Retrospective Runaround

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Retrospective Runaround


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Retrospective Runaround (a.k.a. Drydock Scratch) is a jumping puzzle covering the underground skritt caves and clifftops in the Silverwastes where a mysterious skritt burglar has hidden Kri'chta's Dowsing Rod.

Getting there[edit]

Path to Retrospective Runaround cave entrance, starting from Camp Resolve.

Starting from Camp Resolve, go north-west towards Northern Shelf and then east to Picaroon Scratch. Go down the stairs along the eastern wall and then west through the cave until you reach Drydock Grotto Waypoint. If the gate at the stairs is shut and you do not have the waypoint, you'll have to complete Event swords (tango icon).png Drive the bandits out of skritt territory (80) first.


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The main goal of Retrospective Runaround is to find and pass 9 milestones that are marked with red flags that appear when reached, located in the vast underground network under the Silverwastes as well as on the cliffs above it. It doesn't contain any truly difficult jumps; rather, it focuses on the exploration and puzzle aspect. Note that it's possible in some places to fall into the general Silverwaste areas--out of the puzzle--in which case you'll have to start over, or if you paid a kit, use a skritt tunnel back to one of the last three milestones you passed. Bear in mind that completing this puzzle can take from 15 minutes up to several hours. Milestone progress is tracked by a stacking buff. If you log out and back in during the puzzle, this tracking buff remains, but you may find a kit no longer pops up to revive you when you die from a fall.


  • Skritt tunnels marked as Skritt Tunnel (map icon).png are dead ends and they'll send you to the beginning of the jumping puzzle.
    • If you pay the kits standing next to them 1 copper, silver or gold, you'll gain a buff for an hour which will cause these holes to send you 3 milestones before, 1 milestone before or to the last milestone that you have reached instead, respectively.
    • The closest such kit to the entrance is just below the first milestone behind the ship.
  • In many places where you die due to falling damage, skritt will jump from the ground to revive you, but this might not always be the case. There are several drops along the way high enough to kill you.
  • Not only do the Velocity Elixirs give you swiftness when you stand under them, they also usually help guide you through the correct route. Similarly, chests scattered throughout the puzzle, except the one in Quarrel Gully, guide you correctly.

Diving achievement[edit]

At the end of the jumping puzzle, if you continue along the ledge to the right of the Magnificent Chest, you will find a skritt hole beside a plank. Entering this skritt hole transports you to a rocky prominence high above the SS Topsy-Turvy. At the end of this prominence are diving goggles for the Dive Master: Drydock Scratch achievement.

If you try the dive after you've started the Event boss (tango icon).png Defeat the legendary skritt burglar to claim your reward (80) event, then, unless you have mounts unlocked, failing the dive means the only way you can try it again is to do the entire jumping puzzle over again. Therefore, if you're interested in getting the diving achievement, don't touch the chest. If you die during your dive, Kit will revive you, and you can pay him 1 gold then enter a skritt hole to return to the milestone immediately before the chest. If your dive is successful, you can still pay him 1 gold to return to the milestone and then you can trigger the event.

You can also reach the diving goggles if you have access to mounts. Using the Springer, jump on the platform northeast of the Veteran Northern Shelf Elemental. Hug the right wall, and jump down to the platform by the hole with the SS Topsy-Turvy in it, careful not to fall in. Jump on to the rock formation by the light, and use your Raptor to jump on the platform with the Diving Goggles on it. Alternatively, use the Skyscale from the top of the SS Topsy-Turvy.

Related achievements[edit]


When opening the Magnificent chest after defeating the Skritt Burglar, the game might display a red error message saying "You're missing at least one milestone." even if you didn't, but the chest still opens and you get the rewards.
  • There are 22 of the Golden Lost Badges scattered throughout the jumping puzzle, often in very hard to reach places. Discovering them grants progress in the Go for the Gold achievement.
  • Having gliding and/or mounts makes the completion of this jumping puzzle much easier.
  • Opening end chest can reward you with any Carapace armor box.


  • The achievement for this jumping puzzle is listed under General > Silverwastes as "Retrospective Runaround" and rewards the player with the Endless Skritt Burglar Tonic upon completion.
  • The name of the puzzle and the dialogue of Veteran Kri'chta, Legendary Skritt Burglar, and Kit use terms from Agile software development. Terms such as "agile," "velocity," "sprint," "iterate," "burndown," "hitting milestones," "project life cycle," "backlog", and "retrospective" will be well familiar to development teams who use Agile. Also, Kit says that he is "producering;" a producer is a role in some development teams. And there is even a daily scrum meeting.