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The Realm of Dreams

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the release. For the lore article about Nayos, see Realm of Dreams.

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On February 27, "The Realm of Dreams" continues the epic Guild Wars 2®: Secrets of the Obscure™ narrative with three new story chapters and an expanded Inner Nayos map. This update also brings a slew of features and content additions, including new weapon proficiencies for all nine professions, the tier-one Obsidian legendary armor set, the legendary relic, the Temple of Febe Strike Mission challenge mode, expanded Astral Ward Masteries, two new Convergences bosses, and the sky-chak striker ranger pet.

— Official website

The Realm of Dreams is a release launched on February 27, 2024 as an additional chapter of Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure. The release is free for everyone and automatically accessible with the expansion.


Secrets of the Obscure story[edit]

Act 5 – The Realm of Dreams[edit]

New Achievements[edit]

New Zone[edit]

  • Inner Nayos - second part of the zone
    • A new west region of the Inner Nayos explorable zone, Nyedra Surrounds

New Masteries[edit]

Strike Missions[edit]

Wizard's Vault[edit]

  • Refresh, new rewards, items added to Legacy Items tab

Expanded Weapon Proficiency[edit]

A new weapon proficiency has been added for each profession.

Ranger pet[edit]

Legendary items[edit]

New Rewards[edit]

Skins and equipment[edit]
Wizard's Vault[edit]


Gem Store[edit]


Legendary armor
Promos and concept art


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