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A Bug in the System Release banner.jpg

In A Bug in the System, the second episode of Living World Season 4, Taimi has possibly located the source of the Awakened invasions—a scientist in the hidden Inquest base. It is now up to the Commander and their band of misfits to infiltrate the latter to get to the bottom of it all...

This release also includes a new Legendary Weapon: Claw of the Khan-Ur, new achievements, and new rewards. Find out more...

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Long Live the Lich banner.jpg

In Long Live the Lich, the third episode of Living World Season 4, Joko is back and better than ever! Armed with a deadly weapon, he is ready to declare war, and the Commander will have to travel to the Domain of Kourna to stop him.

This release also includes a new Legendary Weapon, Verdarach; a new mount, the speedy Roller Beetle; and a new Fractal, Deepstone Fractal; in addition to new achievements and rewards. Find out more...