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Disambig icon.png This article is about PvP finishing moves. For the combo finishers, see combo.

In WvW, PvP, and sometimes PvE, you may have to finish off your enemy with a special move. Press F near a downed enemy to use a finisher. You can set your active finisher in the Finishers page on the Hero Panel.

— Finishers

Finisher banner in the Gem Store.

Finishing is a mechanic in the Structured PvP and WvW game modes, and occasionally in the PvE mode, that allows players to quickly defeat an opponent while they are in the downed state. The visual effect played upon finishing an opponent is called finisher, and can be customized in the "Finishers" tab in the hero panel.

When near a downed enemy, the message F "FINISH THEM!!" is displayed. Interacting begins an action similar to a channeled skill which takes 3.5 seconds to execute. Moving or being interrupted will stop this action, but taking damage will not. The finishing activation can't be reduced with quickness. If the channeling interaction is successfully completed, the enemy will be immediately put in the defeated state regardless of their health while downed.

In PvE, some NPC foes, for example, the Sylvari members of the Toxic Alliance, can be finished. Similarly, some NPC, e.g. Fractal Avengers, will attempt to finish the downed player characters, and have to be interrupted.

List of finishers[edit]

Downed enemy icon.

New finishers can be unlocked as rewards from increasing the PvP Rank, winning PvP tournaments, opening Black Lion Chests, or through special events like festivals. Limited-use finishers consume a use for each successful finishing action.

  • Finishers can be searched for by name and equipped into an active slot.
  • Both locked and unlocked finishers can be previewed and rotated in the preview window while the finisher animation is playing.
  • The Randomize Finisher option randomly chooses from any unlocked finisher.
Finisher Acquisition
Structured PvP
Basic Finisher.pngBasic Finisher Default
Rabbit Rank Finisher.pngRabbit Rank Finisher PvP Rank 1
Deer Rank Finisher.pngDeer Rank Finisher PvP Rank 10
Dolyak Rank Finisher.pngDolyak Rank Finisher PvP Rank 20
Wolf Rank Finisher.pngWolf Rank Finisher PvP Rank 30
Tiger Rank Finisher.pngTiger Rank Finisher PvP Rank 40
Bear Rank Finisher.pngBear Rank Finisher PvP Rank 50
Shark Rank Finisher.pngShark Rank Finisher PvP Rank 60
Phoenix Rank Finisher.pngPhoenix Rank Finisher PvP Rank 70
Dragon Rank Finisher.pngDragon Rank Finisher PvP Rank 80
Reward tracks
Mordrem Rabbit Finisher.pngMordrem Rabbit Finisher Jungle Rabbit Rank Reward Track
Mordrem Deer Finisher.pngMordrem Deer Finisher Jungle Deer Rank Reward Track
Mordrem Dolyak Finisher.pngMordrem Dolyak Finisher Jungle Dolyak Rank Reward Track
Mordrem Wolf Finisher.pngMordrem Wolf Finisher Jungle Wolf Rank Reward Track
Mordrem Tiger Finisher.pngMordrem Tiger Finisher Jungle Tiger Rank Reward Track
Mordrem Bear Finisher.pngMordrem Bear Finisher Jungle Bear Rank Reward Track
Mordrem Shark Finisher.pngMordrem Shark Finisher Jungle Shark Rank Reward Track
Mordrem Phoenix Finisher.pngMordrem Phoenix Finisher Jungle Phoenix Rank Reward Track
Mordrem Dragon Finisher.pngMordrem Dragon Finisher Jungle Dragon Rank Reward Track
World versus World
WvW Golden Dolyak Finisher.pngWvW Golden Dolyak Finisher Limited-Use Golden Dolyak
WvW Silver Dolyak Finisher.pngWvW Silver Dolyak Finisher Limited-Use Silver Dolyak
WvW Bronze Dolyak Finisher.pngWvW Bronze Dolyak Finisher Limited-Use Bronze Dolyak
Black Lion Chest (tradeable)
Avatar of Death Finisher.pngAvatar of Death Finisher Permanent Avatar of Death Finisher
Chickenado Finisher.pngChickenado Finisher Permanent Chickenado Finisher
Cow Finisher.pngCow Finisher Limited-Use Cow Finisher
Permanent Cow Finisher
Golem Pummeler Finisher.pngGolem Pummeler Finisher Permanent Golem Pummeler Finisher
Grave Finisher.pngGrave Finisher Limited-Use Grave Finisher
Permanent Grave Finisher
Great Jungle Wurm Finisher.pngGreat Jungle Wurm Finisher Permanent Great Jungle Wurm Finisher
Guild Shield Finisher.pngGuild Shield Finisher Limited-Use Guild Shield Finisher
Permanent Guild Shield Finisher
Guild Flag Finisher.pngGuild Flag Finisher Permanent Guild Flag Finisher
Ley Line Finisher.pngLey Line Finisher Permanent Ley Line Finisher
Martial Finisher.pngMartial Finisher Permanent Martial Finisher
Pact Fleet Finisher.pngPact Fleet Finisher Permanent Pact Fleet Finisher
Cute-Quaggan Finisher.pngCute-Quaggan Finisher Permanent Quaggan Finisher
Sanctified Finisher.pngSanctified Finisher Limited-Use Sanctified Finisher
Permanent Sanctified Finisher
Skritt-Scavenger Finisher.pngSkritt-Scavenger Finisher Permanent Skritt-Scavenger Finisher
Spectre Finisher.pngSpectre Finisher Limited-Use Spectre Finisher
Permanent Spectre Finisher
Thornroot Finisher.pngThornroot Finisher Limited-Use Thornroot Finisher
Permanent Thornroot Finisher
Toxic Offshoot Finisher.pngToxic Offshoot Finisher Limited-Use Toxic Offshoot Finisher
Permanent Toxic Offshoot Finisher
Twisted Watchwork Finisher.pngTwisted Watchwork Finisher Permanent Twisted Watchwork Finisher
Vigil Megalaser Finisher.pngVigil Megalaser Finisher Limited-Use Vigil Megalaser Finisher
Permanent Vigil Megalaser Finisher
Whump the Giant Finisher.pngWhump the Giant Finisher Limited-Use Whump the Giant Finisher
Permanent Whump the Giant Finisher
Wizard Lightning Finisher.pngWizard Lightning Finisher Permanent Wizard Lightning Finisher
Gem Store (tradeable)
Ascalonian-Leader Finisher.pngAscalonian-Leader Finisher Limited-Use Ascalonian-Leader Finisher
Permanent Ascalonian-Leader Finisher
Gem Store (non-tradeable)
Choya Finisher.pngChoya Finisher Permanent Choya Finisher
Sandshark Finisher.pngSandshark Finisher Permanent Sandshark Finisher
Hidden Minstrel Finisher.pngHidden Minstrel Finisher Permanent Minstrel Finisher
Honor Guard Finisher.pngHonor Guard Finisher Permanent Honor Guard Finisher
Llama Finisher.pngLlama Finisher Permanent Llama Finisher
Mystical Dragon Finisher.pngMystical Dragon Finisher Permanent Mystical Dragon Finisher
Rainbow Unicorn Finisher.pngRainbow Unicorn Finisher Permanent Unicorn Finisher
Super Explosive Finisher.pngSuper Explosive Finisher Limited-Use Super Explosive Finisher
Permanent Super Explosive Finisher
Mad King Finisher.pngMad King Finisher Limited-Use Mad King Finisher
Permanent Mad King Finisher
Scarecrow Finisher.pngScarecrow Finisher Limited-Use Scarecrow Finisher
Permanent Scarecrow Finisher
Gift Finisher.pngGift Finisher Limited-Use Gift Finisher
Permanent Gift Finisher
Snowman Finisher.pngSnowman Finisher Limited-Use Snowman Finisher
Permanent Snowman Finisher
Snow Globe Finisher.pngSnow Globe Finisher Permanent Snow Globe Finisher
Chinese World Tournament Finisher.pngChinese World Tournament Finisher Chinese World Tournament Finisher
European World Tournament Finisher.pngEuropean World Tournament Finisher European World Tournament Finisher
North American World Tournament Finisher.pngNorth American World Tournament Finisher North American World Tournament Finisher
Birthday Finisher.pngBirthday Finisher Permanent Birthday Finisher
Revenant Finisher.pngRevenant Finisher Permanent Revenant Finisher
Realm Portal Spike Finisher.pngRealm Portal Spike Finisher Limited-Use Realm Portal Spike Finisher
Permanent Portal Spike Finisher
1st Place World Tournament Series Finisher.png1st Place World Tournament Series Finisher Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series
2nd Place World Tournament Series Finisher.png2nd Place World Tournament Series Finisher Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series
3rd Place World Tournament Series Finisher.png3rd Place World Tournament Series Finisher Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series
4th Place World Tournament Series Finisher.png4th Place World Tournament Series Finisher Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series
First Place Trophy Finisher.pngFirst Place Trophy Finisher Permanent First Place Trophy Finisher
Second Place Trophy Finisher.pngSecond Place Trophy Finisher Permanent Second Place Trophy Finisher
Third Place Trophy Finisher.pngThird Place Trophy Finisher Permanent Third Place Trophy Finisher


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