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A special event is an in-game festival of an in-game holiday, although some of them tend to closely follow specific real world celebrations. They are usually introduced as major features of releases. Many of them include their own thematic map decorations, rewards, activities, and dailies. Recent festivals have lasted for about 3 weeks.

Name Start Summary
Lunar New Year January/February Features Dragon Ball and searching for firecrackers in Divinity's Reach, along with opening Lucky Envelopes for a chance of gold, luck or other seasonal items.
Super Adventure Festival March Features the Super Adventure Box, a special dungeon with pixelated graphics. Collect Baubles and use them for rewards.
April Fools' Day April ArenaNet and several Guild Wars 2 communities usually prepare April fools.
Festival of the Four Winds July Features a treasure hunt in the Labyrinthine Cliffs, as well as Boss Blitz and the Queen's Gauntlet in The Crown Pavilion. Collect Festival Tokens to exchange for rewards.
Halloween October Features ominous portals to the Mad King's Realm that are spread all across Tyria, along with vendors offering a multitude of spooky rewards.
Wintersday December Features many winter-themed activities and rewards, such as a jumping puzzle and weapon skins. Giving gifts to Orphans is an easy way to gain large amounts of Karma each day.

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