Reaper's Rumble

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Reaper's Rumble

Reaper's Rumble map.jpg
Map of Reaper's Rumble

Reaper's Rumble loading screen.jpg
Loading screen

Come explore the place where his Royal Madness trains his army! Join a team, and compete to grow an army of your own! All in good fun. Would you care to participate?


Reaper's Rumble is a structured PvP MOBA-style map located in the Mad King's Realm that players can access during Halloween. Each team must protect three mausoleums that spawn skeletons and destroy the opposing mausoleums. This area was only accessible during Shadow of the Mad King 2012.

Players can get to Reaper's Rumble either from Mad King's Realm by going through a Haunted Door and talking to the Lunatic Boatmaster or from Lion's Arch by talking with Helsa in Trader's Forum.



You will receive points based on enemies killed, spawns killed, structures destroyed, and interceptions.

  • Kills - 10 points each
  • Interceptions - 5 points each
Opposing Team
  • Structures Destroyed - 10 points each
  • NPCs Killed - 5 points each


Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Chop your foe.
Redirect Arrow.png
0.5½ Chop your foe.
Redirect Arrow.png
Kill Shot.png
0.5½ Shoot your target.
Throw Axe.png
0.75¾ 8 Leap at your foe.
Cyclone Axe.png
 Axe Spin
0.5½ 8 Attack and cripple the foes around you.
Kill Shot.png
0.5½ 5 Shoot your target.
Fire Missile.png
 Aimed Shot
0.5½ 12 Shoot your target.
Piece of Candy Corn.png
 Raw Candy Corn
0.5½ 5 Eat to recover health.


The general map layout is roughly symmetric with a hill as the main contested area and shrubbery along the sides for ambushes and ganks. Pumpkins are located in the center of the map near and around the hill, as well as a few along the sides, requiring players to confront the opposing side and awards players with taking initiative. The sides of the map also have cornfields, that grant stealth to players walking through them. This stealth is broken upon leaving the cornfield or attacking an enemy. The only indication of a player's presence is the rustling of the corn when players walk through.


Each mausoleum has a farmer that will periodically farm a pumpkin and throw it in, causes a couple skeletons to spawn. Each mausoleum and farmer are guarded by two skeletons that are stronger than normal and deal much greater damage. If a farmer is killed, players may revive him. The spawned skeletons will head toward the corresponding enemy mausoleum, combating opposing skeletons and enemies they encounter along the way. The three mausoleums are located in reference to the base:

  • Center
  • Right
  • Left

Once a mausoleum is destroyed, the associated NPCs will disappear and players cannot spawn skeletons there using pumpkins.


Pumpkins are bundles that spawn at certain points at the map indicated by a pumpkin icon
Event pumpkin (map icon).png
. Players can use these pumpkins to spawn skeletons at their mausoleums. The player must carry the pumpkin to the mausoleum and throw it inside using Throw Pumpkin. This will spawn four skeletons


  • Wining a round rewards you with 5 Personalized Trick-or-Treat Bags.
  • Players will receive a Most <x> with a glory icon if they had the highest count for a given point category.


  • Due to higher damage and less healing than in normal PvP, as well as a lack of a downed state, timing your dodges well becomes very important to survivability.
  • Defeated players can be revived.
  • You can attack enemy mausoleums from the rear without attracting the attention of the guards. This allows for easy flanking of the side mausoleums, especially if the enemy players are not aware, as many players rush to the center. However, be aware that this could happen to your side mausoleums as well.
  • When the game countdown finishes, you will be teleported back to your starting point, except that you will be facing backwards. Be aware of this so you do not immediately start running forward, which results in you going in the wrong direction.


  • All player kills are counted twice for the scoreboard.
  • The score for NPC kills is often randomly multiplied up to four times.
  • The last destroyed mausoleum that ends the game does not count for the scoreboard.