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Isles of Janthir

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In-game map of the Isles of Janthir.

The Isles of Janthir are a group of islands in Janthir Bay, located north of Kryta and west of the Far Shiverpeaks and Furious Stretch. The isles are said to have once been inhabited by beings with the Gift of True Sight, though the name, culture, and appearance of this group is fully unknown. Durmand Priory scholars have been speculating whether the mursaat originated from the Isles of Janthir although they have found no conclusive evidence for their hypothesis.[1]


Explorable zones


Early years[edit]

According to scholarly theories, the enigmatic inhabitants of the Isles of Janthir were associated with the Eye of Janthir although it is unknown if they were responsible for creating it.[1] The Eye served as a magical construct that could be used to see a person's gifts for magical aptitude.[2][3] It also possessed the power to defend itself, sustain the life of multiple beings and thus extend their lifespans as long as the construct itself remained active, as well as peer into the minds of its targets and use their weaknesses and regrets to break them down.[1] In its presence, beings recognized with having the Gift of True Sight dormant in them could see otherwise invisible mursaat.[4]

Saul D'Alessio traveled to the Isles of Janthir to retrieve the Eye of Janthir. Since at least 1067 AE,[2] the White Mantle used the construct to identify "gifted" people whom they would sacrifice atop the Maguuma Bloodstone on behalf of their mursaat masters.[1] The White Mantle wrote down religious teachings into the Tablets of Janthir and wore Tokens of Janthir which they sometimes handed out. According to their beliefs, wearing the token would make the Unseen Ones, a name used for the mursaat, pay special attention to people wearing them and supposedly keep said people safe from certain threats.[5] The White Mantle often associated themselves with Janthir, though the extent of such relation was unknown.

Living World Season 3[edit]

In 1329 AE, Rox mentioned that Minister Caudecus, who had revealed himself to be the latest Confessor of the White Mantle, appeared to have retreated to the Isles of Janthir with the Shining Blade agent Canach in pursuit before returning to Kryta to begin the Siege of Divinity's Reach. Caudecus's reasons for the journey remained unclear and if he had truly traveled to the isles instead of simply making his enemies believe he had done so.[9]

Secrets of the Obscure[edit]

Shortly before the death of the Elder Dragon Soo-Won in 1335 AE, the Wizard's Court moved the levitating Amnytas from Janthir to the Horn of Maguuma. According to the journal of an Astral Ward member, the Maguuman coast had been deemed more peaceful than Janthir, explaining the reason for the relocation.[10]

At some point, the Astral Ward wrote what were titled as recent reports on non-Kryptis activity near the Isle of Janthir.[11]

During the Astral Ward's excursion to Nayos, the Pact Commander discovered that the Heart of the Obscure, an arcane artifact created by Waiting Sorrow of the Wizard's Court, could make a written language seemingly associated with Janthir legible.[12]

Janthir Wilds[edit]



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