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Like jumping puzzles, mini dungeons are scattered throughout Tyria. Find them to complete the Explorer achievement.

— Level 47 rewards.

Mini-dungeons are small dungeon-like areas in open world zones that typically have an associated achievement. As a generalization, there are typically two types of mini-dungeons, with either puzzle solving or combat required to reach the end.

List of mini-dungeons[edit]

Mini-dungeon Zone Nearest waypoint Achievement category Glider Mount
Font of Rhand Diessa Plateau Waypoint (map icon).png Incendio Waypointloading… 0No1 1Yes 1Yes
Rebel's Seclusion Fireheart Rise Waypoint (map icon).png Breaktooth's Waypointloading… Explorer.png Explorer 1Yes 1Yes
Vexa's Lab Fireheart Rise Waypoint (map icon).png Breaktooth's Waypointloading… Explorer.png Explorer 0No 0No
Crystal Desert
Sanctum of Nabkha Crystal Oasis Waypoint (map icon).png Temple of Kormir Waypointloading… 0No 1Yes 1Yes
Rune-Locked Doors Desert Highlands Waypoint (map icon).png Derelict Delve Waypointloading… Desert Highlands.png Desert Highlands 1Yes 1Yes
Lair of Zommoros Domain of Vabbi Waypoint (map icon).png Cragged Vale Waypointloading… 0No1 1Yes 1Yes
Dispersed Energy Domain of Vabbi Waypoint (map icon).png Market Ruins Waypointloading… Domain of Vabbi.png Domain of Vabbi 1Yes 1Yes
Provernic Crypt Gendarran Fields Waypoint (map icon).png Provern Shore Waypointloading… 0No 1Yes 1Yes
Goff's Loot Kessex Hills Waypoint (map icon).png Gap Waypointloading… Explorer.png Explorer 1Yes 1Yes
Not All Who Wander Are Lost Lake Doric Waypoint (map icon).png Lakeside Bazaar Waypointloading… The Head of the Snake.png The Head of the Snake 1Yes 1Yes
Noran's Safe Room Lake Doric Waypoint (map icon).png Red Leaf Retreat Waypointloading… The Head of the Snake.png The Head of the Snake 1Yes 1Yes
Bad Neighborhood Queensdale Waypoint (map icon).png Ojon's Lumbermill Waypointloading… Explorer.png Explorer 1Yes 1Yes
Maguuma Jungle
Don't Touch the Shiny Caledon Forest Waypoint (map icon).png Mabon Waypointloading… Explorer.png Explorer 1Yes 1Yes
Tears of Itlaocol Caledon Forest Waypoint (map icon).png Falias Thorp Waypointloading… Explorer.png Explorer 1Yes 1Yes
Old Oola Lab Metrica Province Waypoint (map icon).png Cuatl Waypointloading… 0No 1Yes 1Yes
Ruins of Orr
Grounded Cursed Shore Waypoint (map icon).png Shipwreck Rock Waypointloading… Explorer.png Explorer 1Yes 1Yes
Forgotten Stream Cursed Shore Waypoint (map icon).png Verdance Waypointloading… Explorer.png Explorer 1Yes 1Yes
Ship of Sorrows Straits of Devastation Waypoint (map icon).png Royal Forum Waypointloading… Explorer.png Explorer 0No 0No
The Long Way Around Straits of Devastation Waypoint (map icon).png Vesper Bell Waypointloading… Explorer.png Explorer 0No 1Yes
Shiverpeak Mountains
Forsaken Fortune Dredgehaunt Cliffs Waypoint (map icon).png Wyrmblood Waypointloading… Explorer.png Explorer 1Yes 1Yes
Magellan's Memento Frostgorge Sound Waypoint (map icon).png Arundon Waypointloading… Explorer.png Explorer 1Yes 1Yes
Windy Cave Treasure Lornar's Pass Waypoint (map icon).png Mistriven Waypointloading… Explorer.png Explorer 1Yes 1Yes
Dwarven Room Raider Thunderhead Peaks Waypoint (map icon).png History's End Waypointloading… All or Nothing.png All or Nothing 1Yes 1Yes

1 While there is no achievement for completing the mini-dungeon, various collections require the location in some way in order to be completed.

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