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Disambig icon.png This article is about the mage of the Wizard's Tower. For the mage who worked for Krytan royalty, see Grand Wizard Garren.

Not much is known about Isgarren. He keeps to his castle, and is rarely ever seen or heard. What is known, is that he has a kind gracious heart, and he cares for and loves the people of this town.


Isgarren is a wizard who resides in, and supposedly owns, the floating castle of Wizard's Tower in Kessex Hills according to the townsfolk of Garenhoff. He is praised by many denizens of Garenhoff for providing elemental guardians to protect the town and its people, but he is rarely seen or heard.[1][2][3] Despite his reclusive nature, Isgarren occasionally sends invitations to some of the townsfolk to come live in his castle; none of the people who enter the Wizard's Tower are ever heard from again.[4]

In the past, Isgarren visited the Mystic Forge in search of special compounds. Zommoros, the djinn owner of the Forge, only learned of the visit afterwards and, due to lack of proper skritt documenting, he was unable to find any record of what items the wizard had tossed into the Forge and what he had received in return. The djinn hoped that Isgarren returned one day so he could inquire the wizard about the nature of his work and where he had been. However, no one had heard of Isgarren for a long time, and Zommoros pondered if something had happened to the wizard since the previous visit.[5]


  • Narrative designer Peter Fries had once jokingly suggested that Isgarren is the son of Wasgarren, and his son is Wilbigarren.[6]