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Jade Brotherhood

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The Jade Brotherhood are a Canthan guild that is composed of criminals. They are currently at war with the Speakers. The modern incarnation was founded by Chul-Moo, despite it sharing little affliation with the incarnation from the time of Shiro Tagachi.


Early history[edit]

The old Jade Brotherhood formed in approximately 1382 CC (872 AE) alongside the Am Fah. The two guilds started a rivalry which would last for hundreds of years. The constant state of cold warfare the groups were in occasionally harmed innocent Canthans, leading to them being declared enemies of the Empire of the Dragon.[1][2]

Guild Wars Factions[edit]

Winds of Change[edit]

Interim years[edit]

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons[edit]


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All Jade Brotherhood members wear bracelets of jade to show their allegiance to the gang. Following the Tengu Wars, they opposed the integration of tengu into Canthan society.[3] They use jadeite shards as currency.[4] The Jade Brotherhood welcome enemies of the Am Fah with open arms.[4]



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    The two gangs-something of a misnomer, since each gang contains hundreds if not thousands of captains, money-men, thugs, and the like-control almost all trade, legal and illegal, in the Canthan capitol. The Am Fah and the Jade Brotherhood are in a state of constant cold warfare, which sometimes spills out into the streets, along with a lot of blood. For hundreds of years, neither has been able to topple the other, and out of necessity the rivals have been known to cooperate during the occasional crackdowns on their activities. Were one gang or the other ever to gain the upper hand, the resulting trade monopoly could conceivably lead to a coup against the throne, so the emperor's personal agents help ensure that never happens.
  2. ^ The manuscripts describe "hundreds of years" spent fighting the Am Fah. Going from the time that Guild Wars Factions took place, the most conservative possible estimate would place it in the same year as the Jade Wind, coinciding with the name and practices of the Jade Brotherhood.
  3. ^ Claw Tallfeather
    Claw Tallfeather: The treaty ending the Tengu Wars called for peace between Canthans and Tengu, and it legitimized our right to live within Canthan borders. Hoping to start a new life for ourselves, my nest-mate and I came to Kaineng City, but when we arrived, we were jumped by a gang of Canthans known as the Jade Brotherhood. They set upon us shouting slurs, and they beat my mate to death. I will have revenge, but I cannot do it alone. Make the Jade Brotherhood suffer, and I will show my gratitude. Bring me 5 Jade Bracelets, and I will give you this in return.
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    Nicholas the Traveler: Oh, thank Dwayna you are here! I got caught in Jade Brotherhood territory without sufficient barter for safe travel, and there is no reasoning with these Afflicted. If you could bring to me 3 Jadeite Shards, I think Yakkington and I can continue on this passage safely by buying a little of the Brotherhood's protection to get through the Afflicted. [...]
    Nicholas the Traveler: I'll let you in on an interesting secret I've learned here: the Jade Brotherhood will actually welcome you if you offer them a few Plague Idols to smash into pieces. It may seem like an odd practice, but I try not to judge. Who knows? Perhaps it'll even be a useful survival tip for you. They've let me into this trader's paradise, and I intend to stay until I've bartered so much I can barter no more. I hope they extend my visit, so would you find me 3 more Plague Idols?