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Current release: Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year!

Join the annual festivities in The Crown Pavilion to celebrate the Canthan New Year! This year's zodiac animal is the pig — making 2019 the year of fortune and luck. Test yours by purchasing Lucky Envelopes or Black Lion Chest Keys! Alternatively, light fireworks around the pavilion, play Dragon Bash, show your prowess in the Firecracker Lighting adventures or participate in a race. Lastly, don't forget to honor boar by wearing the Lucky Boar Lantern backpack to celebrate in style!


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Next release: All or Nothing

The fifth episode of Living World Season 4 is now live!

Prepare yourself to face the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik and save Tyria and Aurene from a terrible fate. Rally your friends and head to the Thunderhead Peaks, a place long forgotten in the cold vicinity of the Shiverpeak Mountains and the Deldrimor Front, former home of the dwarves.
This release features the all new Diviner stat combination, the upgradeable Dragonsblood weapons set, the Siren's Reef Fractal as well as new Mistlock Instabilities. Last but not least, the long awaited legendary longbow Pharus makes its appearance.

Do you have what it takes to save the world — and all you hold dear?
It's all or nothing now.


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