Liadri the Concealing Dark

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Liadri the Concealing Dark



Liadri unconcealed.

Liadri the Concealing Dark unveiled.jpg

Liadri with less of the black smoke visible.

Liadri the Concealing Dark is a human from the Mire Sea and a participant in the Queen's Gauntlet. She is fascinated by darkness and cosmic spells and her fighting style is to hide in the shadows, and then unleash its power.[1]




Phase 1

Liadri begins the match invulnerable, until opponents can remove her three stacks of Shrouded by Darkness. During this time she will summon Shadowfall, an AoE attack covering a quarter of the arena and inflicting near-fatal damage. These can be easily dodged by counting down approximately three seconds from when the red circles first appear. In addition, Cosmic Rifts spawn periodically and will pull opponents towards them, regardless of the opponent's position in the arena. While players can dodge the pull, it is usually better to destroy them when they first appear.

Liadri also summons Visions of Mortality, slow moving clones of herself. If a clone touches a player, they will be instantly downed or even die if already downed. The only way to fight them is to lead them into the whirlpools of light that appear on the floor. When they die, they leave an Orb of Blazing Light which can be picked up and thrown at Liadri to remove one stack of Shrouded by Darkness.

Phase 2

After her protection is removed, Liadri will start moving around the arena, alternating between a ranged attack that causes weakness and a close-ranged lash/whip attack that cripples. Players have to keep moving around the arena, avoiding her clones, rifts, and her AoE attacks, which now cover two opposing quadrants.

  • Remove her protection as quickly as possible, so you have the maximum amount of time to damage her.
  • Throughout each fight, the whirlpools, clones and rifts will appear at the same location, giving you an opportunity to place yourself appropriately.
  • Her phase 1 and 2 AoE attacks also follow a pattern; learning this can make the fight easier.
    • During phase 1, the AoE attacks fall on a quarter of the arena at a time, in the following order: initial slice → opposite quarter → adjacent quarter → remaining quarter.
    • During phase 2, the attacks drop on two opposite quarters each pulse, alternating between top|bottom and left|right quarters.
  • Mobility is critical during the fight. Recommended buffs include swiftness, vigor, stability, and stun breakers. Some people use a Sigil of Energy and food that increases endurance.
  • Condition Damage helps during the second phase, since it allows you to focus on avoiding her attacks while she takes passive damage.
  • Clones deal 0 damage if they are blinded.

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Necrotic Grasp Necrotic Grasp - Basic ranged attack that can easily be avoided.
  • Shadowfall - A massive AoE dealing critical damage.
  • Entropic Lash - Basic whip attack.
  • Sunslayer Pattern - Liadri does a whirling attack in place, inflicting heavy conditions.
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  • Liadri is 5'7" (≈ 1.70 m) tall and weighs 110 lbs (≈ 50 kg). [1]

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