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Banner used by the Lionguard

The Lionguard is a military group that once acted as the defenders of Kryta. Their power was usurped 250 years ago by the White Mantle. Since the end of the War in Kryta, they were then mostly replaced by the Seraph. Though their role is now less official, they still act as protectors to the people of Lion's Arch, and to a lesser extent, Tyria. They can be seen as the defenders of the merchants of Lion's Arch, and are a major authority in the pirate-riddled town. Magnus the Bloody Handed is head of the Lionguard and an enforcer of authority in the city of Lion's Arch.

The Lionguard have also established a string of safe havens in Kryta, Ascalon, the Shiverpeak Mountains and the Tarnished Coast in order to protect inter-regional trade.

Lionguard Havens/Outposts[edit]

Caledon Forest
Metrica Province
Wayfarer Foothills
Diessa Plateau
Kessex Hills
Snowden Drifts
Gendarran Fields
Lornar's Pass
Bloodtide Coast
Claw Island


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