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Stonemist Castle under attack.jpg

World versus World (also known as WvW) is a Player versus Player game mode where players from three different servers, or worlds, battle in the Mists. It features open-world combat on four large maps with up to several hundreds of players per map. In World versus World, players can besiege structures such as Keeps and Towers with siege weapons, battle over resources, and win rewards for their world. Find out more.

Hall of Monuments background flipped.png

The Hall of Monuments is a location accessible in Guild Wars. It provides a means for players to transfer in-game achievements in the original series to Guild Wars 2. Various achievements earned in Guild Wars translate into points, which unlock unique rewards for the player in Guild Wars 2.

Points are earned by dedicating (putting in the hall) weapons, armor sets, miniatures, heros and titles. When various milestones or specific achievements are placed in the hall, a player receives several points. Players can unlock unique items (armor, weapons, miniatures or pets) for the first thirty points, as well as titles every five points up to 50... Read more.

The world of Tyria has known conflict, chaos, and generations of war. Rarely has there been a time of peace in these troubled lands. The years since the Ascension of Kormir and the defeat of the Great Destroyer have been no different. There have been dangers. There have been adventures. The world is no longer the Tyria it once was—and yet, so many things are the same, beneath her troubled exterior. Read more.

Ascent to Madness loading screen.jpg
Mad King's Labyrinth loading screen.jpg

Halloween has a long history in Tyria, and in times past was always marked by the spirit of Mad King Thorn cavorting among the people unleashing his own brand of insanity. However, it's been over 250 years since he was last seen, and for most people he is merely a figure of folklore. Despite this, rumors persist among the populace that something wicked this way comes.

Shadow of the Mad King was the first major game release for Guild Wars 2 and went live on October 22 (PST). This new game update included a number of new features for all players to enjoy, new content to explore and see, and a week-long Halloween event. Read more.

The Lost Shores banner.jpg

The Lost Shores' is a permanent game release coming to Guild Wars 2 during November 2012. The content will involve the Sea of Sorrows and be scaled up to level 80, allowing players of any level to access the event. This content will launch on November 16th, 2012 at noon PST alongside a one-time event spanning three days. However, there will be hints and teasers appearing before then to build up the new content. Make sure to log in. Find out more.

Wintersday The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx banner.jpg

Wintersday is a special event for Guild Wars 2, running from December 14, 2012, through January 3, 2013. The content will involve the Toymaker Tixx and his massive airship toy workshop, which will visit every major city in Tyria. Find out more.

Flame and Frost Prelude banner.jpg

Flame and Frost: Prelude is a game release kicking off the first entry in a multipart Living Story series. The patch introduces persistent world changes to Tyria as well as new items, rotating daily achievements, laurels, dungeon changes, guesting, and world transfer fees. Find out more.

Flame and Frost The Gathering Storm banner.jpg

Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm is the second game release in the Flame and Frost Living Story series. The patch introduces guild missions, the new Spirit Watch map for structured PvP, an expanded pool of selectable daily achievements, and the ability to preview items on the Trading Post. Find out more.

Flame and Frost The Razing banner.jpg

Flame and Frost: The Razing is the penultimate game release in the Flame and Frost narrative. The update pits the cities of the Black Citadel and Hoelbrak against the Molten Alliance. Two new characters, Braham and Rox, require assistance from the heroes of Tyria to complete their missions. The Order of Whispers is at work to uncover the origin of the alliance formed between the dredge and Flame Legion. As the Molten Alliance continues to ravage the lands, it is time to begin the counteroffensive... Find out more.

Flame and Frost Retribution banner.jpg

Flame and Frost: Retribution is the final game release in the Flame and Frost narrative. The finale will have players finding and destroying Molten weapon facilities, a new dungeon, to put down the Molten Alliance once and for all. The release brings new features to Structured PvP and World versus World. New guild missions and gem store items will be available. Find out more.

The Secret of Southsun banner.jpg

The Secret of Southsun is a game release having adventurers heading back to Southsun Cove after the events of Lost Shores and Flame and Frost. Trouble is brewing among refugees displaced during Flame and Frost and the Consortium's vacation resort. Inspector Ellen Kiel will need help dealing with the Consortium, refugees, and mysterious animal attacks that have taken place. Find out more.

Last Stand at Southsun banner.jpg

Last Stand at Southsun is a release concluding the narrative begun in The Secret of Southsun. The culprit behind the recent wildlife attacks on Southsun Cove has been revealed. Adventurers will join with Inspector Ellen Kiel to capture Canach in his lair, and defend the settlements against his master plan. This release also brings new features to World versus World, updates to Custom PvP Arenas, and a new guild mission. Find out more.

Dragon Bash banner.jpg

In these times of trouble, Lion's Arch celebrates Tyria's defiant spirit by holding a Dragon Bash. In this release, come celebrate all month long with various games, surprises, rewards, and fireworks. Visit a decorated Lion's Arch, bet on Moa Races, compete in the Dragon Ball Arena, beat pinatas, and collect Zhaitaffy candy for dragon-themed rewards, such as holographic dragon wings! New Dragon Coffers hold a chance for the new Dragon's Jade weapon skins. If you didn't get enough bashing of The Shatterer or Claw of Jormag, fear not! Players can venture throughout Tyria to find dragon holograms and defeat their holographic minions. Don't miss the fireworks finale every two hours from June 14th-16th to receive a special dragon helm!

The event starts June 11 and the Dragon Effigy Lighting Ceremony finale starts June 18. Find out more.

Sky Pirates of Tyria banner.jpg

Sky Pirates of Tyria is a release continuing the events begun in Dragon Bash. The culprit behind the attack on the Ship's Council has been identified as Mai Trin, but she escaped. Now Inspector Kiel has found the Aetherblades' secret headquarters in Lion's Arch and is deputizing adventurers to help her bring the killer to justice. In addition, players can track down Aetherblade Caches scattered around Tyria within mini-dungeons and jumping puzzles. Players can also purchase Aetherblade armor skins from the Gem Store directly.

This update introduces a new scavenger hunt from Cassin Hoppal where players can follow in the footsteps of the founder of Lion's Arch: Cobiah Marriner. Find out more.

Bazaar of the Four Winds banner.jpg

Bazaar of the Four Winds is a release following the events of Dragon Bash. The magnificent Zephyr Sanctum has arrived in Tyria, carrying the Zephyrites, a peaceful and secluded people. Players must master the Aspects of Sun, Wind, and Lightning from the Zephyrites and travel along the new zone Labyrinthine Cliffs if they wish to reach the sanctum. Adventurers can participate in Sanctum Sprint, Belcher's Bluff, a scavenger hunt for Sky Crystals wielding the aspects, and much more. Players can also find Zephyr Sanctum Kite Baskets across Tyria and a scavenger hunt for large kite baskets. The release introduces the celestial prefix, which require recipes obtained from Zephyr Sanctum Supply Boxes. Players can purchase Kite Fortunes from the Gem Store. The release also introduces achievement rewards, including Radiant armor and Hellfire armor skins. Find out more.

Cutthroat Politics banner.jpg

Cutthroat Politics is a release continuing the narrative begun in Bazaar of the Four Winds. Two candidates, Captain Ellen Kiel and Captain Evon Gnashblade, are working to secure a trade agreement with the Zephyr Sanctum. However, the Zephyrites will only work with the candidate that has the support of Tyria behind them. The candidates are reaching out to the players, promising rewards and sponsoring entertainment such as new PvP activities: Aspect Arena and Southsun Survival. The election will also determine which new fractal will be created later in the year: Thaumanova Reactor or the Fall of Abaddon. In addition, adventurers can take part in a new PvE challenge mission: Candidate Trials. Adventurers now must put their support behind their desired candidate and determine the course of the Living World. Find out more.

Queen's Jubilee banner.jpg

Queen's Jubilee is a release celebrating the 10th anniversary of Queen Jennah's reign. The new Crown Pavilion has been built over the The Great Collapse that will be unveiled at the start. The Queen is holding several games for the occasion, including the Queen's Gauntlet with gambit conditions to increase difficult and rewards. Previous activities return in a daily rotation between Sanctum Sprint, Southsun Survival, Crab Toss, and Keg Brawl.

This update also introduces the Account Wallet making various currencies and dungeon tokens account-wide, as well as permanent finishers for PvP and WvW, a solo queue for sPvP, and new Supply Mastery for WvW. Rewards have been updated for Champions and Dungeons, providing more incentive to tackle the various dungeons and enemies. Find out more.

Clockwork Chaos banner.jpg

Clockwork Chaos is a release continuing the events begun in Queen's Jubilee. Queen Jennah will be addressing the nation of Kryta, rumored to contain a major surprise. However, the mysterious Scarlet Briar reveals herself and unleashes her clockwork minions across Tyria! Defend against the invasions and work with Emissary Vorpp to gain access to Scarlet's new stronghold within Tyria: Scarlet's Funhouse.

This release includes a celebration of the first anniversary for Guild Wars 2. Birthday Gifts will be sent out to characters reaching one year old. This release also adjusts the rate of World XP, introduces a new Trebuchet Mastery in WvW, and removes culling in PvE. Find out more.

Tequatl Rising banner.jpg

Tequatl Rising is a release involving Tequatl the Sunless, a dragon lieutenant found in Splintered Coast, Sparkfly Fen. Tequatl has evolved after his numerous defeats at the hands of adventurers, making the fight with the dragon a formidable challenge for only the bravest of adventurers to overcome. The changes include new attacks and abilities for Tequatl, changes to the turrets and mega laser mechanics, multiple phases, launch pads, and new rewards unique to the event. The other world boss events also received minor updates, making the battles less trivial and scale better with the number of players. The release also brings the long awaited Looking for Group tool, allowing players to form parties easily to play through events, dungeons, and other content. World versus World received a major update with Bloodlust in the Borderlands, where players must compete to capture ancient ruins at the lake in the center of every Borderland. The Gem Store has a new set of items available for the release. Find out more.

Twilight Assault banner.jpg

Twilight Assault is a release introducing a new path in Twilight Arbor, the Nightmare Court dungeon in Caledon Forest. Lionguard Turma has reasons to believe Scarlet Briar, the leader of the Aetherblades and the disruptor of the Queen's Jubilee, is up to something. This patch adds a new path to Twilight Arbor as well as new achievements, hairstyles and skins and also introduces an upgraded WvW Rewards system. Find out more.

Blood and Madness banner.jpg

Halloween has returned to Tyria, along with the Mad King—but a new menace has emerged to threaten both the Mad Realm and our world! Magister Tassi needs your help to keep everyone alive long enough to enjoy Tyria's annual spooky celebration!

Blood and Madness is a release introducing Bloody Prince Thorn, the ghost of Prince Edrick Thorn, son of King Oswald Thorn, with a new story instance and the return of Shadow of the Mad King 2012.This patch also introduces the WvW Season 1, starting at 18 October 2013, with new achievements, reward, titles, armor and weapon skins. Find out more.

TN banner.png

Some new trouble is growing in Kessex Hills. Carefully hidden by magic, the krait have been working tirelessly on a terror unlike anything seen before in Tyria. Marjory Delaqua and Kasmeer Meade are investigating the illusory curtain that's cloaking part of Viathan Lake, and they need your help! What secret lies behind the veil?

Tower of Nightmares is a release introducing the new living world story with a new skill Antitoxin Spray, new achievements, rewards, finisher, armor and weapon skins. Find out more.

The Nightmares Within banner.png

The dark tower in Kessex Hills has been breached! Now is the time to storm the tower and begin setting things to rights. Within the morbid stronghold of the Toxic Alliance, you'll find new dangers, new challenges, and come face-to-face with terror incarnate.

The Nightmares Within is a release introducing the Tower of Nightmares location with some new exclusive looks and new miniatures. Find out more.

Fractured banner.png

Delve Into the Fractals of the Mists

Explore great moments from Tyria's past and test your battle skills in this never-ending chain of dungeons that become more and more challenging the farther you go! Begin your battle through time and space in this infinitely challenging series of dungeons!

Fractured is a release introducing a major change to Fractals of the Mists with 3 new permanent fractals, 2 new fractal bosses and some new exclusive rewards. This release introduces too a new arena space added to Obsidian Sanctum that allows combat between opposing groups of players.Find out more.

A Very Merry Wintersday banner.png

Wintersday returns to Lion's Arch in the A Very Merry Wintersday release. All the wintery activities from last year return in full flurry. Tixx and his great Tixx's Infinirarium returns, an explorable dungeon to fight off toy creations and work together to defend the gift dolyaks in Toypocalypse. Players can battle their way across snowflake platforms exploding presents, and giant snowballs to get the gifts to the children in Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle. For less violent players, Bell Choir lets you bring Wintersday cheer with frost-themed tunes.

The release concludes the Tower of Nightmares story arc with The Nightmare Is Over and introduces the much-anticipated ascended armor. A new set of healing skills are available for acquisition along with skill and trait balance to the professions. The Gem Store offers appropriately-themed items for the event and new items such as Collection Expander. Find out more.

The Origins of Madness banner.jpg

The Origins of Madness starts the final arc for the first Living World chapter on January 21. Like the Mysterious Probes scattered around Tyria, the arc probes the reasons behind Scarlet Briar's exploits and deeds that have been causing havoc in Tyria for the past year. The probes aggravate the creatures of the depths and enormous wurms arise from beneath the earth. A monstrous Twisted Marionette, Scarlet's twisted humor, guards the operation of the probes. The heroes must face down these threats and work with Rox, Braham, Kasmeer Meade, Marjory Delaqua, and a new asuran ally to unveil Scarlet's true intentions. Find out more.

The Edge of the Mists banner.jpg

The Edge of the Mists release introduces The Edge of the Mists, a new World versus World map players can access at any time. The map provides a location for players to participate in while they are in the queue for World versus World. Players can fight for supply drops to their respective keeps in the primary WvW maps. The Edge of the Mists was revealed after Scarlet Briar ripped open a portal to The Mists and heroes must journey to defend it. This portal has cause spatial disruptions elsewhere in the world as well. Find out more.

Escape from Lion's Arch banner.jpg

Escape from Lion's Arch was released on the 18th of February, and concerns the fate of Lion's Arch as Scarlet Briar leads her troops into the city. Scarlet and her army held nothing back against the city. Nothing was spared and all corners of the city were hit, which resulted in scattered citizens and crumbling buildings. Her army is now using deadly miasma to force anyone remaining either to leave or die. She deployed her drill into the harbor, which is sure to help further her plan. Find out more.

Battle for Lion's Arch banner.jpg

Battle for Lion's Arch continues the events of Escape from Lion's Arch, where the Lionguard and the Orders band together to fight back against Scarlet's ruinous invasion. Players will continue to skirmish with the Molten Alliance, Toxic Alliance, and Aetherblades forces. The mysterious technology involving the Eternal Alchemy first seen in Triple Trouble makes a return, where players must defeat the three knights guarding the monolithic drill scouring Lion's Arch bay. Once defeated, players can enter a portal to the drill and face Scarlet in a final battle. The climactic battle will answer many of the burning questions behind Scarlet's actions and bring changes that will shake the land of Tyria to the core. And Kasmeer will do plenty of hiccuping. Find out more...

Battle for Lion's Arch Aftermath banner.jpg

Battle for Lion's Arch: Aftermath release shows the aftermath of what players experience in the Battle for Lion's Arch and will conclude the current story arc. This release introduces the WvW Spring Tournament 2014 starting on March 28 and running through May 30 and also removes the ability to gain glory in Structured PvP in preparation for the new spvp rewards system. Find out more...

April 2014 Feature Pack banner.png

The April 2014 Feature Pack is out! Players can obtain 40 new grandmaster traits by exploring the world or purchasing traits from a trainer. This comes alongside repairing armor for free and resetting your traits at any time. Ferocity is a new primary attribute with Critical Damage now a secondary attribute. The update also brings the wardrobe, which streamlines the transmutation process and makes it easier than ever to customize character appearance. Structured PvP has a multitude of changes including the removal of glory and a new map. Finally, the megaserver system completely overhauls how players get together in the world, removing the home world concept and grouping by your connections with other players. Find out more...

Festival of the Four Winds 2014 banner.jpg

Festival of the Four Winds is a release bringing back Zephyr Sanctum and The Crown Pavilion. The Labyrinthine Cliffs will be Chinese-themed in celebration of the China release. Players will be able to search for shards, race in Sanctum Sprint, battle in the Aspect Arena, on dolyaks? The Crown Pavilion returns with players battling hordes of foes and the Queen's Gauntlet will be available for more attempts to finally defeat Liadri the Concealing Dark. Find out more...

Gates of Maguuma

Gates of Maguuma begins Season 2 of the Living World as the Zephyr Sanctum is brought down over the Maguuma Wastes. Players join Marjory, Kasmeer, Rox, Braham, and Taimi to investigate and help the Zephyrites.

This release introduces a new zone: Dry Top, west of the Brisban Wildlands. It also introduces the Story Journal, allowing palyers to track and replay the story of Season 2, and unlock new achievements. Find out more...

Entanglement banner.jpg

Entanglement continues Season 2 of the Living World with a growing threat from Dry Top. Players are alerted to trouble in Prosperity where Taimi was left alone to research. Meet up with Braham to check on her, continue the search for the ley line hub, and learn more about the mysterious figure watching from the cliff.

This release opens a new episode in the Story Journal, including new achievements, and a new Ambrite weapon set. Find out more...

The Dragon's Reach Part 1 banner.jpg

Mordremoth's reach grows as his corruption spreads across the whole of Tyria, even as far as the Iron Marches. The racial leaders are called to unite against this new threat. However, they have their own problems to deal with, including ghosts and other dragon minions, and more waypoints are being wrapped in vines, threatening the stability of the network. Players must help the leaders come together and unite the races once more as Taimi works to fix the waypoints.

This release continues Season 2 of the Living World with a new episode in the Story Journal, new achievements, the start of a new progressive back item, and new kites in the Buried Locked Chests. Find out more...

The Dragon's Reach Part 2 banner.jpg

In this mid-season finale for Season 2 of the Living World, problems arise for the human leader, Queen Jennah, who has been accused of conspiring with Scarlet in the attack on Divinity's Reach. Players must work with Kasmeer and Countess Anise to clear the queen's name so she can attend the summit. Meanwhile, the asuran representative, Councilor Phlunt, continues to interfere with Taimi's research. With all the world leaders in one place, however, the summit may prove too dangerous as Mordremoth's power grows.

This release introduces a new area of Dry Top, new achievements, a new Maguuma Wastes Reward Track for PvP, and the final step for the Mysterious Vine begun in the previous release. Find out more...

September 2014 Feature Pack banner.png

The September 2014 Feature Pack is out, bringing plenty of quality of life changes for all players. Check out our overview of the skill balance changes. Guilds are now global and the Trading Post has been redesigned with a sleek, new interface and multiple improvements. The crafting interface is improved and progressive backpacks are introduced. These compliment a more rewarding level experience with individual level rewards and changes to personal story progression. The Hero panel and Wardrobe have new tabs for finishers, outfits, and miniatures. Achievement categories have been reorganized and new collections achievements are introduced.

Commander tags are now account wide and can switch between four colors at any time. WvW players have a new Siege Golem Mastery ability along with the Siege Disabler trick. The patch brings the Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series for PvP players, along with standard enemy models option in Team Arenas and Custom Arena. This release also introduces two exclusive sets of armor and the Glorious Reward Track. Find out more...

Blood and Madness banner.jpg

In this Blood and Madness release, Halloween has returned to Tyria once again, bringing new rewards to sweeten the experience. Players can once again join Magister Tassi to confront the Bloody Prince Thorn as he attempts to enter Tyria. The Mad Realm is open as well, allowing players to fight in the Mad King's Labyrinth or Lunatic Inquisition, or even attempt the Mad King's Clock Tower. Rewards have been upgraded to include new minis, consumables, recipes, and even the new Hexed Outfit.

This release also brings new Halloween achievements, two collections, and a Halloween Reward Track for PvP. Find out more.

Echoes of the Past banner.jpg

The Living World returns in Echoes of the Past as the fight moves further into the Maguuma Wastes towards Mordremoth. Players must reunite with the Pact and old friends to join in the fight against the Elder Dragon's armies.

This release opens a new episode in the Story Journal, a new zone: The Silverwastes, the beginning of two new armor sets, and new achievements for the current and earlier episodes. Find out more.

Tangled Paths banner.jpg

The battle against Mordremoth's forces continue in the Silverwastes, leading into newly discovered underground caverns with new threats. Players will need to coordinate their attack on the map against the Mordrem enemies. Meanwhile, the Zephyrite masters continue to search for the Master of Peace, who has carried his precious cargo behind enemy lines.

This release opens a new episode in the Story Journal, including new achievements, another new armor piece, and new rewards for Bandit Crests.

Find out more.

Seeds of Truth banner.jpg

The Pact continues to fight Mordremoth in the Silverwastes. The local skritt have allowed players to use their skritt tunnels, opening new areas for exploration. Meanwhile, with Caithe gone and the egg in her possession, the only hope lies with the Pale Tree and the Dream. Players must re-live the terrible memories of Caithe's past to find a hint to where she might be hidden.

This release adds a new episode in the Story Journal, including new achievements, a new Drydock Scratch|jumping puzzle, two new Carapace and Luminescent armor pieces, and new rewards for Bandit Crests. In addition, PvP received updates to Team and Solo Arenas, as well as map selection, matchmaking and leaderboard improvements, and Dishonor changes. Find out more.

A Very Merry Wintersday banner.jpg

Wintersday returns as the celebration moves to Divinity's Reach, bringing the wintery activities from last year back in full flurry. Players can once again fight off toy creations in Tixx's Infinirarium, defend gift dolyaks in Toypocalypse, practice their jumping skills in Winter Wonderland, or join in the Bell Choir for some festive music. PvP players can also join in on Snowball Mayhem. Rewards have been upgraded to include new minis, tonics, and skins, as well as a Wintersday tree for your home instance, a new Star of Gratitude for extra Empyreal Fragments, and a Wintersday Reward Track.

In addition, updates have been made to the Daily achievement system to focus on specific types of content, and a new login rewards system has been added. For Structured PvP, the new PvP ladder test season begins for the next month. World vs. World Sneak Attack event begins today as well. Find out more.

Super Adventure Festival banner.jpg

The Super Adventure Box returns as a yearly festival! Available until April 19th, players can again fight through World 1 and World 2 to rescue Princess Miya from Lord Vanquish, or make an attempt at completing Tribulation Mode. New achievements, orange weapons, and guild halls decorations are also available. Find out more.

Special event: A Very Merry Wintersday

As the days get shorter and the year is coming to an end, it is time to ring in the festive season once more. From December 15 until January 5, Toymaker Tixx and his trusty golem Toxx return to spread some holiday cheer (and chaos) with their wondrous workshop. Join in the festivities and participate in the Bell Choir, show your jumping skills in the Winter Wonderland, explore the Secret Lair of the Snowmen and warm Freezie's frozen heart, and lead your team to victory in Snowball Mayhem. Of course, there's also gifts and brand new rewards waiting.
Happy Holidays!


Current release: ChampionsChapter 1: Truce

Take part in the Icebrood Saga's multichapter finale and discover what Chapter 1: Truce has to offer!
What's worse than one dragon wreaking havoc? That's right. Two dragons. Stirring from his slumber, Primordus sends his minions to set Tyria's main city hubs ablaze. Meanwhile, Jormag continues to blur the lines between enemy and friend, trying to win you over. Can you really trust the scheming ice dragon?
Gather your friends and allies to counter the attacks in special Dragon Response Missions and cement your victory by defeating dragon champions. Team up with the Order of the Crystal Bloom, one of the first allied factions to come help you in your mission. Of course, there's rewards, too! Unlock the new Dragon Slayer Mastery Track, collect new Dragon Slayer weapons and Volcanic Stormcaller weapons, and get your hands on the new Crystal Bloom Axe.


Special event: Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year!

Join the annual festivities in The Crown Pavilion to celebrate the Canthan New Year! This year's zodiac animal is the ox — making 2021 the year of prosperity through diligence, determination, and hard work. Test your luck by purchasing Lucky Envelopes or Black Lion Chest Keys! Alternatively, light fireworks around the pavilion, play Dragon Ball Arena, partake in the Celestial Challenge, show your prowess in the Firecracker Lighting adventure or participate in a race. Lastly, don't forget to honor ox by wearing the Lucky Great Ox Lantern backpack to celebrate in style!


Current release: ChampionsChapter 2: Power

Take part in the Icebrood Saga's multichapter finale and discover what Chapter 2: Power has to offer!

Beset by the rampaging forces of Primordus, Tyria's defenders face an uneasy ceasefire with Jormag. As the conflict grows, makeshift alliances will be tested as the Elder Dragons gather their strength. Face the conflict head-on and become the champion Tyria needs in the second chapter of The Icebrood Saga's climactic finale.