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Dragon Piñata

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Locations of Dragon Piñatas

Blue, green, red and lilac Dragon Piñatas can be found in large numbers throughout Hoelbrak, and in smaller numbers in other major cities, during Dragon Bash. One can also be permanently added to the home instance by purchasing a Commemorative Dragon Piñata.

Breaking them will reward players with some Piece of Zhaitaffy.pngPieces of Zhaitaffy. The piñatas are independent between instances: they will naturally respawn after a couple hours or so, but moving to a new IP will effectively respawn them instantly. After 35 piñatas per account per day, piñatas gives only 1 Piece of Zhaitaffy.pngPieces of Zhaitaffy.


For historical locations and maps, see: Dragon Piñata/locations
Maguuma Jungle
Shiverpeak Mountains
  • Eye of the North (2)
  • Hoelbrak
    • Hall of Legends (3)
    • Hero's Compass (4)
    • Hunter's Hearth (only after purchasing Commemorative Dragon Piñata.pngCommemorative Dragon Piñata)
    • Might and Main (7)
    • Peeta's Gate (2)
    • Shelter Rock (4)
      • Point of interest (map icon).png Sigfast's Steading
      • Point of interest (map icon).png Skarti's Steading
    • Eastern Watchpost (3)
    • Southern Watchpost (5)
    • The Great Lodge (2)
    • Trade Commons (6)


Related achievements[edit]



  • After reaching the daily cap, breaking piñatas will still count towards the Paper Dragon achievement.
  • Despite the achievement descriptions specifying Hoelbrak, piñatas in any city will count towards them.
  • The home instance version does not count towards achievements or the daily cap.