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Disambig icon.png This article is about the top-level achievement group. For the achievement category with 12 daily tasks, see Daily (achievements). For an overview of daily-earnable content, see server reset.

Daily is an achievement group containing distinct categories of daily earnable achievements.




The achievements that are available each day are randomly selected from a pool of possible achievements for each of the three categories (PvE, WvW or PvP achievements). Daily Completionist is available every day. See Daily (achievements) for the full details.

Accounts where the level of the highest character that ever existed is below level 11 will only see one achievement per category; accounts with a highest character between levels 11-30 will see three achievements per category. Achievements only available to accounts with only low level characters are grayed out in the table below. Accounts with a character 31 and above will see all four per category.

There is a 15,000 achievement point cap on points rewarded from Daily Completionist. This is the combined total from Daily achievements and the now historical Monthly achievements.


Living World Dailies[edit]

1 Daily Bloodstone Fen
2 Daily Ember Bay
3 Daily Bitterfrost Frontier
4 Daily Lake Doric
5 Daily Draconis Mons
6 Daily Siren's Landing
1 Daily Domain of Istan
2 Daily Sandswept Isles
3 Daily Domain of Kourna
4 Daily Jahai Bluffs
5 Daily Thunderhead Peaks
6 Daily Dragonfall
1 Daily Grothmar Valley
2 Daily Bjora Marches
3 Daily Drizzlewood Coast
4 Daily Champions

Strike Mission Dailies[edit]

The Icebrood Saga
1 Cold War (achievement)
2 Fraenir of Jormag (achievement)
3 Shiverpeaks Pass (achievement)
4 Voice of the Fallen and Claw of the Fallen (achievement)
5 Whisper of Jormag (achievement)
6 Boneskinner (achievement)
End of Dragons
1 Aetherblade Hideout (achievement)
2 Xunlai Jade Junkyard (achievement)
3 Kaineng Overlook (achievement)
4 Harvest Temple (achievement)

End of Dragons Dailies[edit]

Daily Slayer
1 Daily New Kaineng Unchained Slayer
2 Daily Echovald Wilds Spirit Slayer
3 Daily Seitung Province Purist Slayer
4 Daily New Kaineng Naga Slayer
5 Daily Echovald Wilds Void Slayer
6 Daily Dragon's End Naga Slayer
7 Daily Seitung Province Unchained Slayer
8 Daily New Kaineng Jade Brotherhood Slayer
9 Daily Echovald Wilds Jade Mech Slayer
10 Daily Seitung Province 'Blade Slayer
11 Daily New Kaineng Purist Slayer
12 Daily Echovald Wilds Jade Brotherhood Slayer
13 Daily Seitung Province Naga Slayer
Daily Event / Heart
1 Daily Seitung Province Event Completer
2 Daily Echovald Wilds Taskmaster
3 Daily New Kaineng City Event Completer
4 Daily Echovald Wilds Event Completer
5 Daily Seitung Province Event Completer
6 Daily New Kaineng City Taskmaster
7 Daily Dragon's End Event Completer
8 Daily New Kaineng City Event Completer
9 Daily Seitung Province Taskmaster
10 Daily Echovald Wilds Event Completer
11 Daily Dragon's End Event Completer
Daily Fisher
1 Daily Heart of Maguuma Fisher
2 Daily Ascalon Fisher
3 Daily Orr Fisher
4 Daily Kryta Fisher
5 Daily Maguuma Jungle Fisher
6 Daily Shiverpeaks Fisher
7 Daily Desert Fisher
8 Daily End of Dragons Fisher
Daily Gathering / Vista
1 Daily End of Dragons Lumberer
2 Daily End of Dragons Vista Viewer
3 Daily End of Dragons Forager
4 Daily End of Dragons Vista Viewer
5 Daily End of Dragons Miner
6 Daily End of Dragons Vista Viewer

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  • The daily progress is reset each day at 00:00.
  • Reward bonus chests from achievements are displayed as a pop-up in the lower-right corner of the screen. This chest is account-bound and can be claimed on any character, and will persist upon switching zones or logging out.

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