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Featured articles: Rune & Sigil

The November 13, 2018 update included a significant number of Rune and Sigil changes.

In addition to changing the functionality of some Runes and Sigils to give players greater variety for builds, acquisition methods have also changed. Looted upgrade components can now be salvaged, and new recipes have been provided to allow players to craft their runes and sigils of choice.


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Current release: A Star to Guide Us

Episode 4 of Living World Season 4 is coming soon!

In A Star to Guide Us, following the apparent demise of King Palawa Joko, the Commander and allies travel to the Jahai Bluffs to progress their preparations for the impending battle with Kralkatorrik.

This release also includes a new Legendary Weapon, Xiuquatl; a new raid, Mythwright Gambit‎; and a new set of upgradeable gear, Elegy armor; in addition to new achievements and rewards.


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