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  • Resource camps are how supplies are created and moved though[sic] the Mists.
  • These camps send dolyaks caravans to provide supplies to the surrounding areas.
  • Supplies are used to build siege weapons, repair walls and gates, or upgrade locations.
  • You should always be carrying supplies. You never know when you'll need them.
  • If you see an enemy dolyak in the area, make sure you don't let it reach its destination.
  • Camps have no fortifications so it doesn't take a huge force to capture them.


Resource camps, also called supply camps or simply camps, are objectives in World versus World generate supply and deliver it to nearby towers and keeps. Each battleground has six camps that are each worth two points when owned. Resource camps are defended only by a small group of guards and include no walls or gates; as such they can easily be conquered by two to three players (four to five players when fully upgraded).

Each camp periodically dispatches supply caravans, which travel along set routes to nearby objectives. Any caravan that cannot deliver supplies to its destinations (because they are owned by an opposing world) will instead wait in the camp. The caravans deliver 30 supply to towers and 40 supply to keeps, which can be doubled with the Packed Dolyaks upgrade. The caravans do not reduce available supply in the camp's depot when they are dispatched. The camps generate 10 supply every 30 seconds.


  • Capture the camp.
  • Defend the camp.
  • Repel the enemy attackers!

When caravans are out for delivery:

  • Defend your supply caravan.
  • Destroy the supply caravan.

List of resource camps[edit]

Eternal Battlegrounds
Red Desert Borderlands
Red Alpine Borderlands
Green Desert Borderlands
Green Alpine Borderlands
Blue Desert Borderlands
Blue Alpine Borderlands

Objective upgrades[edit]

Automatic upgrades[edit]

Tier Upgrade Description
(20 dolyaks)
Increase Supply Deliveries.png Caravan Guards Recruits guards to escort the camp's dolyak caravans.
Supply Capacity.png Storage Expansion Increases the objective's maximum supply hold size by 100.
(40 dolyaks)
Hire More Guards.png Additional Guards Recruits additional guards to protect the objective.
Raise Guard Level.png Guard Training Increases the level of all guards at the objective.
(80 dolyaks)
Hire Patrol.png Recruit Patrol Recruit guards to patrol the objective.
Supply Capacity.png Storage Expansion Increases the objective's maximum supply hold size by 100.


Tier Tactic Availability Description
WvW Objective Guild Tier 1.png
(Hold for 10min)
Supply Drop.pngMinor Supply Drop All objectives Activate this Tactic to have 100 supply deposited at the objective.
Chilling Fog.png Chilling Fog All objectives Activate this Tactic to temporarily summon chill inducers that will chill invaders at the objective.
Invulnerable Dolyaks.pngInvulnerable Dolyaks Camps Activate this Tactic to make the next set of dolyaks invincible, guaranteeing that they will reach their destination.
Assault Roller.pngDune Roller Camps Activate this tactic to summon a dune roller at your objective. The user is transformed into a car, granting them increased mobility and siege damage.


Tier Tactic Availability Description
WvW Objective Guild Tier 1.png
(Hold for 10min)
Sabotage Depot.pngSabotage Depot All objectives Deploy bombs at the supply depot that will explode if the objective is captured by an enemy team. The explosion will destroy all remaining supply at the objective.
Armored Dolyaks.pngArmored Dolyaks Camps Dolyaks gain increased health and toughness.
Packed Dolyaks.pngPacked Dolyaks Camps Dolyaks now carry twice as much supply.
Speedy Dolyaks.pngSpeedy Dolyaks Camps Dolyaks gain superspeed.



With Additional Guards upgrade[edit]

Note: Two of these additional guards patrol the area.


Related achievements[edit]