 and 100. The fractal relives a past event occurring within The Wizard's Tower.


  • Red Boss.png Meet Dessa and assist with her experiments.
    • Fractal Difficulty Scale: x
    • Personal Fractal Level: x
    • Defend the tower.
    • Dispel the Kryptis corruption powering the barrier by repairing astral purifiers.
    • Astral Purifiers Repaired
    • Event bar empty2.jpg
    • Track down the other enemy.
    • Dispel the Kryptis corruption blocking the way forward.
    • Drive out the demons.
    • Deimos
    • Event bar white.jpg Red Boss.png
    • Cerus
    • Event bar white.jpg Red Boss.png
    • Regroup with Isgarren.
    • Incarnation of Judgment remaining: x
    • Defeat Eparch.
    • Event bar white.jpg Red Boss.png


Primary article: Fractals of the Mists#Rewards


Astral Purifiers[edit]

Players must interact with each purifier and complete the minigame before the Aquatic Ruins Chest Disabled.png Time Running Out effect runs out. Additionally, three Avatar of Spite will spawn (only a single one will spawn at the lone purifier after the second hazard filled corridor) and will explode and interrupt these players upon reaching them, this can be mitigated with stability or by killing the Avatar of Spite. Each purifier requires 10 correct inputs to complete.

Note - This maybe a bug but it works everytime you try it for now even in CM.

The Purifiers work as an on/off switch when you first interact with it. If one player interacts with it and starts doing the puzzle and spawns the mobs while another player interacts with the same purifier then the mobs will despawn for that purifier. The second player does not need to do the minigame. It can be failed or the bundle can be dropped.

Cerus & Deimos[edit]

The player closest to each boss will receive either the Fixated.png Cerus's Focus or Fixated.png Deimos's Focus effect. The fixated players must separate both bosses to prevent them from gaining the Icy Echoes.png Brothers United effect.

Achievement effect.png Achievement Eligibility: Brothers, Together

Empowered (Mursaat Overseer).png Empowered

Devour.png Devour

Potential strategies
  • Stacking them both is a possible strategy. The black oil from Deimos does minimum damage even in T4, though the oil does also hide AoEs indicators from other attacks like Deimos's Demonic Shockwave or Cerus's puddles. When Cerus gives a player a timed bomb on their head they must run far away before the timer expires. Hands spawn on the player furthest from Deimos. Take special care if the Mistlock Instability Afflicted.png Mistlock Instability: Afflicted mistlock is active, as each tick of damage from the hands gives conditions(in addition to 5 stacks of torment per damage tick from the hands).
  • In Challenge Mode: Prebuff, enter and stack behind the first pillar to drop off the Cerus puddles. Stack at Cerus or Deimos. However if you stack at Cerus, the hands will spawn and will take some time to move to Deimos causing your team to get hit by the hands. If you stack on Deimos, the hands spawned will be taken up by Deimos instantly.


Downing removes all attunements from said player.

The fight starts with Eparch doing one of the two patterns, the spiral AoE or the Fire Shockwave Slam. If no player is in close proximity (inside/touching the hitbox) then he does the Spiral AoE else he does the Fire Shockwave Slam.

General pattern
  • If players are in melee range of boss - Fire Shockwave (Red) -> Spiral AoE (Blue) -> Arrow (Green) -> Spin (Orange) -> Arrow (Green) -> Shard AoE (Purple)
  • If players are out of range of boss -> Spiral AoE (Blue) -> Fire Shockwave (Red) -> Arrow (Green) -> Spin (Orange) -> Arrow (Green) -> Shard AoE (Purple)

If there is a never a player touching the hitbox of Eparch, he will never do Fire Shockwave (Red) attack. The general pattern becomes same as above but without Red orbs spawning. The boss will attempt to move towards a player(for ~3 seconds), if Eparch comes close to the player's hitbox then he does the Fire Shockwave (Red) attack.

The arrow attack corrupts boons on-hit. Eparch raises his hands and throws the attack towards the arrows diagonally downward. It may be dodged by dodging forward into Eparch, by staying inside his hitbox, or by staying far away between the arrows(Jumping may cause you to get hit by the arrow attack if you are close to the boss but not inside his hitbox). Stability is corrupted into Fear, so be careful with boons.

Globules of emotion will spawn after Eparch uses attacks. Each attack has a corresponding emotion. Collecting globules of one emotion will provide the respective attunement effect. Collecting globules of other emotions will each remove a stack of any existing attunement before granting the respective attunement.

When his defiance bar unlocks, Eparch gains permanent barrier and consumes all current globules, gaining the respective empowerment listed below. Successfully breaking the bar will remove varying stacks of each empowerment depending on the fractal tier. Concurrently, Eparch will target one player with the Scion's Absorption.png Consume effect. The targeted player's attunement stacks will first be depleted before applying permanent stacks of the Scion's Absorption.png Consumed effect. Interacting with any globule removes one stack each.

The pull only does damage if it's pulling you, i.e if you're at the center of his hitbox it will do no damage. But this will not work with certain Mistlock instabilities (like Toxic trail, Flux bomb). It is possible to outheal the pull if he has fewer than 5 stacks of Rage Attunement.png Rage (Red) even in CM. The pull seems to be doing a lot of damage but actually that is not the case, since he pulls you into his other AoEs (Like Spiral AoE that spawns Despair Attunement.png Despair (Blue) orbs) hence amplifying the damage and reducing healing received due to a combination of Eparch's own attunement, Agony applied from Spiral AoE and sometimes Mistlock Instabilities (Like Toxic Trail).

The slam portion of the shockwave cannot be blocked, but invulnerability, dodge or distortion can be used. There's is a small delay between the animation and damage instance, so you must jump/dodge early(When he's just about to bring his hammer down from the top of his head, not when it's about to touch the ground). It is player targetted with no indicator, if you dodge through the boss and you're the target, the boss will turn around and hammer you.

Shard AoEs, the attack where he stabs the ground and spawns small circles under you while spawning Malice Attunement.png Malice (Purple) orbs, hits for 9 times. You must keep moving. This pattern can overlap with other patterns, i.e it will continue while he's doing a different pattern.

Eparch does ~7 patterns before entering a breakbar phase. (In Challenge Mode, this count is carried over between phases, i.e if he did 4 attacks before phasing, when he returns, he will do 3 patterns before entering a breakbar phase.)

Challenge mode changes
  1. Clearing the breakbar does not remove stacks of attunement from Eparch.
  2. The Scion's Absorption.png Consume debuff cannot be removed by interacting with globules. The longer it takes to clear the breakbar, the more stacks of Scion's Absorption.png Consume will be applied to the player, thus reducing more attributes and making it more difficult to survive.
  3. Each breakbar cleared makes subsequent breakbars harder due to stacks of Ion Shield.png Determination.
  4. At 65%, Eparch flies up and becomes Determined.png Invulnerability. 2 rifts open to the left and right of Eparch. Each rift spawns one Champion Incarnation of Cruelty or Champion Incarnation of Judgement with many other lesser mobs. If the mobs reach the area close to Eparch's flying body, a tether is created towards Eparch, causing the mob to be absorbed and giving him stacks of attunement. The phase does not end until the rifts close.
    • Rifts can be closed in 2 ways, one way is to kill the champion and then close the rift by going to the white AoE that spawns. Another way is by having ~10 stacks of Gluttony Attunement.png Gluttony (Orange) and cleaving the small ones. The attunement provides lifesteal that directly kills the rift if you're hitting it.[verification requested] If the rift is closed this way, the Champion mob will despawn. Stacks of attunement on the player can be lost if Eparch consumes the said player.
  5. At 35%, the split phase repeats but instead of 2, now there are 3 rifts that need to be closed.
Tips and tricks for Challenge Mode
  • It's recommended to aim for fewer than 3 stacks of either Envy Attunement.png Envy (Green) or Rage Attunement.png Rage (Red) before 66%.
  • It seems that Eparch prefers targeting the same person for Consume (You can see a tether towards said player).[verification requested]
  • During the rift phase, it is recommended to communicate and wait for the Spin pattern before phasing.
  • Different attacks spawn different orbs. Knowing/tracking which attacks spawn which orbs and moving early can make it easier for him to have fewer stacks of attunement.
  • When he does Consume he takes the stacks of attunement from said player, i.e if player had 6 stacks of attunement it will be taken by the boss. That is why sometimes you will see him get stacks even when there's no orbs on the ground.
  • It is essential to remove any stacks of Envy Attunement.png Envy (Green) and Rage Attunement.png Rage (Red) by interacting with either Despair Attunement.png Despair (Blue) or Regret Attunement.png Regret (Yellow) or Malice Attunement.png Malice (Purple).
  • Maths session tips - If you took 6 stacks of Envy Attunement.png Envy (Green) then you must take a total of 6 stacks of other attunements to make sure you don't have any left of Green. Same for Rage Attunement.png Rage (Red).
  • Do not touch Gluttony Attunement.png Gluttony (Orange) orbs unless assigned to.
Mechanic Attunement
Description Empowerment
Spiral AoEs Despair Attunement.png Despair (Blue) Decreased incoming damage.
Decreased outgoing damage.
Despair Attunement.png Despair Decreased incoming damage.
Arrows Envy Attunement.png Envy (Green) Increased effect of boons and conditions.
Take more damage from conditions.
Envy Attunement.png Envy Attacks corrupt boons.
Pull Gluttony Attunement.png Gluttony (Orange) Gain bonus life-stealing to attacks.
Take periodic damage.
Malice Attunement.png Gluttony Gain health when consuming emotions.
PBT Shard AoE's Malice Attunement.png Malice (Purple) Control effects last longer and deal more defiance damage. Malice Attunement.png Malice Attacks inflict conditions.
Fire Shock Wave Rage Attunement.png Rage (Red) Increased outgoing attack damage.
Increased incoming damage.
Rage Attunement.png Rage Increased outgoing damage.
Adds Regret Attunement.png Regret (Yellow) Decreased skill activation and recharge time.
Take damage when using skills.
Regret Attunement.png Regret Reflects incoming damage.


  • Players standing within Eparch's hitbox will not be hit by his arrow attack.
  • Resetting with fight with /gg does not reset the boss fully, he just gets back to 100% HP, i.e he will continue his pattern from where he left off(See General Pattern).
  • Eparch spawns all color orbs except Yellow in CM.
  • Sometimes it is possible to not collect orbs even after walking over them. Pressing F to collect them seems faster(Careful of allied portals).






Entering the fractal
Dessa: Careful, this one is active.
Dessa: What... What is this place? I can't place it anywhere in Tyria...
Dagda: Mabon. Isgarren. Pick a god and thank her for your survival...
Mabon: Where are the others?
Dagda: Dead.
Isgarren: All of them?
Dagda: Akeem and Vass. Waiting Sorrow is fine, but... She's in shock. Won't speak. Or move.
Mabon: Isgarren, I'm so—
Isgarren: We don't have time to mourn. If this wound continues to hemorrhage, we're all dead.
Isgarren: I'll look for the rotten imp. Carve a path forward.
Mabon: Ward, with us. Dagda, come.
Encountering the magic barrier
Mabon: I don't know this magic that blocks our path...
Entering the purifier room
(Deimos and Cerus were briefly seen in the room before disappearing)
Dagda: There they are. The ones that killed Vass.
After clearing the purifier room and going back to your allies
Mabon: Ah, you all made it. Good.
Mabon: Stay close. Eyes up.
After the final purifier
Mabon: Whenever you're ready.
After driving out Deimos and Cerus
Dagda: Turn your own realm to blood and bone.
Mabon: Isgarren is higher in the tower. Dagda, a portal? I'm still collecting my strength.
Dagda: There. I'll look for Waiting Sorrow and check on the rest of the ward. Go.
Regrouping with Isgarren
Isgarren: This place does not belong to you. Tyria belongs to no one! They've bowed to selfish deities for far too long.
Eparch: You refuse to harness its power, but you can feel it. I know you can, Isgarren.
After clearing out the Incarnation of Judgment
Isgarren: Mabon, we need to expel them from this plane. I hate to ask more of you, but please. Lend me what little strength remains.
Isgarren: The rest of you: protect your world. Protect Tyria!
After completing the fractal
Eparch: Cling to your valiance, Isgarren. One day I will rip it from your fingers.
Mabon: Eparch...? That was Eparch? You described a monster, not an army of them.
Isgarren: He's been busy.
Mabon: Will he come back?.
Isgarren: With even more fodder. But there's no telling what that might be.
Isgarren: We should tend to our wounded- where is Dagda?
Mabon: Isgarren-
Isgarren: No. There's nothing we can discuss that will make these next moments easier.

Related achievements[edit]


  • The June 4, 2024 game update implemented the following changes for the Eparch encounter:
    • Eparch's total health has been reduced.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Eparch to gain conditions from Malice Attunement.png Malice Empowerment instead of inflicting them when hitting enemies.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Regret Globules to apply Gluttony Attunement.png Gluttony Attunement.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed players to kill Eparch when he was unable to fight back.


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