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The Queen's Gauntlet, held in arenas floating above The Crown Pavilion, is a set of challenging battles that put the players against unique bosses in single-combat. Cheer on your friends or show off your skills to the world. Take a risk with special gambit conditions to earn even more prestigious rewards!


From the center of The Crown Pavilion instance, follow any of the six dividing walkways to the outer ring. On the outer ring there are three ramps leading up to the Gauntlet arenas.


To fight, you must first select an opponent by speaking to the Fight Manager. This will place a Challenging effect on your status bar. This does not cost a Queen's Gauntlet Entrance Ticket. You can unlock additional foes by facing the hardest foe you have already unlocked.

Speak to the Ringmaster to join the participant queue. Doing so costs one Queen's Gauntlet Entrance Ticket. This also will grant the Queued for Queen's Gauntlet Challenge effect. When you reach the front of the queue, you will be automatically teleported into the arena. The Ringmaster will have the Fight Queue effect if the arena is in use. There are multiple arenas, so look for an unused arena to avoid having to wait to fight.

The actual fight usually features a single boss with a unique mechanic. There is a two minute timer for completing the fight; end-bosses for each tier have longer timers. Should a player fail to complete the fight before two minute have elapsed, the floor of the arena will open, sending them plummeting to their death in the event zones below. After their humiliating defeat, fallen players will then be teleported back to the Arena Master for the arena from where they were just dumped.

Attempting to interfere in someone else's fight is prevented. Ground-targeted skills from outside the arena will not find line-of-sight, and observers will view the NPC opponent as friendly, preventing the use of damage-dealing skills or conditions. Attempting to enter the arena by flying in will dismount you and teleport you to the Fight Manager. Giving boons to an ally before they enter the arena is fair game, though.

The announcer will introduce the player at the beginning of the match, and give a warning when time is almost up.

Not all fights are designed to be beatable by every build and some fights will be easier on certain professions than others. Tinkering with your build or weapons or bringing another character may be necessary for some fights.


Extra challenges can be added to the fights by talking to the Master of Gambits. Activating individual gambits costs one Queen's Gauntlet Entrance Ticket each. These gambits put a unique disadvantage on the player, but give increased rewards for each one active and can reward different achievements. Players can have as many or as few gambits active as they desire, as long as they have the tickets to spend.

Available Gambits[edit]

Crowd Favorite
Fight an additional opponent at the same time. This is a quaggan with the same mechanics as Doobroosh and ~63,000 health.
You cannot dodge roll and will always have zero endurance.
All damage from attacks is increased.
You will be crippled for the entire fight.
On Fire
You will have the fire debuff for the entire fight. This inflicts 300 damage per second.
All damage you do is reduced. This reduction does not affect pets.
Removes stats from ascended gear.


Tier 1[edit]

Halmi Hammerfell
Strong attacks, has a big wind-up attack that is easy to read, but is lethal for those standing in an arc in front of him. Dodge or get behind him when he charges up his frontal hammer attack.
Health: ~80,000
Gains a stack of Hormonal Imbalance every time he is attacked (up to a maximum of 10 stacks). Each stack makes him physically bigger and more powerful. He loses stacks after being left alone for several seconds.
Health: ~70,000
Windcaller Kieldia
Has knockback effects. One is an AoE knockback often followed by a second ground projectile knockback. Stun her and kill her quickly as she will continue to also summon progressively more tornados that deal significant damage and also knockback.
Health: ~70,000
Suriel the Blazing Light
Summons shadowy pools that deal damage but grant the Shrouded in Darkness buff. Will occasionally use her Solar Flare special ability, which is lethal to anyone lacking Shrouded in Darkness. Suriel also has a buff called Blazing Light which makes her immune to damage until she enters one of the shadow pools.
Health: ~90,000

Tier 2[edit]

Tyre Ragemaw
Deals more damage as his health lowers. Inflicts cripple.
Health: ~70,000
Extremely high health. Collect the red orbs to gain stacks of Bloodlust.
Health: ~290,000
Throws fire projectiles and hits hard, but is easily strafed. Save your dodges for when you're trapped in the fire ring, because strafing is harder while in the ring. Leaving the ring (Skills like Blink, Endure Pain and Lightning Flash included) will result in you being downed, however, a skill that grants you invulnerability, for example Mist Form, will allow you to safely leave the circle.
Health: ~75,000
The crew of the pirate ship Ravenous
Health: ~60,000 per crewmate

Tier 3[edit]

Subject 7
Every time it is hit, Subject 7 will separate into Oozes that can heal it as well as attack. Both Subject 7 and its spawn use ranged attacks and cripple the player. Strafing around the edge of the arena will lead the oozes to group in the middle for AoE damage and easier mitigation of their projectile attacks.
Health: ~150,000
Deadeye Dunwell
From the start, the arena is littered with proximity mines. Dunwell teleports between melee range and to the other edge of the arena. He deals more damage the farther away he is and also uses an unblockable ranged attack that does extremely high damage. It therefore must be dodged or endured with a skill that grants invulnerability. The attack is easy to spot: Dunwell kneels and takes aim, a laser sight points from him to the player, a target appears on the player, and a 'charging up' sound effect plays. The duration of the charge is about 1.5 seconds.
Health: ~70,000
Strugar and Chomper
Both deal close-range damage. Strugar throws axes which will either cripple or pull the player. He also throws 'Meat Chunk' and 'Meat on a Stick,' which Chomper will try to eat to gain health and 'Bloodlust' (extra damage). The player can gain 'Bloodlust' and health by picking up 'Meat Chunk,' but 'Meat on a Stick' will poison the player. Killing Strugar before Chomper will grant Chomper 'Meaty Rage,' increasing his damage and speed, and unlocking a lethal charge-up attack. Killing Chomper prompts Strugar to use 'Calladhog,' a sword that gives him more attack abilities and damage. It is generally easier to kill Strugar first because he does not heal, and while Chomper is fetching the meat he does no damage to the player.
Health: ~260,000 (combined total)
Liadri the Concealing Dark
Liadri has two phases. In phase one, she is protected by 3 stacks of an effect that make her invulnerable while she periodically summons an AoE attack that covers a 4th of the arena and inflicts massive damage. Cosmic Rifts also spawn, often in this attack's effect range, and pull and knock down the player. The rifts can be destroyed, however. Liadri also summons slow-moving dark clones of herself called 'Vision of Mortality' that do not attack but will down the player if they get close. The Visions can be killed instantly by leading them into whirlpools of light that appear on the floor like the dark whirlpools encountered in the fight with Suriel the Blazing Light. When a Vision enters a whirlpool, both disappear and an Orb of Light appears at the same location. Picking it up and targeting Liadri with the skill it gives will remove a stack of her invulnerability. After Liadri's protection is gone she will take damage, but her AoE attack covers twice the area and she becomes mobile and uses more attacks, which cripple and weaken the player.
If you enter down state, you may rally by either destroying the rift, or by killing a clone. Destroying a clone by knocking it into a whirlpool of light counts as a kill.
Health: ~200,000
Clone Health: 70,000
Rift health: 1

Special Tier[edit]

Master of Lightning
Has easily sidestepped ranged attacks (small tornados). Summons a lightning cage on the player that can be escaped with teleports if you teleport far enough away (otherwise you're hit with a pull toward the center of the cage). Once the cage dissipates the Boss will start spinning, dealing extreme damage in close range and moving players clockwise around the platform. After his spinning, he will summon another lightning cage soon after. Since the boss doesn't move, melee players should be in melee range whenever he casts the cage to continue DPS but need to move out quickly when the cage disappears. Gap closers or teleports can help for this.
Health: ~170,000
Pallia the Errant
Has two primary mechanics: she summons a sword from the sky (a la Legendary Bandit Executioner) which can be caught with the special action key and thrown at her for heavy damage; and she summons orbs of light that rotate around the arena and reflect projectiles, dealing heavy damage if you run into them. Her final notable attack is one where she whirls towards you and follows it up with a swing that can knock you down; dodging towards the end of the whirl will allow you to avoid the knockdown.
Health: ~250,000
Champion Gladiator Waine
Roots himself to deliver a heavy-damage, rapid-fire, straight-line attack that must be strafed or absorbed, but can be interrupted. When he's done this flurry, he places down a line (oriented from him to you) that lasts the whole match and can not be crossed without stability, so be careful about where you are when the flurry ends as you can easily cordon yourself into a small section of the arena.
Health: ~200,000
Suriel the Radiant Light
Summons Bows of Truth, Suriel is vulnerable after at least one Bow is killed. If three bows are alive at once, you'll be permanently rooted in place until one of them is killed, and Suriel will do tons of melee damage to you.
Health: ~200,000
Bow health: ~20,000
King Turai Ossa
Avoid combat and try to survive for about 20 seconds. After that time, he will shout and gain multiple boons (25 stacks of might and 15 seconds of quickness, swiftness, and resistance). After the boons wear off, he will teleport to the middle of the platform and then throw his shield. If you avoid getting hit by the shield, he will get 5 seconds of protection and a defiance bar will appear. Depleting his defiance bar will stun him and remove the Shield of Elona effect, allowing players to damage him. If you get hit by the shield, you will be stunned, receive heavy damage, and Turai will gain 25 stacks of might and 15 seconds of quickness, swiftness, and resistance. Continue to avoid his attacks and, if possible, try do damage him at the same time. Again, after 20 seconds, he will teleport to the middle of the platform to throw his shield. If you avoid getting hit by the shield, he will get 5 seconds of protection and a defiance bar will appear. Depleting this defiance bar will stun him and remove the Eternal Blade effect, greatly reducing his attack damage. If you get hit by the shield, he will get back the Shield of Elona effect and full buffs as before. After both effects are removed, you can damage him safely. Always deplete his breakbar after he teleports to the middle and throws his shield, or he'll get Eternal Blade and Shield of Elona effects back.
Health: ~240,000


Historical rewards[edit]

  • As of 2018 the additional drops from Gauntlet Chance that were present in previous versions of this Festival have been removed completely from Gauntlet Fights and apart from once daily, bosses cannot be farmed effectively anymore. Due to the Cost of 7 Festival Token per Queen's Gauntlet Entrance Ticket buying them instead of using drops from enemies in the Boss Blitz further decreases potential profits.

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