A race is starting soon! (Dragon Bash)

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A race is starting soon!

(Shiverpeak Mountains)
Event type
Event dialogue (map icon).png
Dynamic event
Given by
Festival Race Master
Followed by
Talk more option tango.png
Reach the finish line!
Interactive map

Interactive map

A race is starting soon! is the preparation phase for the mount race event in Hoelbrak during Dragon Bash.


  • Speak with the race organizer to participate in the upcoming race.
  • Make sure to be in the starting area when the race begins to prevent being disqualified.
  • The race will begin in: 2:00


See also: Reach the finish line! (Dragon Bash)#Walkthrough

Either speak with the Festival Race Master or enter the blue marked area to participate in the upcoming race. After the initial time count of two minutes ends, the actual race will begin.

Players can rent a Roller Beetle by speaking to the Roller Beetle Rental NPC or a Raptor from Raptor Rental.


  • If you enter the Dragon Arena after completing a race, but before the official end of the race, you lose the event reward. (You still get daily or other achievement rewards, at the time you complete the race.)