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Disambig icon.png This article is about the activity. For the achievement category, see Belcher's Bluff (achievements).

Belcher's Bluff is an activity where players must bluff their opponent into intoxication by drinking raw omnomberry juice. Before you can challenge Poyaqui, Grandmaster of the Order of Om, you must face five other Masters of Om located in the major cities of Tyria.

Belcher's Bluff (map icon).pngMasters of Om[edit]


The Order of Om

Notice: Challengers Desired!


You've received this pamphlet at your request for information on the almighty Order of Om.

There are few things more daring than drinking the deadly-sweet juice of raw omnomberries. Its infamy is indisputable. And so, we, the masters of our craft, have banded together to spread the word of our choicest of games: Belcher's Bluff.

The rules are simple:

- Rounds occur every five seconds.
- Participants perform one action per round.
- Actions are limited to: drinking omnomberry juice, drinking water, bluffing, or belching.
- If the participant does not drink juice, the opposer's belch is bolstered.
- Belched-on bluffers cannot bluff for two rounds.
- Belchers cannot belch again until three drinks-juice or water-are consumed.
- Water can only be consumed after three other actions.
- Advanced drinkers can use Signature Moves once per match.

Our order is comprised of six masters, each a keeper of a coveted Signature Move. Should you defeat them, their secrets will be yours! If you think yourself ready, see the attached list for the masters' locations.

May your mug be ever full,

—The Order of Om

Each of the Masters of Om are located in the home instance of each city, excluding Poyaqui who is located in Lion's Arch.

Master of Om Signature Move Area Map
Adnul Irongut Critique.png Critique Hunter's Hearth
Adnul Irongut map.jpg
Berddi Back in My Day.png Back in My Day Applied Development Lab
(Rata Sum)
Belcher's Bluff Berddi.jpg
Caiwyn the Corsair Boast.png Boast Dreamer's Terrace
(The Grove)
Belcher's Bluff Caiwyn the Corsair.jpg
Graster Beakerbane For Science (skill).png For Science Hero's Canton
(Black Citadel)
Belcher's Bluff Graster Beakerbane.jpg
Maddie Woo.png Woo Salma District
(Divinity's Reach)
Belcher's Bluff Maddie.jpg
Poyaqui Spirits Vision.png Spirits Vision Western Ward
(Lion's Arch)
Belcher's Bluff Poyaqui.jpg
  • Each time you ask any of the masters, Can you tell me about the other masters?, you will receive the mail to the right.


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Drink (Belcher's Bluff).png Drink Take a swig of omnomberry juice. Reduces health.
2 Bluff.png Bluff Fake a Drink. If successful, no health is reduced. If opponent uses Belch, Bluff will be unavailable for two turns.
3 Water (Belcher's Bluff).png Water Drink water. Increases health. When used, three rounds must pass before using Water again.
4 Belch.png Belch Let loose a belch. Reduces opponent's health depending on player's health percentage. No damage if used against Drink. Negates healing if used against Water. Punishes if used against Fake.
5 Ready.png Ready Let your opponent know you're ready to play! Both players must use Ready to begin. If you have Signature Moves unlocked, you must choose one before using Ready.
5 Redirect Arrow.pngRound Timer.png Round Timer 5 You have five seconds to choose a skill. If you don't, you'll automatically use Drink.
6 Turn Right.png Toggle Signature Moves 0.5½ Press to toggle between available Signature Moves.
7 Boast.png Boast Decreases percentage of health lost from the next three Drinks.
Redirect Arrow.pngWoo.png Woo Prevent opponent from using Water for next three turns[sic].
8 For Science (skill).png For Science Increases percentage of health gained from the next Water.
Redirect Arrow.pngBack in My Day.png Back in My Day Your next Bluff cannot be punished.
9 Spirits Vision.png Spirits Vision Opponent's next Bluff within three turns is automatically punished.
Redirect Arrow.pngCritique.png Critique Prevent opponent from using Bluff for the next three turns.
0 Forfeit.png Forfeit End Belcher's Bluff. If a match is underway, this forfeits the game.
  • The skills in slot 7, 8 and 9 are Signature Moves. Before the match starts you can select one of the signature moves you have unlocked. The move may be used once during the game and does not count as an action.
  • If you choose Critique, and then Toggle the Signature Move, you can select a second signature move, though only "For Science" and "Boast" are available. However, you can only use one of the two signature moves during the game.
  • All voice acting lines from the player are bugged and will not be voiced.


The Masters may use their signature move an unlimited amount of times.

Easy opponents[edit]

These three are easier to beat. They are a good start to get a hang of this game and the first win enables your first signature move, which will give you advantage against the other opponents.

  • Berddi — Her signature move prevents the next Bluff from being punished. This doesn't meaningfully change the match because her health is relatively low.
  • Caiwyn the Corsair — Always begin the match with Belch to counter Caiwyn's first Bluff. After that drink water whenever possible in order to power up Belch. Keep Belching on Caiwyn's Bluff. It will probably take several tries to win. This Boast signature move is very powerful and can help you in a few other matches.
  • Graster Beakerbane — He will almost never call your bluff, but he has high healing. Woo makes this battle trivial. Simply wait for him to activate For Science, then activate Woo. Once Woo wears off, immediately use Belch. He should then drink himself to a loss. If you don't have Woo, it is more a war of attrition. It is easy not to lose against him, so he will lose eventually.

Medium opponents[edit]

These two are challenging.

  • Maddie — Maddie uses the Woo signature move, preventing the player from drinking Water for the next three turns. If the player attempts to, they will be forced to drink. Players can bluff the next three turns, but if the player gets belched, they will be forced to drink twice. Fortunately, Maddie will only rarely belch meaning the player can keep bluffing until she drinks herself into defeat. Water can be used between her woos.
  • Poyaqui (only available after defeating all others) — He will try to perform the exact same moves as you when he's either above 50% health or ISN'T under the effect of Spirit's Vision. He can't use other signature moves, and will default to Drink if he cannot copy you. This can easily be used to your advantage by using Critique to start, which will allow you to Bluff for the next three turns whereas Poyaqui will Drink instead. While under the effect of the Spirit's Vision buff he won't copy your moves (He'll only use drink and bluff), so this is the time to drink and belch. You should easily win if you open with Critique, 3 bluffs, 2 drinks (to get him below 50% hp), and then whenever he uses Spirit's Vision you belch, drink, water, and bluff in that order (only bluffing/drinking when he doesn't have the buff up).

Hard opponent[edit]

Adnul Irongut is considered the toughest opponent.

  • Adnul Irongut — Adnul has a large health pool and the ability to block your Bluff. He rarely bluffs. Defeating him relies on preventing him from healing, but as his use of Water can't be predicted, this is largely a matter of luck. Count the rounds between his sips of water to avoid belching while his Water is recharging, and take care to save your own Water and Belch for when Critique is active. Boast, Woo and For Science are all good moves to use against him, but wait until his health is fairly low before using them. The most reliable (and easily repeatable) way to beat him is as follows:
    • Pick Boast as your signature move.
    • Always bluff. If he interrupts it with a belch, belch back and drink water, in that order. This should keep your own health from dropping as fast as his; with luck you'll interrupt a heal or two and you'll go into the next phase with a big advantage.
    • Eventually he hits a threshold where he'll start spamming his signature move.
    • Use belch, drink water, drink in that priority unless you can get a bluff in.
    • Once you get close to 3,000 or so health, use boast.
    • Try to time your abilities so you use belch at below 20% health to do a large amount of damage.


Players can purchase a Belcher's Bluff Kit or Bottomless Belcher's Bluff Kit from bartenders. The consumable will summon a table where other players can compete against you. The player that summons the table must be a participant for the table to remain.

A round of Belcher's Bluff does not count for Daily Activity Participation.


  • Drink can be used at any time.
  • Whenever you Belch, the skill will be locked until you Drink or use Water three times.
  • Whenever you use Water, the skill will be locked three turns.
  • Whenever an opponent punishes your Bluff, Bluff will be locked two rounds.
  • Forfeit does not count for Frequent Belcher.
  • Any nourishment effects are removed upon beginning a game.
  • Signature Moves unlocks are bound to the character.
  • In case of a draw (both players running out of health in the same round), the winner will be determined based on who was the first person to select their skill. If neither player selected a skill, then the winner will be determined randomly.
  • After winning, characters will shout out one of the following lines, depending on their race and gender.
Race Gender
Male Female
Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura Thank you for failing so hard!
Charr tango icon 20px.png Charr I'll march over your corpse!
Human tango icon 20px.png Human
Norn tango icon 20px.png Norn
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Sylvari Told you I'd be back
Haha! (laughing)


  • Prior the the July 11th, 2013 update, food buffs were not removed upon entering a game of Belcher's Bluff. This update also reduced the frequency with which Adnul Irongut uses his signature move, Critique.