Tixx's Infinirarium

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Tixx's Infinirarium

Waypoint (tango icon).png

Tixx's Infinirarium map.jpg
Map of Tixx's Infinirarium

Connects to
Divinity's Reach

Tixx's Infinirarium loading screen.jpg
Loading screen

Tixx's Infinirarium.jpg
The Toymaker's Airship in Tixx's Infinirarium

Travel to Tixx's airship! Destroy toys! Love, laugh, cry.

— In-game description

Tixx's Infinirarium is a dungeon only available during Wintersday. Players assist Tixx in creating Wintersday presents for all of Tyria, despite the haywire machinery, toys, and Toxx.

The ground floor features destructible scale models of buildings and trees from throughout Tyria; destroying them earns the Wintersday Wrecking Ball achievement. This dungeon is also the easiest place for players to find malfunctioning toys, which need to be killed for the Disassembly and Toy Quality Control achievements.

Getting there[edit]

The entrance to Tixx's Infinarium is located just west of Crown Pavilion Waypoint in Divinity's Reach. It is only accessible during Wintersday.


Area Area objectives
The Toymaker's Airship
Waypoint (tango icon).png
Toymaker's Airship Waypoint

Dungeon information[edit]

This is for the current release. For the original release, go here.



First completion
Subsequent completion
  • 50 Wintersday Gifts (once per day)
  • 25 Wintersday Gifts (subsequent)


Disassembly A Very Merry Wintersday 10Achievement points
Defeat misbehaving Wintersday toys while helping Tixx run the workshop or exploring Tyria.Don't they ever test this stuff?
Reward: 5  Personalized Wintersday Gift.png Personalized Wintersday Gift
15 Objective completed 1Achievement points
40 Objective completed 2Achievement points
70 Objective completed 2Achievement points
100 Objective completed 5Achievement points
Honorary Krewe Member A Very Merry Wintersday 5Achievement points
Defeat Toxx in Tixx's workshop in Divinity's Reach.
Title: Title icon.png Toymaker
Reward: 10  Personalized Wintersday Gift.png Personalized Wintersday Gift
1 Objective completed 5Achievement points
Wintersday Wrecking Ball A Very Merry Wintersday 5Achievement points
Destroy every miniature piece of Tixx's toy diorama in Tixx's Infinirarium. (Dungeon instance only; not in the Toypocalypse activity.)Nothing a little tape and some glue can't fix.
Reward: 5  Personalized Wintersday Gift.png Personalized Wintersday Gift
1 Objective completed 5Achievement points






Ambient dialogue[edit]

Apprentice Yemm: I’m craving warm chocolate and a blazing hearth. I think I was meant to be a norn.
Apprentice Yemm: I have the most exciting apprenticeship of all my peers!
Fless: Tixx’s brilliant toy design comes from a thorough understanding of the youthful mind.
Fless: Sometimes I forget Toxx is a golem. Sure, her speech is stilted–but so is Grupp’s.
Grupp: Pfah. Wintersday means more work.
Grupp: Making toys for mucus-nosed spawn. Every inventor’s dream.
Toymaker Tixx: Okay, who misplaced the mistletoe?
Toxx: Assembly–process–accelerating. Hold–on–to–your–caps.
Toxx: All–is–well. Toy–production–progresses–according–to–my–predictions.
Toxx: Today's–weather–report: flurries–of–frivolity–mixed–with–rays–of...revolution.
Toxx: I–have–the–spirit–of–Wintersday–in–me!
Toymaker Tixx: This Wintersday will be full of wonder!
Toymaker Tixx: Cuckoo! Another outstanding toy idea just occurred to me!
Toymaker Tixx: Oh. Oh! Oh my! I’m not brainstorming, I’m having a brain hurricane!