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Banner of the Jade Brotherhood.

The Jade Brotherhood is a Canthan organization of tinkerers and engineers. They are currently at war with the Speakers. The modern incarnation was founded by Chul-Moo, despite it sharing little affiliation with the incarnation from the time of Shiro Tagachi.


Original incarnation[edit]

Early history[edit]

Original banner of the Jade Brotherhood.

The old Jade Brotherhood formed circa 1382 CC (872 AE) alongside the Am Fah. The two guilds started a rivalry which would last for hundreds of years. The constant state of cold warfare the groups were in occasionally harmed innocent Canthans, leading to them being declared enemies of the Empire of the Dragon.[1][2]

Guild Wars Factions[edit]

The Jade Brotherhood and the Am Fah controlled almost all trade, legal and illegal, in the capital of Cantha. These two were in a state of constant cold warfare, which was sometimes spilled in the streets, along with a lot of blood. For hundreds of years, neither had been able to overthrow the other and, out of necessity, rivals have been known to cooperate during the occasional crackdown on their activities. If one gang or another ever gained the upper hand, the resulting trade monopoly could possibly lead to a coup against the throne, so the emperor's personal agents helped ensure that never happened.

The guild hall of the Jade Brotherhood was located on a small island to the north of the Wajjun Bazaar. Their first leader was Quufu; after his death, the clan was led by a Jade Brotherhood Lord and eventually by Reisen the Phoenix.

Winds of Change[edit]

Modern incarnation[edit]

Founded by Chul-Moo[edit]

Modern day Jade Brotherhood was founded by Park Chul-Moo in 1833 CC (1323 AE), after his initial fallout with Yu Joon, with whom he previously co-founded Xunlai Jade. The two didn't come to terms regarding the company's future, with Joon accusing Chul-Moo of unethical means of work, which then prompted the split and creation of Jade Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood established a base of operations within the Echovald Wilds, leading them into a new gang war with the ruthless, nature-preserving Speakers, led by the warden Tetra Earthcall. The two guilds often butt heads over control in the general Forest area, mainly its villages and Xunlai Jade Junkyard. One of the villages that was described as under the Brotherhood’s control was Goa Village.

Although the Brotherhood is known throughout Cantha as a group of misfits and troublemakers, with the air of an underground mobster gang to them, they became an integral part of Cantha's economic and social ecosystem. Being cut off from the main source of Dragonjade, as both the entirety of the Jade Sea[3] and Yong Reactor are under Xunlai Jade's jurisdiction, Brotherhood was forced to collect jade parts from the Xunlai's mechs themselves, scavenging and repurposing them for their own use. They also sell knockoff, cheaper copies to Canthan families that could not afford the more reliable but more expensive Xunlai Jade inventions. Even though there are News warnings about the Brotherhood's tech[4], broadcasted around Cantha, and some officials compare using said tech to having a death wish[5], many citizens do not have the luxury of a choice, and rely on the repurposed jade tech, as the original one is generally used by the aristocrats and better off people. However, even some high class restaurants and teahouses depend on Jade Brotherhood's supply deliveries as well, making the gang an integral part of Canthan society, no matter their public opinion.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons[edit]

Although the general introduction of the Jade Brotherhood and their headquarters happen around Act III, a lot of the gang members can already be seen throughout the entirety of the New Kaineng City, mostly hanging out around lower districts, advertising their own tech or gossiping. They aren’t hostile towards others, but will mobilize if anyone dares to pick up a fight with them or get in the way of their business.

End of Dragons- Act 2.png End of Dragons: Act II[edit]

Open world: Kaineng Blackout

Since the anomalies in the energy flow of dragonjade throughout the city increased both in frequency and magnitude, it created a perfect opportunity for the Jade Brotherhood to steal more of Xunlai Jade mechs and batteries amidst the confusion of the citywide blackout. However, the gang is mostly seen ransacking only the southern parts of the city, getting in the way of Officer Mizuki, which could be tied to the fact that the Brotherhood’s leader has a soft spot for their ex-member Yao. In the exchange between his close agent, Chul-Moo once stated that if any harm would come to Yao, any person responsible would see it returned threefold[6]. After the events are concluded, given the opportunistic nature of the Brotherhood, the gang disperses quite swiftly.

End of Dragons- Act 3.png End of Dragons: Act III[edit]

Chapter 9: To Catch a Spider

End of Dragons- Act 4.png End of Dragons: Act IV[edit]

Open world: The Gang War of Echovald

End of Dragons- Act 5.png End of Dragons: Act V[edit]

Chapter 13: Extraction Point

During the preparations before the final assault against the elder dragon, after the war council in Arborstone was over, the Commander gets a chance to catch up with Gorrik, who was acting as a liaison between the united Tyrian and Canthan forces. Specifically spending time together with the Jade Brotherhood. The asura mentioned how their experiments, namely adding a jade core to a living being, reminded him of his old days at the Inquest. Which could hint towards Joon’s past concerns about unethical ideas behind Chul-Moo’s projects, back when they used to work together.

Open world: The Battle for the Jade Sea

The Jade Brotherhood plays an important role during the initial battle for the Jade Sea. The gang managed to secure an outpost and supplies on the west side of the Harvest Temple. Even though one of their previous bases was lost to the Void, thanks to the joint effort of Chul-Moo and Captain Fa, and despite their constant bickering, they managed to fight back the corruption and reclaim the lost camp, giving a foothold for the united forces to get closer to the temple and break the barrier around Soo-Won, starting the final advances. Together with their allies, eventually they succeeded in subduing the elder dragon. Unfortunately, although Chul-Moo was eager to celebrate the victory with drinks, the triumph was cut short, as the Void started to take hold again, allowing Soo-Won to rest only for a brief while before the decisive confrontation, which would take place at the Harvest Temple once more, to conquer the Void entirely.

Chapter 15: The Cycle, Reborn

While meeting Chul-Moo and his troops in Arborstone, during the aftermath of the final fight, he expresses interest in taking his business beyond the coast of Cantha, to steer away from Joon’s monopoly.[7]



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All Jade Brotherhood members wore bracelets of jade to show their allegiance to the gang. Following the Tengu Wars, they opposed the integration of tengu into Canthan society.[8] They used jadeite shards as currency.[9] The Jade Brotherhood welcomed enemies of the Am Fah with open arms.[9]

Chul-Moo's Incarnation[edit]

The Jade Brotherhood gains new members to strengthen their ranks through various means. The structure of the gang itself is quite complex as well, with members fulfilling numerous roles, branching as far as to alchemy, necromancy and even pastry chefs, besides the fundamental engineering. Citizens of the New Kaineng City, who want to join the Brotherhood, feeling tired of living under the boot of Xunlai Jade and constant surveillance of the Ministries, can write their name and leave the note at a specific place, awaiting the Brotherhood’s contact. [10]

Some of the Brotherhood members were scouted by Chul-Moo himself, due to their skill and reputation. Even Xunlai Jade employees were eager to change banners, when presented with a better offer. Which, considering the prestige of the Xunlai company and their innovations, could paint a less rosy picture of their workers' conditions, given that living as jade scavengers was a significant step up in their lives and career.[11]

The Jade Brotherhood is also paying children from the nearby villages in Echovald Wilds for any piece of jade tech scrap they can find from the Junkyard and bring back to the Brotherhood headquarters.[12]

Even though some of the Echovald villages are under the influence of the Brotherhood, people living there don’t seem to be too distressed, as opposed to inhabitants in the Speaker controlled territories, who are forced to pay “protection fees”, lest they want to suffer consequences like broken limbs.[13]

Many Brotherhood agents monitor the situation around New Kaineng City grounds, mostly from the business perspective. Members can be seen approaching citizens with repurposed jade tech offers, advertising their sales and planning future market expansions, looking for new ways to earn gold. Some also try to find valuable scrap looking around the Old Kaineng ruins.

Known bases[edit]

New Kaineng City
The Echovald Wilds
Dragon's End
Gyala Delve


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Original incarnation

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