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Disambig icon.png This article is about the activity. For the achievement category, see Southsun Survival (achievements).

Southsun Survival

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Southsun Survival is an activity located in Southsun Cove.

Getting there[edit]


This is a PvP activity in which players attempt to be the last survivor. Players' skills are limited to the items that they are able to find throughout the map. Each skill has limited uses so players must determine the best time to use each.

Players begin the match Immobile.png Immobile, circling a stockpile of resources and weapons. Once the announcement ends, players are free to grab whatever they can and are allowed to attack each other. At the beginning of each match, there is a Grace Period that prevents players from being removed too early in the game.


Survivors suffer from the hunger effect, slowly reducing the player's health over time and increasing in intensity as the match progresses. To survive from this effect, players must find and consume rations which recover their health but not reset the stack of hunger. Survivors can gather arrows for their bow attacks, traps, or other bundle weapons. Killing other players does not allow you to loot the items they were holding. Pickpocket Trap can however.

Survivor weapon skills[edit]

Each weapon listed below has a durability or ammunition count. Ammunition is consumed after use of a skill and durability is consumed after hitting a foe with a skill. When the number reaches zero, the weapon will be replaced with the default bow.

  • If you have used any durability or ammunition and pick up items dropped by another survivor you will lose your weapon, otherwise you will drop it on the ground. This does not happen when salvaging Miscellaneous Goods.
  • Karka inside camps that haven't been spawned yet can still be struck by melee weapons, using up a point of durability.
# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Bow (requires ammunition)
1 Single Shot.png Single Shot 10.25¼ 0.5½ Shoot a single arrow at your target. Consumes one arrow.
2 Crippling Shot (Southsun Survival).png Crippling Shot 20.5½ Fire a crippling shot at your target. Crippled foes move at reduced speed until a ration is consumed. Skill consumes one arrow.
3 Disarming Shot.png Disarming Shot 20.5½ Shoot a disarming shot at your target. Disarmed foes cannot use bow skills until a ration is consumed. Skill consumes one arrow.
4 Head Shot (Southsun Survival).png Head Shot 20.75¾ 0.5½ Shoot at your target's head, killing them instantly. Cannot move while aiming. Consumes one arrow.
Sword (4 durability)
1 Sever Artery.png Slash Bleed your foe with a slash.
1 Redirect Arrow.pngGash.png Gash 0.5½ Bleed your foe with a gash.
1 Redirect Arrow.pngFinal Thrust.png Final Thrust 0.5½ Strike your foe with a final powerful thrust.
2 Savage Leap.png Savage Leap 0.75¾ 4 Lunge at your foe and strike them with your sword.
Plank (1 durability)
1 Plank Spin.png Swing Plank 0.75¾ 4 Swing a plank, causing a blowout on impact. Breaks plank.
Pistol (2 ammunition)
1 Unload.png Shoot 0.5½ 4 Shoot at your foe. Uses one bullet.
Throwing dagger (1 ammunition)
1 Dancing Dagger.png Throw Dagger 0.25¼ Throw a dagger that bleeds the foe it hits.
Pipe (2 durability)
1 Stunning Strike.png Pipe Smash 0.75¾ Smash your foe with a pipe, dazing them. If dazed, foe is knocked down.

Survivor utility skills[edit]

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
5 Sprint (Southsun Survival).png Sprint 45 Apply Swiftness
6 Consume Ration.png Consume Ration 2 0.5½ Recover all health, and remove Cripple, Disarm, and Bleeding.
7 Ration Trap.png Ration Trap 2 0.5½ Place a ration trap at your location. Creates a fake passion fruit plant that explodes on proximity.
8 Pickpocket Trap.png Pickpocket Trap 2 0.5½ Place a pickpocket trap at your location. The foe who trips this will be knocked down and lose all items.
9 Alarm Trap.png Alarm Trap 2 0.5½ Place an alarm trap at your location. The foe who trips this will cause a loud noise and bright lights to flash, revealing their location.
0 Apply Camouflage.png Apply Camouflage 45 Become invisible, as long as you remain in place.

After a survivor dies or if a player enters after the grace period ends, they become a mist walker.

Mist Walkers[edit]

Mist walkers gather Revenge Motes to harass the remaining survivors. Revenge motes appear throughout the map and at the location of a survivor whenever attempt to gather anything.

Mist Walker skills[edit]

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Pull of the Mists.png Pull of the Mists 1 Place a trap that instantly teleports you to whoever triggers it. Consumes 1 revenge mote.
2 Nice Trip.png Nice Trip 1 Place a pickpocket trap at target location. The foe who trips this will be knocked down and lose all items. Consumes 4 revenge motes.
3 Alarm Trap.png A Sign from Beyond 1 Place an alarm trap at target location. The foe who trips this will cause a loud noise and bright lights to flash, revealing their location. Consumes 4 revenge motes.
4 Call of Karka.png Call of Karka 1 Summon an invincible karka at target location. Consumes 10 revenge motes.
5 Mists Merge.png Mists Merge 1 Dash forward at the speed of light


As you play the game, you will gain points for doing specific actions, whether scavenging goods, or killing survivors, each point you gain reflects on the game's scoreboard to determine who has the most points.

Name Description Points
Scavenges Gather items from nodes or collect revenge motes 1
Hit Use a weapon against opponents 1
Successful Traps Opponent sets off your trap 2
Kill Contribute to a kill 5
Final Survivor Be the last survivor 50


Final Survivor
All Others
Rewards during Cutthroat Politics


  • At the start of the match, if possible, grab the Pistol immediately, and keep it with you at all times. Save the shots and only use it if a player is intent on killing you. This weapon can be considered overpowered as it almost instantly kills any player within range and it has 2 charges.
  • If another player grabs a pistol, grab an arrow immediately use  Head Shot (Southsun Survival).png Head Shot to kill off the other player, note that you will have a 2 and 3/4 seconds of charge time before your arrow is shot.
  • Once the match starts, keep pressure on the player with the pistol to use it, as the first 3 minutes you would respawn if you were to die.
  • You don't need to kill other players unless they are a danger to you or would otherwise outlast you, since points don't matter; the last survivor is the winner.
  • When the match begins, focus on finding as many Passifloras to gain Rations (be wary of suspiciously placed Passifloras which might be traps placed by other players). You can stock up to 10 charges of Rations.
  • Stay in an open area where you cannot get surrounded by Karkas summoned by Mist Walkers (dead players). Keep looking around you and Sprint away fast if someone spawns a Karka. If you are near the sea, you can jump into it too (provided it has no sharks or other hostile creatures), since Karkas cannot swim.
  • The safest and easiest way to win is to just hide somewhere far from camps and let the other players kill themselves, and wait for them to run out of Rations while you're fully stocked up. Use a Ration every time you tick down to around 300 health left (just in case you're attacked by a Mist Walker).
  • When there are only a few survivors left, and if you have a Pistol, this is the time to use it. Shoot anyone you see, as they'll probably try to kill you.
  • Placing a trap directly on top of another player will not trigger it immediately. Try to lay the trap in front of where they are moving for immediate results.





  • Players that are in the match during the "Waiting for players" phase of the game will be cured of immobilize and be able to move around during the game start countdown. Players will be immobilized again when the countdown ends and the game begins.
  • Players that are too far from the starting camp when the game begins do not lose their immobilize, do not receive the first stack of Hungry, do not receive rewards at the end of the game, and do not get progress towards their Survival Survivor or Southsun Survivor Regular achievement tracks.
  • Guardians still benefit from the passive effect of Virtue of Courage during this activity, allowing them to periodically block an incoming attack.
  • If the timer runs out, the top scoring player will be declared the winner. This is almost impossible to occur, given the limited number of rations on the map, the increasing intensity of hunger, and the fact that remaining rations on the map disappear near the end (around the 4-minute remaining mark), but it is possible for players who have a full stock of rations at this point to survive until the timer runs out if they take no other damage.
  • Any area that is revealed or Point of Interest that is unlocked while in the activity are retained upon leaving the activity, making it possible to complete most of Southsun Cove, excluding waypoints, while inside.


Related achievements[edit]

Primary article: Southsun Survival (achievements)
Historical achievements
This achievement is repeatable infinitely and does not contribute to a meta achievement.This achievement rewards items. Southsun Survival Regular (Historical) Support Evon Gnashblade 0Achievement points
Participate in 6 rounds.Only the strong survive.
Reward: Loot Sack.pngLoot Bag
6 Games Played 0Achievement points
Southsun Survival: High Scorer (Historical) Support Evon Gnashblade 5Achievement points
Earn points while playing Southsun Survival.You're legendary. 1 Points Earned 1Achievement points
100 Points Earned 1Achievement points
1,000 Points Earned 1Achievement points
2,500 Points Earned 2Achievement points
Southsun Survival: Master Marksman (Historical) Support Evon Gnashblade 10Achievement points
Use Head Shot successfully against opponents in Southsun Survival.Right between the eyes! 1 Successful Head Shots 1Achievement points
5 Successful Head Shots 4Achievement points
10 Successful Head Shots 5Achievement points
Survival Survivor (Historical) Support Evon Gnashblade 5Achievement points
Complete games of Southsun Survival.You made it out alive. 1 Game Played 1Achievement points
5 Games Played 1Achievement points
15 Games Played 3Achievement points