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Lost Shores

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Lost Shores

Event type
Special event (map icon).png Special event

Lost Shores is a special event that corresponds with the The Lost Shores game release.

The event involved researching and discovering a method to harm the karka, a deep ocean race that was driven from their home and have relocated to Southsun Cove, who are protected by armored plates that make them impermeable to normal attacks. Each phase was triggered by a special event, but players were able to enjoy additional content afterwards even if you couldn't make the kick-off time.

The event culminated in a one-time only event chain that ran multiple hours with a finale of defeating the Ancient Karka. Players received a special reward at the event completion.


  • Something has been stirring in the Sea of Sorrows.
Phase 1
Phase 2
  • Something has been stirring in the Sea of Sorrows.
  • Speak with Lionguard Tyrro to learn about the mysterious rift.
    • The Lionguard are preparing to test their alchemical weapon on the karka in Lion's Arch.
Phase 3
  • Something has been stirring in the Sea of Sorrows.
  • The Lionguard are engaging the Ancient Karka. Head to Southsun Cove to participate.


  • Players were scaled up to level 80 for the duration of this event, allowing all players to take part.


  • The event was described "as being a 'monster movie, invasion type thing' that will focus on the lore of Lion’s Arch."[1]