The Crown Pavilion

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the area accessible all year round. For the zone within Divinity's Reach accessible during certain releases, see The Crown Pavilion (zone).

The Crown Pavilion

The Crown Pavilion map.jpg
Map of The Crown Pavilion

The Crown Pavilion locator.svg
Location within Divinity's Reach

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Loading screen

The Crown Pavilion.jpg
The Crown Pavilion

The Crown Pavilion within Divinity's Reach proper is the upper level of the Crown Pavilion arena that is located within the huge sinkhole that was once known as The Great Collapse. The Crown Pavilion is a large arena built to commemorate humanity's resilience despite their hardships, and the renovation of the district was the Queen's Jubilee that marked Queen Jennah's 10th year as queen of Kryta. The plans for these renovations were in place for a few years.[1]

There are portals to access the middle levels of the Crown Pavilion (which are within the area, not the zone).


Originally the Canthan and Arts District of Divinity's Reach,[2][3] some time before the main Guild Wars 2 storyline the district collapsed due to a sinkhole and rushed construction when Divinity's Reach was established in 1220 AE.[4] Before the area collapsed, this was the location of the arts district, with theatres, craftsmen, and entertainment. Some of the residents who escaped have migrated to neighboring districts.

There are conflicting stories on what happened the night of the collapse. The Shining Blade say the sewer system collapsed and claim that there were warning signs a couple weeks before the disaster. Accordingly, they took steps to work with the Seraph to evacuate all residents from the district. Some citizens report the collapse happening in multiple stages with cracks appearing first, and a main collapse happening later. However, many locals never mention that the Seraph were involved with protecting the citizens, and along with this, Riot Alice says that her father died during the collapse.

There are also rumors of strange noises coming from the depths of the Great Collapse, which are associated with pre-existing rumors or stories of drakes living in the city's sewer system.





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Ambient dialogue[edit]

Child: I saw this hunter who had a doggie. It was bigger than me, and it said, "Woof!"
Child: Hi!
Child: Let's play a game!
Child: When I grow up, I'm going to be a brave hero!
Child: Is that your face? (boy with a sword)
Child: Are you a stranger? (boy with a sword)

Historical ambient dialogue[edit]

During The Great Collapse
Gossiping Citizen (male): Did you ever stop to wonder if something caused that collapse intentionally? Scary thought.
Gossiping Citizen (female): I was strolling along the promenade when the main collapse happened. It made quite a ruckus!
Gossiping Citizen: I'll tell you what, looking at that sinkhole makes me mighty uncomfortable.
Gossiping Citizen: Yeah. Imagine how many people would've been injured if the queen hadn't evacuated the area before it collapsed.
Gossiping Citizen: It's not just that. I've heard strange noises coming from that place, and I doubt it's just the earth settling.


Wintersday screenshots
Lunar New Year screenshots
Historical screenshots


  • As of the July 23rd, 2013 update, a large tent was placed over the Great Collapse, indicating that construction is progressing. The vista was changed as well to showcase the tent.
  • It is possible to get on top of the eagle design and jump into the hole. When the Crown Pavilion map is open, doing so will portal you into the zone from above. Without access, it simply sends you to the balconies within the hole.


  • At one point during development, this area was originally a completed Canthan district and included a blend of Asian architectures. However, this mix of styles received negative feedback from China and Korea, since those gaming markets traditionally prefer a uniform design. Due to time constraints the district was replaced by the Great Collapse.[5]
  • Both "crown" and "pavilion" are terms used in diamond cutting, and the shape of the area itself may be meant to resemble a brilliant cut diamond with the pavilion leveled off and the elaborate glass-winged eagle representing the crown.


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